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Double Bereavement at Ystalyfera.I



POHTARCAWt COUKCtl Only six councillor* wen1 present on Thursday when the l'oijtardawe Coun- cil (;L Councillor D. 'J;1 Jones, J.P., presided. He was supported by Messrs J. Morgan (surveyor), A. E. Edmunds (sanitary inspector), Wyndham Lewis (clerk), and Noah Li (rDiivies (deputy- clerk). ■ I- G.C.G. WATER SUPPLY. In reply to Mr. David I/ewis (Gwaun- ,,eiv i s ( G waun- caegurwen), it, was pointed out that it was extremely improbable,that the bor- ing at the Gwauncaegmpven Common for water would be allowed at present. ENGINEER'S REPORT. Improvement of Roii,ds.Mr. Mor- gan (surveyor) reported that he had re- ceived a communication from the county surveyor stating that the Road Board would be prepared to receive applications for advances in the shape of grants or loans towards the. improve- ment of road crusts to he carried out during the financial year, 1918-19. The board stated that the grants or loans would be confined mainly to expendi- ture on important tar-treated roads. Roads which had been already surface- tsirred not the expense of the highway authority should not be included in the application. It was pointed out that in framing proposals it was dc- j sirable to bear in mind the possible difficulties during the coming season in obtaining sufficient labour and materials, and prepare such proposal 'to include such work as could be con- fidently completed during the season. Mr. Morgan also suggested that the Council should consider the advisabili- ty of purchasing a tar-spraying equip- ment, so that the work could be done earlier in the eason, and to enable bet- ter work to be performed by their own men. Damage at Ystalyfera.—The County Surveyor had called attention to the diversion of a water course in the neighbourhood of Graigymerched, Ys- talyfera, through the adjoining gar- dens into the main road, causing there- by considerable damage. Mr. Morgan said he submitted to the county council that they could not be held responsible for the diversion, which was caused by the occupiers of houses in that locality depositing refuse in the said course, thus impeding the natural flow of the water, and suggested that the com- plaint should be made to the owner of the property. This had been done, but Mr. J. P. Lee, Col. Gough's agent, disclaimed responsibility, and it was resolved that the local members and surveyor and sanitary inspector visit the spot. Allotmeiits.- A revised schedule of land for garden allotments at Pontar- dawe, Alltwen, Trebanos, Ynismeu- dwy, Godre'rgraig, Ystalyfera, Bryn- amman, Gwauncaegurwen and CWm- gorse, was submitted, and in the case of the application of the Alltwen School, it was agreed to let the land provided the County Council paid all out-going expenses. Mr. D. T. Jones, J.P., suggested that they should try and get old col- liery ropes for fencing. Mr. Dd. Jenkins said they were very enthusiastic at Clydach, and he hoped the Council would not impede the work. Mr. Joseph Thomas reported on the raising of the entrance to Gnoll-road Godre'rgraig. Jby order of the County Council, and the Engineer was asked j to report. FINANCE COMMITTEE AND THOSE IN ARREARS. The Financial Committee met on the 25th ult., when Mr. L. W. Francis presided. The list of persons in ar- rears in their contributions under the Small Dwellings Act wts- considered, and the committee asked the clerk to communicato with those who were still in default to make an effort to pay up ill I sums due by the end of the half-year. If this was not done the committee would feel compelled to re- commend the Council to take imme- diate action to enter into possession of the dwelling-houses, and to dispose of the same. The committee trusted that this warning would have the de- sired effect.


Constitution of Labour

¡Ystradgynlais and War Savings.