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YSTRA8GYMLAIS NOTES  I The many friends of Mr. Clancey Evans, formerly assistant at Messrs. Pegler's Ltd., who joined tfie Mon. Regt. in 1914, will regret to learn that he has been wounded in France. Pte. Evans, in a. letter to his Late manager, Mr. tJones, says he received shell wounds in the leg, arm, and side, and but foor the. fact that he was in a water-filled shell-hole at the time, his injuries would have proved fatal. Pte. Evans is now progressing satisfactori- ly at the Mile End Military Hospital, London. A meeting of the Ystradgynlais Food Control Committee was held on Mon- day, Councillor Lewis Thomas, J.P., presiding. The local milk vendors, who had declared a strike, and who did not deliver milk on Monday morning, met the committee, and it was agreed on the suggestion of the committee to allow the present prices to reign until the end of March, when they would try to meet the vendors when the wholesale price of milk became cheap- er.—The applications' for the position of assistant executive officer wero part- ly gone into, but the appointment was deferred for a week. j All Ystradgynlais people who desired a supply of milk on Monday morning had to fetch it, by decree of the ven- dors, who refused to deliver. Persons of all ranks and stations were there- 1 fore seen on Monday morning wending J their way at ?n early hour with jugs and cans to get their supply. By Tuesday, however, owing to the agree- ment arrived at with the Food Control Committee, the retailers -recommenced delivery. We would again remind our readers of the concert in celebration of St. David's Day to be held at Tabernacle on Friday evening, when Miss Cerid- wen Jones, C.T.V.C.M.,C.R.A.M., and her pupils will present a miscellaneous programme. This is not the first event of its kind for Miss, Jones te organise,. and the success of previous functions augurs well for this  augurs well for this enterta inment. Many residents :of the district will be interested in the announcement of the marriage of Mr. Ernest D. Gianley, now a solicitor at Newport Pagnell, and son of the Rev. E. L. D. Glanley, Pentrepark, Liandilo (formerly rector at Ystradgynlais) which took place re- cently at St. Mary Magdelefte's Church Regent's Park. The bride was Mrs. Alice Maude Flavel-Cook, widow of the late Mr. Theodore Flavel-Cook. The Rev. E. L. Gianley performed the ceremony, supported by the Rev. R. E. Gerand (vicar). The bride wore a blue costume arid white fox furs, with black velvet hat, and was given away by Mr. Gordon. Mr. Dd. Davies was the best man. A reception waa held later in the day, when the bride and bridegroom, the Rev. and Mrs. E. L. D. Glanley, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon, Lieut. Gordon Fiavel-Cook (son of the bride), and Miss Davies were present. The marriage was solemnised at Sardis Chapel on Saturday last of Mr John Jeffreys, son of Mr. W. O. Jef- freys (Gwilym Glahtawe) and Mrs. Jeffreys, Smyrna House, Pwllbach, Ystalyfera, and Miss Elsie Phillips, the daughter of Mr. Howell Phillips (in- surance agent), and Mrs. Phillips, Station-road, Ystradgynlais. The Rev. R. M: Rhys performed the ceremony, and. he was assisted by the Rev. Ben Davies, Pantteg, uncle of the bride, who was tastefully attired in a fawn colotired dress with hat to match, and carrie d a beautiful bouquet. She was given away by her father and attended by Miss Bessie Jeffreys (sister of the bridegroom), who also wore a fawn dress with hat to match. Sidney Phil- lips (brother of the bride) accted as best man, and Mr. W. 0. Jeffreys (father of the bridegroom) also accompanied j the party. After the ceremony a recep- tion was held at the bride's home, after which the happy couple, who were the recipients of many presents, left for the honeymoon. Both Mr. and Mm 1 Jeffreys are well known in the locality,  and they have the best wishes of a host of friends. They wifl take up residence at Ystalyfera. Hir oes a byd gwyn—fo'n dilyn Jack ac Elsie addfwyn; Eich bywyd fo fywyd dylechwvn, Ac unol foch hyd at y glyn. The story circulated last week to the effect that "Gwilym," the one and only town-crier and expert fox trapprr, had captured a fox on the Palleg was not quite correct. It seems that Reynard was laid low on the