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CWMTWRGH CWMLLYNFELL The wedding took pla->> l:t wc"k at the Pontardawe Registry Office, oi Mr. Emrys Davies, Brynbrain Farm, son of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Davies, and Miss Elizabeth Williams, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Williams, C-oed- ffaldau. Mr. Johnny Williams was the best man. and Miss Annie Williams, sister of the bride, was the bridesmaid. We regret to report that Mrs. Evan Williams, Coedgwilym. is under treat- ment at the Swansea Hospital, and this week underwent her second operation for an absces3. It is to be hoped that she will soon regain her normal state of health. Mr. Mos's Williams, CW1"111.nfd!. preached at Bryngv. iiyin <in,Sunday bst. and will officiate at Caiiaria, Y.siradgynlais next Sunday. (' A movement is on foot at Cwmtwrch to gd a public hall for the plaN'. a? it is felt that some building at which i tho young people of the district could enjoy some recreation, should be ac- quired. A meeting will t herefore, be held at Beulah Vestry on Saturday evening, when it is to be hoped there will be a good attendance. Surgeon-Probationer Horace Th-mas (son of Mr. T. R. Thomas, schoolmas- ter), who is on one of H.M. destroyers, is home on 14 days' furlough. He looks well, and has seen two years' service. His brother, Sec.-Lieut. Cecil Thomas, of the Flying Corps, ha.s returned to Reading after having been on leave. The children at Cwmtwrch schools will celebratc, St. David's Day by giv- ing a drama at the school. A miscel- laneous programme will also be provid- ed. On Thursday a competitive concert will be held at the Temperance Hall, Gwys, in celebration of the "Wvl." The funeral took place on Thursday amidst general manifestations of re- gret, of Mrs. Sarah Phillips (63), widow of the late Mr. D. R. Phillips, Lower Cwmtwrch, whose death was reported in our last issue. The interment took place at Ystradgynlais Churchyard and the ministers ofticiating were the Revs. T. Davies, Cilirew, VV. P. Jones, Bethania, and W. T. Hughes, Beulah. The chief mourners were Mr. and Mrs. Evan Williams, Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Griffiths, Mr. and Mrs. Dd. Collins (sons-in-law and daughters), Mr. David Phillips (son), and Miss Jessie PhiHips (daughter). The funeral arrangements were carried out by Mr A. W Griffiths. The burial of the late Mr. Rhys Willia: s, Glynmeurig Farm, Lower Cwmt\. reh, took place on Monday at the parish churchyard, Ystradgynlais. Deceased, who was 76 years of age, had always taken interest in parochial affairs, and had been a mem ber of the Ystradgynlais Council atid Pontardawe Board of Guardians for many years. The chief mourners were Mrs. Margt. Williams (widow), Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Hopkin (daughter and son-in-law) Miss Mair Williams (daughter), Messrs. Phillip, Glyn and Martin Williams (sons), Miss B. Carter, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Thompson, Mr. and MES. James Williams, AVern House, Mr. J.' G. Rees, Mr. W. T. Rees (Sketty), Mrs. G. Rees, Pisca (Mon.), Mr. John Mor- gan (surveyor, Pontardawe), Mr and Mrs. Daviea (Ynisdwle), Mr. and Mrs. Morgans, (Yniswen, Crynant), Mr and Mrs. Samuel Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. T. Owen, Mr. and Mrs. John Phillips, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Phillips, Mr. and Mrs. Dd. Phillips, Mr. and Mrs. Rees Phillips, Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Phil- lips, Mrs. G. Thomas, Garnant, Mrs. G. Thomas, Nantymoel. the. Revs. W. P. Jenes, Bothania; Jas. Jones (rector) Ystradgynlais; J. Secundus Jones (vicar), Ystalyfera, W. T. Hughes, Beulah, and D. W. Stephens, Ystaly- fera, were the officiating