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W. A. WILLIAMS, Phrenologist, can be consulte-d daily at the Victoria i Arcade (near the Market), Swansea. ( SALE.—Two Books, Gr<M'.k and Celtic Mythology splendidly bound, b?autifuUv plat??d no worse than new. 10s.—App!v"Bo.?." "Dais Lhl\J; 31":21 G Office. 3F2?3 tMA?TKD'fy.?c?nd-I?a.ud pi?no in good condition. Rt?)so.)ab]e price dfered. Write with price :?nd specification to "N.S. "Llais Llaiur" Office, Ystalyfera. <y,piTE LEGHORNS woirt lay in winter," say some poultry-keepers, but those who use Karswood Poultry Spico containing ground insects) 8ay Sple,o (containiii, ?zrotind r,iy The Pharmacy, Seven Sisters. 3F2-16. |^ OST.- A silver watch and chain, be- tween M?ount-hiH and the Police- station, Ys?dy?cra, on Tuesday even- ing. Finder will be suitably rewarded on returning to Arthur Lewis, 44, Gough-road. lF9p. I' .Uuu- i^TTTIT eggs at present prices would 1* y-m not like twkv? as manr as you are getting P Then use. Karswood (harmless) Spice containing ground j- sects. You will be delighted with the results. Pac-kets, 2(1., 6d.. Is. J. Davies Gr<?e', ?>[ajichest^r .H?use, Ysta??f'?'a.. ::J() 'S..  you goij?g to !?t vonr j;"n?'.<- ('at t?<'ir heads off m?'f 'w::t Spring'' ?tak? winter c??-productiou a certain- j ty by giving them Karswood (h"r'n i ^sv) Poulury Spice, cout.iuiug grr>u?.d in- sects. Pr.ckets 1:1.- Harris. Carli Chemist, Commercial-strcct, Yr.trad- Ky??_? 7.!1-?F?'j _# fJHAMPDOX Stud of \Vi:1111r(! White Wyindottcs «nd Whit" Rurners; lv-r.rlv 60 prices won during alone more winners bred and s-'>ld fro this stud thi-ti atr- other Wf-.lsh stud. Few fitting at 20. lwr dow-n. t 2 ?' p<'r d«x<'j'). Als"> Champion Living White  i.) n ) )i  d- Board 0" .•* gricultur" err ion-lnld- rr: third season in siu-^v.ion c;)nelu- i rv/e evidnn~e cf whe-e the b'"•"i are > kept. Eggs to residents in shjr? 3n. 6d. p'?- do?r': ot.h-r.- Î;1. Carriage extra.— D. Pr>e artd Son, The Stud Farm, Ystr??YnIti?. (WM2.1. -n.- BEAR IN MINI) The Grand COMPETITIVE CONCERT j At the t CENTRAL HALL, V.ST.\LVri:KA. OX S SATURDAY, FEBRUARY Dth. 101S. I A^ large number of the leading j large llumbf'l' () the leading ¡ mi wrcans of South Wales have en- n-¡œan. of South" a]t's haye t'il-' t,ei-t-d foi- the Concert to eummenco at 5.30. Trains leave Ystalyfera station for! Brviiv-nunan at 10.30: "liu^es to Swan- C0LISSITE- YSTALYFERA. XOS LUX, MAWRTii a MERCHKE, I (,'H Vv'KF. 18. 19, 20, HHS, Rhoddir perfformiad o'r Ddrarna J3Dblogaidd., "RIIYS LEWIS" (Yr irnig dreiniad a.v.\hirdoded:g), yn v lie tiehod gam GWMNI DRAMODOLCYJvfDEITHAS D DIWYLLJADOL EGLWYS Y GUILXOS, YSTALYFERA. Cadeirwyr: Mr D. W. Davies, Ysw. Dr. W. J. Lewis, a H. J. Powen, Y.H. Ysw.,Y.H. an, Mi, Cvfeilvryr: Miss M. Morgan, Mr ELias Willia/ms. Mite y daraifui lion wedi ei threfim a'i; liysgrifenti ean Mr J. M. Edwards, Treffynon, ax) wodi ci ^ylfaenu ar brif waith tin prif nofelydd, Daniel Owen. Nid J'w wedi ci pherfformio e: i:oed o'r blaen J'll y gymydogaeth yma. Sicrliieir golygfeydd ncllld uol a phwrpasol. Y niue o dcLyddordeb angsrddol c'i- dechreu i'r diwcdd. yia  am 6.45, doe l ireuir Drysnu yn agcred am 6.45, d.echreuir ya brydkm am 7.15. 28.. a I s. os -vn. aingenrheidiol. Yr elw tuag &t wonia y Capel. 