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-r- u I YSTSASCYKLAiS POUCE (iOlifiT. Thursday.—Before Messrs G. T. Stmk I (pr?idin?), M. W. Morgan, Rhys .L iJavi?s. L?wis Thomas. "T_ .í""t. I JrlK AMlr-M liKi l Mr. W. Jones-Williams applied for a full transfer of the licence of the Ancient Briton Hotel, Penycae, from the executors of the late Priacilla Morgan. The application was allowed. I ANNUAL LICENSING REPORT. Deputy Chief Constable Joite-i sub- mitted his annual report Li which it was stated that thciv were twenty-seven licensed houses Ill, the district, five of which were licensed for seven days, and the remainder for I six days. There was one wine licenct- and two clubs. According to the la;;L oensus the population of the district was 10,671. There was only one Ciisc of drunkenness in which there was a- conviction, as against 1.) eases last year. One lieencee was proceeded against and convicted on four_charges. All other houses had been conducted satisfactorily. -t h (, Mr. Strick eoncratula-ted the sutxm- intendent on being able to pre-sent such an excellent- report. Ho also con- gratulated the police and licenccos. and also the public for their excellent- conduct. He thought the regulations- had had a good effect in preventing drunkenness, and he had also observed that the war seemed to be having ¡c sobering effect—not only from a liquor point of vi#w—on the minds of the people. It was also noticea ble that during the two years before the war there was a decrease in the number of cases of drunkenness. He thought it was a good sign that the people were developing a sense of s?lf respect. Mr. Strick further said it was better to have houses over which the licence*" eould exercise proper supervision than to have large palaces of drink where drinking could go on without being under proper supervision. The law was made to improve the conduct and morals of the people however thii- might be brought about. He also noteJ that, generally speakinp-. the oor- sumption of drink, which was respon- sible for most forms of crime, had diminished to about one-seventh of the pre-war standard. He expressed the hope that the Chief Constable woukl be able to produce as satisfactory a report- in twolve months henc<». I WITH THE EXECEPTION OF GOrGH ARMS. All the licences were renewed with the exception of that of the Gough Arms. Ystradgynlais, which was left in abeyance so that certain alterations to the premises might- be loeked into. The adjourned sessions were fixed for March 14th. and transfer sessions were also fixed. I SCHOOL CASES. GwcnlUan Connick was charged with not sending her child to school, and she was was ordered to pay 5s. Mr. T. R. Joseph, Abercrave, proved the case. Tom Williams i p d iii Mr. Tom Williams appeared in similar cases when J. Macarthy and H-o ii rv Holwell were fined -5s.. and Griffith Griffiths ordered to send his child to school as soon as it was fit. Lydia Jones again summoned Wm. Rees Potter in respect of her illegiti- mate child. An order had been macto in Feb. last, and defendant had gone to prison on several occasions rather than pay up. He now owed JE3 12s. 6d. —a sum which had accumulated since his last internment. Defendant doggedly refused to make an offer as he said he was not the- laoier. He was again sent down for a month.