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uouooouuuuouuouuoooouuouuouuu # BK^vO. « I J. W. Evans! Nil c i "The House for Value." f'fe g & The House for Value." ?? 3r Sr -n_ £ » 2I 8C ?.?.?? .????_???.??_  ???.  EARLY SPRING SHOW OF | 1 IAILLINRy $55C y fa£ c I Do not fail to see our splendid Show of Hats. |J |* Tbet are the Newest. Velours are so re- & 3)( markable that you will wonder at being able to & buy such attractive Hats at prices so moderate. jj| Remarkable Value in Coats and Costumes in § jg fine quality Coating Serges- They are the & ? fine quality Coating Serges. They are the 5 Newest Design for Spring Wear. ¡ 5 All our Spring Blouses are now delivered. jj| Come and see them. S • «5 » «5 & 40-41 Castle Street, Swansea. 2 & Wet Feet Lead to Sickness. YOU SHOULD THEREFORE SAFEGUARD YOUR HEALTH BY PURCHASING LLOYDS' FOOTWEAR. BOOTS AND SHOES, AND SLIPPERS. THE BEST ON THE I MARKET. GAITERS IN ALL SHADES AND SIZES. TABLE LAMPS, ELECTRIC TORCH ES, & BATTERIES, GAS MANTLES ELECTRIC LAMPS, SHAD ES, AND GLOBES. LINOLEUMS, RUGS, MATS, CARPETS, IN MANY PATTERNS. NOTE ADDRESSES- D. Lloyd & Sons, Ystalyfera, Ystradgynlais and PontardavtC. Before Buying Furniture it will be to your advantage to pay a visit to DOWN & SON The Oldest Established Firm (over 60 years) 8 of Manufacturers in South Wales Enormous Stock to Select from. au ALITY THE BEST: PRICES THE LOWEST DIG" ST. & KING'S LANE, SWANSEA. ALL GOODS DELIVERED FREE. TEL. CENTRAL 433 j mcrmmwnmmmtmmmmmmmmmwmmjimMi i mumpiiiw— mmmi n nun RI«o,sr 1 Digestive "Unrest" H H is the causa of a number of ailments such M sleeplessness, an abnormal sense Of S J< fatigue, depression of spirits, loss of energy and symptoms of a similar nature K H Digestive unrest" may, if neglected, lead to troubles of a serious character H For it must be noted that this condition is ad unfailing indication that the digest- JJ ive system is out of order and therefore lacking in efficiency. There is need of a N reliable and speedy remedy. A course of Beecham's Pills will be the best E* H means to adopt to restore strength and tone to the digestive organs. Beecham's 2 ? Pills may always be relied upon. They are gentle in action and certain in results. K They act like a charm upon the disturbed organs. Stomach, liver and bowels are N put into proper working order and the. whole physical system is the better for S M the treatment. Digestive troubles disappear very rapidly after a course of h Beccbam's Pills. jj Sold everywhere in boxes, labelled ls-3d and 3s-0d. j PIANOFORTE AND OBGiV TUNIXC. PIANOS TUNED FROM ".M REPAIRS of EVERY DESCRIPTION Firtt Class Work, Moderate Charaet JAMES TAltR, Compton Honse Ystalylcrs FOR SA-LE.-Two Books, Greek an(I Celtic Mythology; splendidly bound, beautifully platod no worse than now. lOs.-Apply "Books," "Llais Uafur," Office. 3F216 W. A. WILLIAMS, Phrenologist, can be consulted daily at the Victoria Arcade (near the Market), Swansea.

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