2F2-9 gLAM.ORGAX eOUNXY COUNCIL. POVLTHY KEEPING AND MA X Avj F. \ENT. County J un Poidti^v Instruct- II ress will be at Tawe from February 11th to 28th (kinc4 usi.ive) 1918. The Iustructrr^-K will visit poultry-keepers in the district when requested and a d vise as to the breeds, housing and management, also | demonstrate in kiting, dressing and trussing. The Instructress will also be pre- pared t. give such public demonstra- tions of Trussing,, etc., in the Clvdach district as may be desired, and can be suitably arranged. Applications for her igervices should be addressed to Miss Gertrude Wilcock, N.D.D., 9, Church Sstreet, G wa UTI caegu r we N. I 1F9. C W iW LLY N F ELL. THE HALL. Rhoddir Perftomiiad o'r Ddrama Gymreig Fuddugol Aeres Maesyfelin (Buddugol yn Eisteddfod Glanamman, Medi, 1917), gan Gwmni Dramodol G.C.G. (Dan Arweiniad yr Awdwr, Mr. Rhys Evans. Ysgolfeistr, Cwmogrs), Nos Sadwrn, Chwef. {6, 1918, AM 6 30 O'R GLOCH YN yn HWYR. Drysau yn agored Vianer avrr CJH amser deehreu. | Y mae y Ddrama Xewydd hon .?H | seiliedig ar R=er, Carwria^th Ruw_nt- us "Elin Fychan. o Faesyiolin, a Samuel, unig fab yr Hybarvii b'icar Pritchard o Lanyinddyfri. Cymerir i fviiy y Prif Gymertadau gan rai o Enwogion Lluyian LL u Cvmrn, a 'hydd yr oil o' r Cyroeriadau wedi eu ddla,du yn nodwo<l<liadol o fywyd Cymreig yn nghyfnod y Fieer Pritchard, yda g-olygfeydd t^rawiadol. Xi arbediv traul na thrafferch er eyf- Iwvno y Ddrama i'r cyJioedd yn y wedd oreu. a sicrheir gwledd ia<hus. o radd i bavrb. Cad<-iv-yd<l ilr. DAX T. JONES. Y.H.. Ctymilynfeil. Myurdiad i fewn (yn cynvys y t-ax): Ail. serl daH > 3, Biaen-seddau 2/4 I F^. y n VAA Ml NARY NOTICE. j SEVEN SISTERS. 1-1 I gLANT." A Grand Perfonnanee of ih. above Cantatii will !><■ giveii by th<> Salem Band of Hope. Choir, Seven Sisters, on Saturday, April 6th, 1918. Further j particulars will appear later. —FE9 SEVEN SISTERS. SOAR CHAPEL. I Grand COMPETITIVE CONCERT SATURDAY, FEB .23rd, 1918. Champion Solo (Own Choice) £ 3 3 íJ Solos, One Guinea :— Soprano, "Nant y Mynydd." ContraJt-o. "Return w thy Rest (Pughe Evans). Tenor, "Baner ein Gwbd" (Dr. Parry; v Bass, "Trumpeter" (J. Airlie Dix). Recitation (Own Choicc-), E-1 Is. Quartette, Solos and Recitations, Programmes, Id. each, by post, I't" may be obtained of the. Secretaries.-— W P. Harris and D. G. Morgan. |f9-S3. BALANCE SHEET of Performance ("Bngail Graig y Fforest") giv(;, by Cymrodorivn Dyffryn Twp, at the, l^ayhouse, Ysuilyfera on Christ^s.s night. 1917, on behalf of the Ystaly- fera and G{)dn"rgraig Sailor-s^and Sol- diois' Reception Fund. Expenses. £ k 10 '? To Hire of Hall 3 10 •) Printing and advertising 2 6 t) Payments to artistes Ç) C Refreshments 12 0 Postage, stationery, etc. 8 0 Tuning piano 4 f Sundry expenses for oiL paint, powder, etc o 10 JS9 16 30 Balance handed over to S. and S. Fund .40 '0 7 -049 17 Receipts. -5-cr By Receipts from sale of tic- kets at door. 49 13 0 Sale of Programmes 4 5 JS49 17 5 Audited and found correct. (SicivxK, G. Griffiths. 0. and (? Bank; W. H. ,,rifftt.fis, pn-, B,,iiik; W. F.. jn iMiiiiiwMiMii1 mi »i wnr-mnmr-^mnmnrrrmmm W. A. WILLIAMS. Phrenologist, can be consulted dailv at the Victoria Arcnd « (near Market). Swansea. 1ZtJltHzwh% I 1't1. m'ff;' < i1..I' \B1 1 :¡. '.1 ti$ <ti> I "'1 .1 .11 ll' I ? 00 æ at <+1 r'¡ gy {t }\ (+;; ¡II e. r, i" t- ..i' I p r! if I. "(¡. <{ (.. it- "j < S /1' v. < .:¡, ,.f I I | fqpAi Wi' nf% er Sjpf Jm L«Sm r'W&Pi $ f I i :—-— 1 I I N(i ?ll L- E K I ? ?Any & L??? 1\ & 1? ? ? ? A ? ?' L @ I   ft ,n now, ?v+iarket Prices clim?irg higher day ? S by day—with materiais as scarce as can be, and m ? skived hbour !?eing more and more occupied on  Goverment work—we are ctfenng :p i Some MOST REMARKABLE BARGAINS at our WINTER SALE in Goods for :| Personal Wear and for the Home. || Our lines are positively surprising under present g conditions, and although the goods are our well- known high-class quality, we are in the enviable m position of being able to place them before our M S? customers ■» AT MUCH LESS THAN MAKERS' I S PRESENT COST OF PRODUCTION. i| ? It is important to note that the cost of all goods is S I notoriously rising and that by the time our present g ? stock is cleared, prices will probably ?e S i50°/o to 1 100? more. 1 r-DWARDO* DRAPERY ? mm Oxford Street, S TOR E S g S j? Oxford Street, ?? '? L. rS'sSf-UWANSEA. I ? thMB & Park Street..D _*mm$'D