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WANTED immediately, second-hand pylno in good condition. Reasonable price offered. Write with price and specification to "N .S Llais LIafur" Offiee, Ystalyfera. 'WHITE LEGHORNS won't lay in winter," say some poultry-keepers, but those who use Kara wood Poultry Spice (containing ground insects) say exactly the opposite.—Harris, Chemist, The Pharmacy, Seven Sisters. 3F2-16. ARE you going to let your pullets eat their heads off until next Spring? Make winter egg-production a certain- ty by giving tlic-m Karswood (harmless) Poultry Spice, containing ground in- sects. Packets 2d., 6d.—Harris, Cash Chemist, Commercial-street, Ystrad- gynlais. 7J12-F23 OHAMPION Stud of Winning White j Wyandottes and White Runners; nearly 60 prizes won during last season alone; more winners bred and sold fro this stud than any other Welsh stud. Few sitting at Os. per dozen. Also Champion Laying White Dottes. Board of Agriculture egg station-hold- er; third season in succession; conclu- sive evidence of where the best are kept. Eggs to residents in Breoon- shire 3s. 6d. per dozen; others, 5s. 6d. Carriage extra.—D. Price and Son, The Stud Farm, Ystradgynlais. 6FM23. COLISEUM, YSTALYFERA. NOS UUX. MAWRTH a MERCHER, CHWEF. 18. 19, O, 1918. Rhoddir perffonuiad o'r I) dram a. Boblogaickl— "RHYS LEWIS (Yr iraig drefniad awdnrdoctedig), y11 v lie uchod gan GWMXI DRAMODOLCYMDEITHAS DDIWYLLIADOL EGLWYS Y GURNOS, YSTALYFERA. Cadeirwyr Mr D. W. Dayie. Ysw.: Dr. W. J. Lewis, a H. J. Puwell, Ysw., Y.H. Cvfeilwyr: Miss M. A. Morgan. Ili- Elias Williams. :M3.e v ddrama hon wedi ea threfira a'i hy.sgrifenu Mr J. M. Edwaxdiz, M.A., Treffynon, ac wedi ei sylfaemi ar brif waith ein prif nofeJydd, Daniel Owen. Nid yw wedi ei pherfformio erioed o'r I)Iaeai Nm y gymydogaeth ym.a. Sioriieir golygfeydd neillduol a phwrpasol. Y niae o ddyddordeb angerddol o'r dechreu i'r diwedd. ( Drysau yn a gored am 6.45, deehreuir vn brydlon am 7.15. Mrnediad,- -Reserved, 3p. 2s.. a Is. Heblaw toi, os yn angenrheidiol. Yr elw tuag at gronfa y Capel. 3F2-16 SEVEN SISTERS. SOAR CHAPEL. Grand COMPETITIVE CONCERT SATURDAY, FEB .23rd, 1918. Champion Solo (Own Choice) £ 3 3 0 Solos, One Guinea:— Soprano, "Nant y Mynydd." Contralto, "Return to thy Rest" (Pughe Evans). Tenor, "Baner ein Gwlad" (Dr. Pan-y) Bass, "Trumpeter" (J. Airlic Dix). Recitation (Own Choice), 21 Is. Quartette, Solos and Recitations, etc. Programmes, Id. each, by post, lMj. ttiay be obtained of the Secretaries,— W. P. Harris and D. G. Morgan. 3F9-23. C W M L L Y N F, ELL. i THE HALL. I Rhoddir Perfformiad o'r Ddrama Gymreig FuddugAr Aeres Maesyfelin i (Buddugol yn Eisteddfod Glanamman, Medi, 1917), gan Gwmni Dramotiol G.C.G. (Dan Arweiniad yr Awdwr, Mr. Rhys Evans, Ysgolfeistr, Cwmogre), Nos Sadwrn. Chwef. 16, 1918, AM 6.30 O'R GLOCH YN YR HWYR. Drysau yn agored haner awr eyn amaer dechreu. Y mae y Ddrama Newydd hon yn seiliedig ar Hanes Carwriaeth Ramant- xis "Elin Fychan o Fa«syfelin, a Samuel, unig fob J* Hybarch Ficar Pritehard o Lanyinddyfri. Cymerir i fyny Y Prif Gymeriadan Ran P.11 o Enwogion LIwyfan Lien Cymru, a bvdd vr oil o r Cymeriadau wedi eu dUIadu vii nodweddiadol o fywyd Cymreig yn nghyfnod y ticer Pritehard, gyda golygfeydd tasawiadol. Ni arbedir traul na thrafferth er cyf- Iwyno y Ddrama i'r cyhoodd yn y wedd oreu, a sicrhoir gwledd iaehus o radd uchel i bawb. i, Cadeirydd*: Mr. DAN T. JONES, Y.H., Cwmllynfell. Mynediad i fewn (yn cynwys y tax) Ail-seddau 1/3, Blaen-seddau 2/4 2F9-16 W. A. WILLIAMS, Phrenologist, em be Nmlted doily at the Victoria M»rWJfc Ystalyfera aid Godre'rgraig Soldiers' & Sailors' Reception Fund. (Sports Sub-Committee) Under the auspices of the above A GRAND Spoils IMi Will be held on the Athletic Groundv Win I Road, Y-taivfera. (Kindly lent for the occasion by the i'stalyfera Athletic Grounds Co. Ltd.), On EASTER TUESDAY, April 2nd, 1918. i Competitors and others please note and book the date. Prizes amounting to will be given. FOOT EVENTS: 100, 220, and 440 Yards Handicaps. 