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ALLIED IN CO,ULN.E. m 'TO SEEK AGREEMENT OX WA l AIMS. WELCOME IN LONDON. J The Inter-Alli-ed Sociaiist Cc.nfercn<«-> began its thne day?' private dTibcra- j tions on Wednesday at the Central I Hall. Westminster. After the ad- pmrnment until Thursday, an t?'K ial statement of the pre<cd:.ngs W:J.5 1ssiied. Mr J. W. ().<.(:ii. Chairof the Parliamentary Committee of the Trade Irni<)n tlle rIlr-lltli(.r- ing was unique in the h;>N'ry of the Labour movement, in the i;u't that it was the first oecai'k>n on whi< !i the workers have evinced a dcterinln.atT>n to take a. dominating part i:i lit;- issues of war and peace. "We still have .h in th" den^o- of the world. said Mr Ogden, "providing they can be nikuved t.) t-e the light and know the truth. Our initial declaration that whatever mav have been the oanpex of the outbreak of it is clear that the people. •of Europe, who are necessarily the <iiiiei' sufferers from its horrors, had'lves no hand in a truth so ins:stezit and indisputable that we are justified in putting the «-tronc;est possible em pilar is on the .statement." It was decided to appoint live Com- to deal m it-li the business of the Conference. A Territorial was np- -omm i sv i on was ap- po'nted. itli Mr Sidm v Webb chairman and M. Longuct as secre- tary, to deal with all qnestioes coming under the heading of territorial re- adjustments in Secii.Mi a of the Memorand um. K AGREEMENT P0;->1BLE? nnj an a-gre-emont ».-? itacne<i m | London this we<>k by the r<pre-iit- fives of the Labour viid Soeial ^t par- ties of tlie Allied Powers? 0 1),i t! 1),S on this jK>int varied among British Labour members. Th,), wlu had taken part in the preliminary con ver- sa-tions in Paris last week were opti- mistic. Mr Will Thorne M.P.. and Mr C. W. liowerman. both agreed that the indications were in favour of unanimity upon a statement of the war aims cf the Lalxrur and Socialist parties in AlrcJ countries. "They were accept'd," said Mr. Bowerman to a press representative, "h". the delegates we met in Paris, and 1 sec that the French Socialit pa.rty as a whole has moved in that direction. I This ve.n of optimism was not shared, however. by some of the other members of the British Labour party.



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