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CWMrWRGH A reception meeting was held at Bcnd,aJi on Wednesday evening in honour of six soldiers home on leave, namely rics. David Evans, Peter Gil- iiooly, Albert L. Thomas, D. Howells, James Evans, Elvet Morgan, the three J last-named having been recently dis- charged. The following took part in an excellent programme: Miss Lizzie j Morgan, Mrs. Dl. Thomas, Miss Sarah A. Williams, and "Ffynonferch," Miss |} Ellen Moses, Mr. Dd. W. Thomas, Messrs. D. W. Owen, Evan T. Owen, John Owen, Willie Walters (instru- Liien quartette), and Mr Ht. G. Davies. i ?>ir. A. D. Phillips, on behalf of the eornniitt-ee, prc^nted the soldiers with tlie usual cheques, and appropriate ro.. mrrks to the gallant lads followed by | Mr. John Dyfrig Owen. The Rev. W. T. Hughes c«nducU>d the meeting, and Mr. Elfet MorgEan presided at. the piano. ) On Tuesday evening last at Bethel Chapel vestry under the auspices of the Welsh Society, Mr. Herbert G. Davies read an interesting paper jor- l traying the like and works of Ceiriog. He was assisted by the following, who gave 'renderings in song and poetry shosen from the numerous works of this immortal bard: Songs,. Misses Rachel A. Owen, Nellio Jane Davies, Maggie Jane Phillips, Gwladys May Howells, Randell Evans, Mary Thomas. Rccitationa, MW¡ Annie M. Thoinson j Mr. Phillip Thomu, Misses Annie M. j Thomas, Ceridwou Phillips, Mr. Em- rys Morgan, Mr. Gothin Owen, Miss ¡ Margaret A. Thomas, Misses Eunren Davies, Enid May Jones, Viola Levi, Annie Miriam Harries, Lizeie J. Grif- fiths, Mr. Dd. Oswald Thomas, V\tron Howells. The meeting was presiùed ofer by Mr. John Dyfrig Owen. A dis- cussion followed in which many mem- bers took part. Mr. Edgar Phillips, whose home is at Lr. Cwmtwreh, visited his home dsir- ing the week on dra?t loaT, and has now returned to Frano«. Ho is at- j tached to tie Artillery, aW was wounded some time age. He was given a hearty send-off. Pte. Dd. Eva ns, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. J«s. Eraus (newsagent) luis arrived home for the second time from France, and was given a wajun reeeption. Pt. Evans, who I-ms seen consicUrahle fighting in Flanders and France, joiiiod the origmal Wf*lsli Bantams. He wnt tlirougk the CaiN- brai fighting rooeatly. The rotnaiins of Mrs. Powell, of Cwmphil, Lr. Cwmtwreh, whose death was reported last week, were Lid to rest at Bethania Ccwnetery on Satur- day, when there was a large gathering of sympathisers present.