80 Yards Handicap for Boys under 16. CYCLING EVENTS. Cycling Evans: Quarter and Half-Mile Handicaps, and Half-Mile Novice's Handicap. Hajidicapper: Mr. Ted Lewis, Pontypridd. TUG-OF-WAR For Teams of Eight aside to pull, and captain. THE YSTALYFERA TOWN BAND Will play Selection during afternoon. Railway Stations: Ystalyfera (10 minutes), Ystradgynlais (20 minutes). Trams and Motor 'Buses from Swansea to within 3 minutes of ground. For Entry Forms and all further in- formation, apply to W. H. Blake way, Hon. Sec., "Fairholme," Ystalyfera. 7F1GM30 PRELIMINARY NOTICE. SEVEN SISTERS. "jjjJESSIAH I gLANT." A Grand Performance of the above Cantata will be given- by the Salem Band of Hope, Choir, Seven Sister- on Saturday, April Gth, 1918. Further particulars will appear later. -FE9 CAPEL YORATII, CWMGIEDD. Cynelir EISTEDDFOD Gadeiriol yn y lie uchod SADAYRN, MAWRTH 9fed, 1918 (o da.n nawdd Ysgol Sabothol Palleg). TESTYNAU: Unawd (o dan 18), "Tell mother I'll be there," 2/6. Adroddiad (dan 18), "Pa beth sy'n hardd" (Ieuan o Leyn) (Cambrian Lyrics), 2/6. Un- awdau: Contralto, "There's a. land," 5/ Tenor, "0, na byddai'n haf o hyd," 5- Soprano, "Llythyr fy mam" 5/ Bass, "Mcrch y Cadben," 5(-. 5/ Bass, 5 [ Camp-unawd (agored). Cadair Hardd. Englyn, "Newyn," 2/6. Can, pedwar peniil i "Palleg," 4/- Ysgrif, "Dyfal- barhad," 4/ Adroddiad (agored) "Y i Meddwyn (cyfieithiad o J. G. Gough, j o'r "Adroddwr", Cadair Hardd. Ped- warawd, "Ti wyddost beth ddywed fy nghalon," 10/ Am fanylion pellach vmofvner a'r Ysgrifenyddes, Miss Maggie G. Daniels, Pensarn, Ystradgynlais. F16 ——————' Public Lighting in the Vstrad= j gynlais Council Area. j During the last few months malicious and serious damage has been done to the electric lamps in the Yniscedwyn, Penrhos, Cwmmaenfaen, Cae'rbont and Abercrave distuicts. i The Glantawo Electric Co. desire to make an earnest appeal to residents in these areas to assist thenl in maintain- ing the public lighting by discouraging and condemning the persons who com- mit such damago, and where possible, giving 41forination to the manager of the company Wl prwate). Ten shillings reward will be given for such informa- tion. The Company feel convinced that the largo majority of the inhabitants highly appreciate the great convenience and comfort of public lighting, as was fuly proved by the general complaints from, all classes when the lighting was suppressed for a time. In the com- mon interest therefore, it is nothing less than a scandal that a small num- ber of thoughtless and mischievous youths should cause the public such grievous inconvenience and discomfort by deliberately breaking the lamps and also throw upon the Company a con- siderable monetary loss. The senseless- ness of the proceeding is deepened when it is ralised that not only has the public to suffer tho loss of the light, but that ultimately the monetary loss has to be paid for by the public. The Sompany hope this appeal will meet with the co-operation of all well- disposed inhabitants. GLANTAWE ELBCTRIC SUPPLY I °0-»T4>TY. MINISTRY OF PENSION. < Puntairdawe District War IV. s.ona Committee. PAVILION, POXTARDAWE. