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Double Bereavement at Ystalyfera.I



Constitution of Labour

¡Ystradgynlais and War Savings.


Ystradgynlais and War Savings. IMPORTANT MEETING HELD. In the unavoidable absence of Mr L. Thomas, J.P., ehairman of the Dis- trict Council a meeting called at the Ymseedwyn Schools, Ystradgynlais, to form a local War Savings Association, was presided over by Mr Ben Wil- liams, Cwmtwrch. Miss Ash ton Jones in a very clear and convincing address emphasised oll -,bould strive to save as much -is possible, and in particular to pur- chase War Savings Certificate. By investing in War Savings Cert,ificates it was pointed out that this country secured the interest for itself which would otherwlise be paid to some other country. It should be made known as widely a's possible said the speaker that certificates might be cashed at the Post Office anv time during the first year for their face value, and subsequently for that and the accrued interest. It A-.ts alfo stated that members were enabled to purchase certificates by small instalment^ and were saved tha trouble of goiNg to the Post Office to buy certificates which could be obtaaxued at any ordinary meeting of their industrial, social, or religious society, as the case antay be. Members derived the benefit of co-opera,tion in purchasing certificates by obtaining certificates of an earlier date, and their securing a greater rate of in- tBrest-the interest in this case being Ia over 6 per cent. The need for a local War Savings Committee to undertake the organisa. tion of War Savings Association and active propaganda work was urged, and special emphasis was laid on the fact that "Che committee should re- present every phase of public life. Aldarmaii M. W. Morgan, Aber- crave, High Sheriff of Brecon,shire, proposed, and the Rev. J. Jones, rec- tor of Ystradgynlais seconded :— "That this meeting having heard the statements made on behalf of the National War Savings Committee de- cides to form ia Representative Local Committee for Ystradgynlais to en- courage saving during the war, and to promote the formation of War Savings Associations wherever possible in the District. This proposition was earned unani- mously, and. the .meeting .proceeded, to discuss the formation of a comniitee, and decided to form themselves into a committee to initiate the work with power to add to their number. The following officers were appointed: Chairman, Alderman M. W. Morgan, Brvntawe, Abewrave; treasurer. Mr G Roberts, London City and Midland Bank; secretary, Mr C. Edwards, Glarnor, Council School. A hearty vote of thanks was ac- corded Miss Asihtn Jones for her very able ad-dress, and to Mr Williams OwHitWTch, the chairman, who de- votes 'so much time and labour to local public dfuties, and whose services were very highly (appreciated. Tb4. next meeting was not definitely fixed, but will be in the course of the next fort- night. It is anticipated that the work of the local committee will be a great success.