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PoBtardavve Farmers Refuse…


PoBtardavve Farmers Refuse to Dump." NO BUTTER OR MARGARNE THIS WEEK The Pontardawe Food Control Com- mittee ni^t on Monday, when Council- lor D. T. Jones, J.P., presided. Mr. Morgan Davies, executive officer, re- ported tlii,t he had eommunicated with the Pontardawe District Farmers' As- sociation, with a view to getting their co-operation in regard to the local production of butter. He had now re- eeived a letter from the secretary to the effect that although they were willing to do everything to assist the country in the present crisis, they would have nothing to do with its ruination. A .member sarcastically commented, "WcU. that's a. patriotic farmer. 7, "Did he rejily ea his own behalf, or on behalf of the Association," asked another member. The Chairman- said he thought the man was writing on his own behalf, as lie felt sure tha.t all the farmers did not hold the views expr&sse^ in the letter. He felt convinced that so far as some of them were concerned, they did not want any power takem. away from them. By the letter that had come to hand, they could only con- clude that the secretary was not will- in to do (anything. Mr Da v'd Evans SJld that no farmer would bring butter along and dump Jt at Pontardawe for 2s. a lb., when he could get 3s. a lb. for it. Mr D. D. Davies saiid unless they had figure.. to show what butter was being produced locally, they could not properly gauge the supply. Mr Morgjam Davi-es agreed, and re- marked that under present circum- stances, people could get butter from tho farmers and from the shopkeepers. His idea was to malke the whole scheme a success. The least they could do would be arrange a conference. Mr L. W. Francis said he would not bdiieve for one moment that Mr Ohas. Gilbertsan, the president of the As- sociation, knew anything about the letter, and he moved that the Execu- tive Officer be asked to write to Mr. Gilhertson asking h'lm to try and get the farmers to moot the Committee. Afterr a long discussion, it was de- cided to t),sk the farmers to prepare a statement of milk and butter supplies- lb was reported that the dump was now ready for butter, and it was de- cided that a week's supply be kept in ha:nd. and that all butter should go into the flitmii) for next week. Owing to the dumping arrangements made at Pc-ntardaiw; this week, no butter or margarine will in all prob- ability be available for the Pontar- dawe district for next week. This iis on account of the Food Gmtrol Com- ,n a,(rotiit -)f tne (")Iltrol snp- ply on hand. All the local grocers havo t>a":c.n to the dump.