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 1918. At 3 o'clock in the afternoon, A Cinema Talk, Eiititlcd:-— RECALLED TO LIFE Or The Training of Disabled Sailors and Soldiers, will be given by I Mr. ARTHUR D. MALDEN, F.KG.S, (Of the Ministry of Pensions) Illustrated by Cinematograph Films: of the v?rioua Trailing Centres: Brighten, It, ton, The Di&m<o?d Cutting and Polishiaig Clashes, The ] Polyteehiiics and Technveai Schools, | St. Dunst-ajrs. The Oithopaedic Hcs- pital, Spe??aJ Film d th? Visit of }!ajr-st".es to Golders Green Home of Recovery, etc. Adn,ii,,iion FNf': for Adult1. Dis;vbled Men are Spe^-ially Inv't d to Attend. 21<li;-23 Sardis Chapel, YSTRADCHNLAIS A Grand COMPETITIVE CONCERT Will tx* held at the above place. SATIRDA Y, MARCH. 30th, 1018. PROGRAMME: Champion Solo for Female Voiees (Competitor's Own Selection), £3;3.,0 (10/6 will In* given to eacli unsuccessful competitor who appears on the stage in the final). Champion Solo for Male Voices (Com- petitor's Own Selection), (10/6 will be given to each com- petitor who appears on the stage in the filial). Competitors are requested to send the names of the solos to the Secretary by the 27th March. Soprano Solo, "Llam y Cariadau" (it. S. Hughes), or "Babylon" (S. Adams). Solo, "Bore Pasc" (C. Roberts), or "Y Ddwy Di-lvii" (Pugho Evans), £ 1/1/0. Tenor Solo, "Dan vr Ywen" (P. Evans) (r "Last Wateh" (Pinsuiti), £ 1/1,'0. Bass Solo. "It is En-ugh" (Elijah). £ 1/1/0. Child- i ren's Solo (Boys), "Clyw ni Fwyn Waredwr," 7/6 (Girls), "Dvma Feibl Anwyl Iesu" (Caniedvdd y IM-mt) 7/0. Instrumental Solo (anv instrument), £ 1/1/0 (Competitor's own Selection). R-ecitation (adults). "Y Gwron o Con- nemough" (Cynonfarddl or "Mark A tithony's Oration" (Shakespeare), £ 1/1/0. Children's Recitation, "Ora Pro Nobis," English or Welsh (Eif.on i Wyn), 7/6. For further particulars apply to the Secretaries, W. Leyshon W-atkin.s, Crud-yr-Awel. Ystradgynlais; T. T. Rees, Council Schools, Penrhos. Ys- tradgyntais. 7F16M30 YSTRADGYNLAIS DISTRICT srB- ? YSTRADGYNLAIS DISTRICT SUB- C?MMITTEK OF THE BRECOX- SHIRE WAR PENSIONS COMMIT- TEE. APPOINTMENT OF CLERK. Applications are invited for the position of clerk to the above commit- tee. Sqlarv C20 per annum. Applioa- i tions, marked "Clerk," to be sent, to the chairman, Mr. W. E. Jones, Pen- ( rhos. Ystradgynlais, on or before Feb. 22nd, 1918. 1F16 — STATEMENT OF ACCOUNTS OF THE CWMLLYNFELL SAILORS AND SOLDIERS' SOCIETY. (Reg. No. 70.) From Dec. 21, 1915 to Dec. 31, 1918. Receipts. £ s d Reception concerts G2 13 0,t Rev. E. T. Evans, presen- I tation meeting 2 7 1 'Wishing-Cup' performance 4 13 7 Miscellaneous concerts 21 6 2  "J an of Windmill Land" 8 16 9 Dyfnallt's lecture 17 6 0 Poultry show 1 19 0 Ystalyfera drama. 12 17 3 Eisteddfod 14 16 1 I' Donation. Mr. Gardener 2 2 0 j Football matches 8 9 3 I Jirnhle sale 109 0 4 'I i'r: dr-wi ng 21 16 1 t ¡ ..1' .1\ UIe, 21 16 1 -?C288 2 í)   I .22 Hxj '(?t?tre. £ s d 2 P;?.,t-nt.'tton medals 6 8 0 40 do. Jxwket wallets 17 3 3 Printing 10 6 0 Fees and Expenses— Artistes 7 13 6 Dyfnallt 17 6 Donations— Mr. H. Gordon Williams 10 0 0 Mr. Glyn Wat»kins 5 0 0 "Evening Express" PriBül- cw-s of War Fund. 2 2 0 Postage and Stationery 0 10 8} Carbide I 2 19 9 Sundries 2 5 11 Society's registration fee 05 0 E66 5 7-i Balance in L.&P. Bank 221 17 0 jE288 2 7,1 We, the undersigned, hereby certify that we ha-re examined the accounts of the CwmUynfeH Soldiers and Salors' Society and found same correct and in good order. (Signed), "Wiillie Davies, Christmas Jones (Auditors). Chairman, Daniel T. Jones (Ochry- waun). Treasurer, Ben Jonw (Bryn- road). Secretaries, Tom Isaac Jones, and J. Ll. Jenkins, Gwilyni-road, Cwm-