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The Diary of a Small-holder,…


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I -n.  FM? THE A^sSAH GALLEY. i r¿1f n" f\'J fuH¡¡'j 4d.. E y I SOLICITORS FALL OUT.. Tlioro v,as a brisk .'re- of arms at the Ammautord SV)lie<. .-r on Ali- j ,'d. Evans and Mr. S. Griiicl»ls, tiio cirooa t-r-s, in a easo in which a husband summoned his wife and son for assault. Mr. Evans expressed the opinion that such absurd' oases should, be settled out of court, whuroir.; ,a Mr. Griffiths declared that- he was the only man who had tried to settle in this instance. Mr. rjva ;is; iViy friend is now talk- ing Air. Griffith: And my fricnid is tho inoro able-' to a- i ,■ v;ls iiII)re in nonscn.?*? than in anythins^ else. Mr. Svalis mat is moat alurasT. .iho Civar;a. m (ii. HOW sought to pour oil on the- troubled waters hut jVlr. Gi'iiiitLs ingistt d on making a v.;a lenient bhowÎiw tllG con- ciliatory attemr.ts he hr.d i he truth (;f this Mr. Evans denied. M?* v.7;-[ i p_ p.. hoj tr>i-nis, and challenged Mr. Evnue to Mi-. Evans retorted that h; frie«d tooii o a i; "• oaiii- ;;L dictatorial attitude, wliich he (Mr. Evans) w;>a not coin^ to so 10. In granti'ig a fortnight's adjourn- nient m the easy the Chftirrrasi ex- pressed the h?!?? th:? tj.? ?c?o -t?s m:<rhi> liad thr>N ?-? la 'j av.. y-v ':llrí:)1! fi:.1'C1l;C;! of the :l!J"(l-1]:]1- berlaud c;*asfc have the Bocrd o; /■?.■alt'O's for a raduet'on of the fee-; to riparian, vv,v;>-coa the 'rroiurd that it i<; oa. .a' !a ua. h -r \v 'iig con d itions to ea: ry r-.n t he. ir. 'u'?L'rY.. Printed an/! Published h; ;/1 the County cf G'.amorgan, P»h. 9, 191S 1. i..t t. 1 f t