ministers. Among the floral tributes were tliore from the Glynmeurig family, from Grif- fith and Grotta, AN-ern House, the staff and scholars of the Gurnos Council School. As the cortege left the church the "Dead March" was played by Mrs G. Williams (organist). Deceased be- longed to one of the oldest and most respected families in Breconsliire, his ancestors having lived at Glynmeurig for the last four centuries. The funeral arrangements were in the liaaids of Mr E. O. Morgan. At Bethel Chapel on Thursday even- ing last, a reception meeting was held in honour of Sapper Richie Phillips, R.E., the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Abraham D. Phillips, Gurnos, Lower Cwmtwrch. This young soldier has been granted 14 days' leave from France, and returned to his base on Monday. The following contributed to a splen- I did programme, presided over by -the Rev. W. T. Hughes (Beulah): Recita- tions, Master Henry Job Rees, Miss Eurwon Davies; solos, Mr. W. J. 1P Math?wf. Robert D.r?ts. John Owe.; ? peni]ti<'n Mi?s Mn,?i- Morgan. Gwil.-m ?Cynlais. Rhvs ruweJ). Dewi Glan- i wrch. Mr. Kee-s WiHiams and Mr. J. D. Williams spoke, the iatt.or on behalf of the committee, presenting the sol- dier with the usual c heque. Mr. D. W, Owen presided at the piano. Tant CrocKiwol i'r Sapper Ritchie Phillips, R.E. Alaw: "Eisteddai'r beu Fardd yn ei Gadair" :— Fe! heulwen ar larlir fy mywyd, Wna'm lloni a hyfryd fwynhad, Yw gweled gwor garwn o'i febyd A'i.groesaw o goebfae-s f gad; 0 swii T magnelau a'r marwol bctona Yn iach a dianaf yn ol i'r hen wluil. Yn 01 i glyd aclwyd ei hoff fam a i dad. Cynlluniau milynau o dacliu A mamau, fwynhaent fawrhad. Ddymchwelwyd i lawr yn garneddan Nes troi'n Hadadrhimon y wlad; Anwyliaid eu calon, i drais yn ierthyro'^ Yn gorfod gwynebu ar gochfaes y gad, Nid milwr oedd Ritchie i fod gan < dad. Os rhal4 yw i- Ritchie ddychn*lyd Yn ol i drychineb y gad, Y nefoedd arbedo ei fvwvd I ddychwel 'nol eto i'n gwlad, I ddringo mewn mawrlwydd hyd risia i eiiwogrwvdd- Yn uweh n;) chiod milwr, yn addurs i'w wlad, Ac viia ei enw ga fythol goffhad. -Dewn Glantwrch. CrcK.e.) calon Richie bach, Dioleh am dy fod yn ia-ch! Y mae Kiiyddid yn dy wen, Cudarn wyt fel mynydd hen. Tro bo'r Twroh yn llifo'n ffri, Hynod wyt o fewn y wlad- Abram, onide, yw'th ciul Shwd mac'n mynd gan y brigade, Wrthym nawr yn lialus dwed, Richie anwyl, pa bryd ctfwn Heddwch teg fel hafddvdd llawn ? Diolch am fod Cymru wen Gyda'r goron ar ei phen, Blentvn Rhyddid ydwyt ti, Sa yn wrol drosti hi. —Gwilvm Cynlais. The district is in for a treat shortly when the Gwauncaegurwen Dramatic Society will perform "Aeres Maesy- felin" in aid of the local S. and S. Fund. This drama has been quite s phenomenal success lately, and should not on any account be missed. A choir has been formed at Lower Cwmtwrch with a view of entering tho competition in the chief choral contest at Jerusalem Eisteddfod, Ystalyfera. The need has been felt at Cwmtwrch for many years of an institute, com- prising a hall, library, etc. An informal meeting to discuss the matter was held at Bethel on Sunday, when it was de- cided that a further meeting be held at Beulah Vestry on Saturday even- ing (March 2) at 6 o'clock, and that notices be sent to the churches at Rhiwfawr, Bryn Seion, Ebenezer, Beulah, Bethel and Bethania, inviting their co-operation. It is hoped the dis- trict will be well represented at the meeting. Allotment-holders and gardenera at Cwmtwrch should turn up in good force at Gurnos Council School on Tuesday next at 7 o'clock, when Mr. D. A. Jones, M.Sc.,F.L.S., will give an illustrated lecture dealing with the cultivation of the potato, with special referenoe to spraying. Admission free. -+-.


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