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# n.4 CLYDACH NOTES w arniest congratulations to Gunner W. W. Starr (Royal Field Artillery), | Ynispenllwch, Clydach, eldest ton of Mr. and Mrs. W. Starr, "Tlio Laurels" Glais upon gaining the Military MedaL This distinction was conferred upon him for devotion to duty whilst under fire and for tho gallant rescue of four men who had been buried in a dug- out as the result of a gas shell. When ( the shell exploded there were five men 1 in the dug-out, 0110 of whom was ( killed, while four were rescued alive. Owing to having been effected by the gas Gunner Starr had to report him- self as sick on the following (lay. Ho also lost his speech for a but has sine- fully regained both speech aud health, liv was home uil lea-ve a abort time ago when he was entertained by the Clydach S. and S. committee. Gunner Starr, who is a married man with a wife (who is in very poor health) »nd five children, carried on business as a coal-merchant at Clydach prior to enlisting in tho army about a year ago, six months of which period he has served on the fighting front. He was the first Scout in Clydach, and also the first scoutmaster in the neighbourhood, for which he held the Baden-Powell warrant. He was the originator of the 2nd Swansea "Valley Troop of Scouts (Clydach) and had the honour during the visit of the Chief Scout to Swansea of parading his troop before Sir B-ulen Powell, who compli- mented both him and the lads upon their smart appearance. don't < xpect to hear any bright and broer.y war experiences or stories." writes a Clydach soldier boy this v. eek, "as I am rather fed up with such .a subject, and I am no'.v devoting some of my spare time—when I have any—vo reading up after-the- war problems. The present little book I am reading is 'Great Britain after the: War,' by Sidney Webb and A. Freeman, and I have rea d the report of the Commission on TwL ,trill Unrest m Y* ales. So von f am gradualiv 1:rooming a student of econo- mics and will bud forth one of thes^ days a-s one of our village square ora- tors 1 believe there is going to be great changes when demobilisation corned off, and serious questions will have to be faced. Out here—c-cn now —organisation of this kind i¡<: going on, and there is a circle meeting at t,his place to-night dealing with ,0 the matter. Tommy is going to come out at this with a wonderful power behind him, "I wonder how many fellows have joined up from Clydach. It would be very in unresting to know. We have made up a little book in our division of all officers, and I thought it would he quite interesting and would form a sort of a. memorial if a book were made up d ;:ll Clydach bore with the colours with a one. I suppose it could be done. I UJll getting ON well tv itil- my French now—am bil- leted with a village schoolmaster. I went to tne pictures last night to see my old h'ier.J Charlie- Chr-plin. and a lew of us brougnt tin whistles, trum- pets, etc.. nnd thus contributed to tho musical part of the show. I forget now what we played exactly, but it quite the latest!" 'Mim a lire to let yon know I am ',?(.r so l dier A.I." writes another ( lydach soldier friend from France th'.r, week. "I had the pleasure of a visit from Lieut. Jones, of Craigcefnparc (Lieut. W. J. f•ties?) and another chap from Swan- 1I,a,. It was a treat to see a local lad, and we had a pleasant chat about old times. I cannot tell you where I am. but the scene is nothing but devasted country full of shell holes and a sea of mud. I get the local papers nent me regularly, and always look out for ''Welsh notes. I was awful- ly pleased to read of Lieut. D. A. Lewi. decoration. 1 hopo to oome across some more Clydach boys out here. Thero are lots of S. Wales boys in this battalion, which, of course, is a very famous one. Had a re-union with tile 1st. Battalion the other day. It was the first time they had met in a war area since 1879, and it was a very memorable occasion." At an enjoyable social evening pro- moted at Carmel Schoolroom, Private Gomer Williams (A.S.C.), of Heoly- nant, who was home on lea v. from France, was honoured and received from the church members a serviceable fountain pen. Mrs. K LI. Davies pro- sided over the gathering, while the pre- i soutation was made by Mr. Win. Jones (Pantglas). Pte. Williams acknowledged the kindly reception accorded him. I11- teresting dialoles were contributed under the direction of Mrs. K. Turner. Will",i-,ns has been in France for about ten months. A lecture of "Gwilym Hiraethog" was given hy Mrs. J. Tywi Jones ("Moelo-na"), Glais, at Bryn Seion Chapel, Craigcefnparc, last week. Mr. David Jones (Velindre) presided. The process were in aid of the Craigcefn- parc S. and S. Fund. i Mr. and Mrs. John James (ooach- builder) Taws-place, have been advised that their son, Sec.-Air Mechanic Win. James (R.F.C.) is in hospital at New- port, Men., suffering from trench. fever and rheumatism. He was trans- ferrod to Newport from a hospital in Rotten. A full rehearsal in preparation for the annual eymanfa ganu to be held in the neighbourhood Tn Good Friday in oonnection with the congregational churches, was held at Carmel and, Hebron Chapels on Sunday last. The children's rehearsal was held at Carmel in the afternoon, while the adult meet- ing was held at Hebron in the evening, Both practices were well-attended. The singing was conducted by Mr. W. J. Evans, Aberdare. It is interesting to ] learn, that the forthcoming Clydhch event will be the GOOth singing festival to 1)(:, conducted by Mr. Evars during his musical career. i "Welsh L!ewt?/'  | |



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