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Ystalyfera and District Trades and Labour Council. A meeting of the Y.-b.ilyfera and Dibbriet Trades and Labour Council was held at the l.L.l*. Institute on Saturday last. Mr. W. Gurrier in the chair. There were delegate. present from 12 affiliated societies, represent- ing a membership of over 2.000, to- gether with Councillors Lewis Thomas,. J.P., James Poweil, and -Jos. Thomas.- A letter was read from Lord Rlion- ddu acknowledging the resolution passed at tlie previous meeting concerning the price of irieat, and stating that the views of the Council would lveivo due consideration. Mr T. H. Samuel. Labour represen- tative on the local Food Control Com- mittee, referred to a statement made- at a meeting of the. eommittteo to the effect that the workmen of Ystalyfera were prepared to pay any price im- posed by the retailer rathe; than gu- without the goods. The following resolution \v.,> unani- mously passed: "That we upiiald tho action of our Food Control representa- tin's in protRsting aaillSL pta.aug the fees for grading e itc'.e as a eoaige on the consumer." The delegates discussed i-h" staie- ment reported to have been m-ide by Dr. W. J. Lewis, ince t- ing of the District Council on he pre- vious Thursday. Various speakers maintained that there was eoi:.adorable difference of opinion between 1-r. Lewis a.nd the officials of the Mini ary of Food who, a few days ago st.t d that tho situation with regard to cereals- the causing Lord I'hond 1" grave- anxiety, and in the near fute.ra they might have to ration bread. The following resolution was passed "That this Council einpliattc; it/pro- test against the statement mad by Dr. Lewis that there is abundanc-- i food in the country, and that we a ii-.ere to our original statement that ti re is u. real shrtage of essential eomaiodities in Ystalyfera and district: read that this Council is composed of lo al citi- zens and not scaremongers." Councillor Joseph Thomas gave a re- port of the District Council's 'libera- tions on tho question of communal kitchens, and after a genera ) discus- sion it was resolved to appoint a depu- tation to appear before tho District Council, the deputation to he Miss Alice Williams, Messrs. Silas Evans, and 1). S. Williams. Mr. Turral, organiser of the Swansea and South Wales Institute of tho Blind gave a report of the good work done by the society for these iflicited people. It was resolved: "That this Council desire, to im press upon all .filiated societies the duty of rendoriug every possible help to the South Wales and Swansea Institute for the Blind, and at the same time we emphatically pro- test against work of this kl" I being left to voluntary effort, and demand that the Government should find ade- quate means to make our blind popu- lation independent of charity." It was resolved that a copy of the resolution should be sent to the Prime M mister. The Chairman gave a report of the proceedings of the Neath Labour Con- ference in regard to the formation of a Labour Party in the newly-created 'Neath parliamentary division. The next conference is to be held at Swan- sea on Saturday, March 9th, at 5; o'clock at the Dockers' Hall. whn the question of the formation of a La.bour Party will be decided. A special meeting of the Y.c c ilvfera Trades and Labour Council to elect delegates will I)f-. held on Sat urday, March 2. It will be of local interest that Mr. W. Guerrier has been ap- pointed chairman of the con ference.