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""<jI, "'1">(' A" 'f''t I L11¡lf.;¡t,  'TWE-i?  4' .? I A't"?- ''1 r; f.. GLEANINGS. I At (use u, rrebanos, ?n Alon/Uy .cn:'17 1?.?! there was '1 large '-adH'l: I"z n lu> of the presentation i:E:L' ,iL; II iias recently 1 _■ i't- the district fur Gow ror. -11 works. Sergt. Davics has '•eon in Trebar.ot, fur a humher or v?'-?'. wh?n ho was ve'y popular.  i de d ali-cl Councillor Wm. B: wen presided, and ) presented Sergt. Davies with ?n d1um;i).aLPd address and a photograph of :the rc-cipiprit R«nd> his family. Sergt. Davies ftolingly responded, and a number of eulogistic a-ddroH-^s were jnade. A hüo:nl uf arhitrators has been in uegoteit'eai with theconllnitke of the AHtwT.n' and Pontardawe O-o-pcrativr Society, with a vivw to gcttinSg an in wages for the employees. The arbitrators have successful III, obtaining an all round advance of from 10 to 15 per cent., the payment to be rcstr< :spcrtivc from July la i. 'i'h arbitrators were well Te-celvd, and ti- case .sym;?tthc!L?ty ot-nsiderc:1. A- 'ti?n is 'f?? ia progress fo' a l\ hours week. On Thursday evening last, a novelty tn quem^ was obser\ ed outside the shop of Mr 0. Joseph in Herbert si. when about :200 people from the fancy dresw ball waited '\n a procession for a fish and chip supper. A number cf school teachers hare rendered very valuable services in preparing the 1 rx>a] fc-od cards, and Capt. Phillips had again promised tho s-jrvjees of F. Company of the G. V.R. to assist in the distribution. The offices "will be opened on Saturday and Sunday for anyone to volunteer tli,I, services, 00 that the work may be completed. a,t the earliest possible moment. A special appeal is made to clerks at local oiffces. Much sympathy is felt with Mr and Mrs. R. M. Rees, solicitor, in the sad death of their .seven year oU daugh- ttlr, Evelyn Maud (Lyn), which took b,ok place c-n Saturday. Deceased, tvho died from doaible pneumonia., ra 021 exceptionally bright and intelligent j chid, lld was of a very lovable disposi tion. She took part in the rec-ant children s pageant at Pontardawe. The funeral took place on Thursday at Alltwen, gen t him en only being pre Recruits .aire, being invited for the formation of a detachment of t,he Red Cross Society, which will .bp /died U1)- ■ua to take charge of a Itc-,d Cross hos- pital to be opened shortly at Pontar- dawe. Any ladies desirous of assisting in tliis excellent work, sik-lild com- municate iirunediaitely with Mary Vivian, the commandant.. At the Public Ball on Thursday A t, the Pubi.c Hall Oil Thur{br evening last, a fancy dress ball was befld, under the auspices of the British Workers League, when there was a gi>r,d atendanos. AIr Stanley Crocker, r;f Swansea. was the piav-ist, and Messrs. Andrew Da vies, and 8;,(1 V.a. in waring, Swansea, wore tlie M.C's. The ladies prizes were n'on by Miss M !>avi«i, who appeared a(s «n Indian squaw, and Miss Owen, St. Thomas, ..Swansea, dressed as "billiards." The ??nt?' prices ?'?r? awarded to Mr I Ratr>ld Andrews. Y.?tradovrda:a. at- tir&d a? a duke, a?d Mr David Wi)- f'.ams, Herbert s tract, dresw# i a? I "??e Sa.?. Reffrc? !)T"ent? w?c rnv7v?d.°d by Mrs. Evan Davie.s. of tin' I -i.^titute. and the se?.r'»tri.r:l a r range- ¡ t*. vn+.s ivo;v« e..irrieo '(. t }?- -r T K dwar d s. F I- (I LLy of this week clio two days allwiatod for the ftag days in "aid'Of the blvnded sqlders and? sadnrs t St. Dimstan's hospital in I.i:M)don. These days have been ar- ranged as el'e result of by Sir Art.iiur Pearson to the various distriot, and tlie lodges who are taking < ol lections are the Edward Bevan, Dy?rytt Tawe, P<'nt<n?daw?? Logan D<tJ;i]e, Ailtwen; GLmtawe. C?vdach; H. M. Glli.s 1, 11""tn Birohgrove; and W. J. Lewis, Ystaly- fora. The cause is one which should appeal to the general public and it is to be hoped that ,av stti)stvntial amount will be realised, so that P,5,000 will be collected in South Wales, which j will qualify the institution to benefit by a substantial amount, as Mr Gould, a Cardiff shipowner, has promised a donation of £ 2,000 iif this amount can be reached. Mr Dd. James, manager to the South Wales Transport Co., has given permission, to several ladies to ride 0<11 the 'buses, and to sell flags. Capt. Lindsay, chief constable, has also kindly consented to THE hold- ing of the flag days. Rcnicmbcr, blinded for you* ——— ——— Mr Jack Lewis, the well-known singer of Clydach, who is tong tho ooiuitry with Tom Ov\en's troupe, and Geoj-ge Dance's Opera- Conip-any. hao recently sacrificed'»• good position with the latter to uo National Service work, and he w engaged at LlalJ- kftoew. During His it a- at the place, he h"'S taken o.u-); ?i m?ny charity* j functioits.  