Darren mountain after a stern chase, in which a resident on the Varteg joined in, Gvvilym's fox was t of record weight, and was very large; it had been known to have killed about 40 heads of poultry on the Darren, Varteg and Drym. It is officially stated that Gwilym has a secret recipe for cap- turing foxes. A meeting was held at the Ynisced- wyn Schools on Wednesday evening to oon-sider the formation of local War Savings Associations. Councillor Ben Williams presided over a good and ro- presentative attejtfdkhee. Miss Ashton j Jones, Brecon, gave an able address on the desirability of forming associations for the promotion of thrift amongst j the members of the general commillii- ty. It was ikrgod tliat all schools, chmp,ols, churches, and works in the district should form associations. It was resolved t40 the movement re- ceive every sup^of^t, and a propaganda committee was drawn up, of which Alderman M. W. Morgan, Abercrave. was appointed chairman. Mr. Chas. Edwards, Gurnos Schools, was appoint- ed secretary, ind Mr. Geo. Roberts, L.C. and M. Bank, treasurer. "It was pointed out that the association and committee would bo quite distinct from the other, the latter being only an organising body. A meeting of the workmen of the Yniscedwvn, Ystradgynlais and Gurnos Collieries took place at the Workmen's Hall on Monday morning, when Mr. Lewis Thomas presided. The question of tendering notices was considered, and it was decided that this course be not adopted for the present, hut that the advice of the agent be taken, to the effect that the case be submitted to arbitration. On Friday of next week a whist drive will be held at the Drill Hall, Gurnos, for tho purpose of obtaining funds to enable the recently formed ladies' am- bulance brigado to obtain meiiis to procure uniforms. Excellent prizes are offered, and will be given by Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Strick. Miss Katie Davies, daughter of Mr. and Mrs Dahiel Davies, Cwrn Villas, Bryn-road, returned to Horn church Red Crosa Hospital, Essex, la. t week, where she is doing excellent work. Miss Davies deserves a high compli- ment for her sacrifice in working for the comfort of our disabled soldiers. A lecture was held at Sardis Chapel lastWeek, when the Rev. R. S. nigers, B.A., Capel Gomer, Swansea, spoke on "Anghenion Cymry." The Rev. H. M. Rhys presided and the proceeds ed over to Mr. Dl. Thomas, Cwmgicdd, who has been unable to follow his employment for some time. TlH''2 was a good attendance. Pte. D. T. Price, East Lanes, li-ogt., son of Mr. and Mrs. D. Price ( ;gnal- man) formerly a teacher at the Cyn- lais School, has been home on leave. He is now in training at Salibum, Yorks. During the early part of t'«"» cur- rent week Trooper F. W. Phillips, of the Household Guards, paid his many friends at Ystradgynlais, a visit. He waa wounded in France last 0 fober, and has since been confined to hospi- tal. Prior to his enlistment he was on the staff of the Cynlais School. On Tuesday he was made the recipi-nt of a beautiful fountain pen by the head- master and staff of the above s iiool. A meeting of the Ystraduvnlais farmers, who arc attached t- the- Breoonshire Farmers' Association, was held on Wednesday. Mr J. P. Lee I pre-cYng;. Thirty-fivè Farmers werfe enrolled. The chairman pronr .1 to do all he could to help the local farmers durin.g the coming sen m to purohase plant and seed which vould be required. A concert has been arrange >1 to take place at Libanus, Glanrhyd. an Thursday, March 14th, when the can- tata entitled. "Under the Pal ins," will be performed by the chapel choir, assisted :1>" immiinejyt artistes. The choir is well trained, and a successful event is anticipated. The collieries are again working ir- regularly during this week, and pro- spects for imprvementare indeed poor. With the exception of these at the Diamond oolliery. the miners are only being employed about half- time. As will be seen from our advertise- ment columns, Sardis people are again organisinig fÍ1 grand competitive con- cert to be held the Saturday before Easter. The previous concert held at Saidis have been successful far beyond the average, and on this occasion it is hoped that all previous efforts will be eclipsed.

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