A Pontardawe sweep cam plains cf being the ecltr, oi interest in "ehimiiey queue. After cleaning a ohiirjii/cy at Ciydach. no less than four people were wait:cig b" him to make )r.s exit from the hou- ■, so that they i might claim hi« sejrvi At a meeting of th" PubEc Hall coni'initteie on Thursday t.,t., Mr Strick of Pontygwaith, was appointed bilEaJ"d o:?n.er instead af Mr .Jdw Edwards, who recently volunteered to do the duties tcimpor&rijy. Second-Lieut. Phillip ?Œorgan Da vies, son of Air. and Mrs. Wm D.tvie,i, Victoria buildings, who wa.s recently awarded the has been home on short visit. He i.s now under treatment at Lhujdaff hospital. Whilst following his employment as a. painter, Mr A. S. Mills, Alltwen, fell from a ladder, and fractured his arm H!d l'eg. He is progressing a-s favourably as can be expectcd. | Though the kindness of Councillor L. W. Francis and Mr Steele Parry, a .sacred concert will be hold at the II P,ntar(la.v,-e Pavilion on Sunday, March 3rd, in aid of the R.A.O.B. war memorial fund which has been estab- lished to provide comforts for aged and dis.a,hl,ed brothers of the Order, in convmemoratiion of the gallant lads that have fallen in the present war. Tho Council has grajiteid permission for holding tho concert, and an excel- lent pn>gra;mme has been arranged by a commit tee from the Dr. Logan Dahno Lüdig. Further partiemlars will ap- pear next week. On Thursday evening last, a. recep- tion was heid at the Gwyn Hall llti honour of Gunner George Bennett, Roya.) Marines. The Rev. G. Jones, pre>sid«d., and Mr David Price made ¿ '1; ll. t 't .otl I, t: the presentation of treasury notes on I' hehali of the Pontardawe S. and S. Welfare Association, which wrs siiit "blv ack'Uiwledged by the recipient. The following artistes crntributcd t« the Triune: Sokxi, Mr W. J. Morgan; recitations, Miss Marjorie Mills and Miss Leila,h Lewi's. With the singing of the National Anthem by Madam Powell. an enjoyable evening c'.j.me to a closc. News has been r:ceived at Dany- hnn. Edward street. Alltwen, that Private John P. Da vies, S. W.B.. nefw in India, was successful in winning the "final" bout of a boxing tourna- ment contest. Bravo, Pontv kid. "BaTtimeiiF." the now famous -rvaral write)-, who in private life is Lieut. Lewis do C'oKfcat Rioci, cf Pontardawe, luui. alter a dashing oaree.r at sea, in the course of which he took part in the Battle of Jutland, now accepted an imjmrtant post at naval headquarters. This gives him some time to devote to his literary work and it is stated that a new epic of the sea may soan I be expected from his pen. He has recently done some brilliant sketches of naval life and character for the London press. On Saturday evening last, an en- joyabla evening was spent in the Allt- wen Chapel Vestry, when a competi- tive meeting was held, under the aus- pices of the Alltwon Young People's Mutual Society. Tlio chairman was the Rev. W. J. Rees; adjudicators: j Music: Mr G. T. Jenkins; recitations, etc. Mr Thos. E. Jones, A i It wen ae- wmpanisbs, Miss Gertie Francis AE.d I Mr Evan H. Davies. The awards ¡ were as follows:—Solo for children (under 12), divided between Ernie Thomas, AUtwcn, and Glyn Williams, Rhos; &oJo (underlG), Ce.Jilt WiHiams, Alltwen soDrano solo, divided between M is>es M Lewis and Gertie Francis; baritone solo, Mr John M Bale, Dany- grarig, Alltwen; reading without full punctuation, divided between Hannah Mary Davies, Alltwen. and Blodwen Bowyer, Danygraig, Alltwen for three best verses, Mr Lewis Jones, Alltwen, and Mr Rees Thomas, Gellynudd jjfst story, Mr D. R. Lewis, Alltwen; pnze bag, Mis&es Annie Jonas, Railway ter., Alltwen, and Annie Lewis, Alltwen; children's double quartette, Alltwen, j who were ti-i'ined bv Mr- LIew. Lewis, ?oxt Wedii:os-day evening the ]1<1".1 Ben Dnvit?. PanLteg, will give a lec- tUf, "R¡rù-don:C"lh Watcyn 'Yy¡¡" j at Altwon Vest! The many friend-; of Mr Dan:d I HowdL", and Mr Wiliie Sutfon are v'ry glad to se? them home, looking so well. The-e tads have heeTi an active service for a considerable time, and before they return a reception meeting will be given to them at the Alltwen Chapel Vestry. Another of the Alltwen lads who is home on leave is Stoker Ili-n who has had some exciting exper- ience at sea. J

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