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GLYDACH fiOTES At a well-attended riotie :n: eung held under tin- auspices of tno !«;<• il 8. and S. ire: pt-ioii committee :tt the Public Clydach, Lanee-Corpl. .1, E. Williams, Seaman T. Arthur Smith, Ptes. Tom Morgan, Gunicr Wilbams. and Toni'Martin, all local lads home on leave from the f>ont, 'were accorded an enthusia.sitc welcome, and were pre- sented with gifts of money. Mr.- Mor- gan Tibbs also received a gift on be- half of her soldier husband, who was recently home on 1 -a ve, but had ic- joined his unit. Mr. Marston, The Square, who has given two sons to the army, the younger of whom has made the supreme sacrifice, ably presided over the gathering. The guests of the evening came in for quite an ovation from the audience, and all briefly ac- knowledged the wdcome accorded them. A pleasing miscellaneous pro- gramme, arranged by Mr Dd. Roderick was provided by a capable Trebanos concert party, to which the following contributed Songs, Miss Davie*. Mrs. Hodge and Mr. Dd. Davies; peuillion singing, Mr. Banos Dnvu's: qua rtctte, Mr. Dd. Davies and friends: "ifllin solo Mr. Maries AVilliams; dialogue, Miss Ceinwen Davies and Mr. •! J. Wil- liams. Messrs. L. Morgan and Rhys Wi *Iliaiii. were the accompanists. The party w^re v. armly thanked for their services. At a meeting of the Young People's Guild held at Cnlfaria Schoolroom on Wednesday evening last, a. well-writ- ten paper 011 the subject of "Yr Arf Olai" (The Last Weapon) based upon n well-known literary production, was read by Mr. Willie Rees, Ynistawe. The Rev. T. Valentine Evans presid- ed. The paper was of a highly contro- versial nature, and produced An in- teresting discussion. Mr. Rees was warmly thanked for his able contribu- tion. SaJem-terrace, Clydach, was the scene of a rather exciting occurrence on Friday < v'euing last. An outbreak of tire t>iok j)lace in one ot the dwell- ing-houses comprising the terrace buildings, which seriously endangered the safety of the whole block. There was a hurried rush of people to the soeue, and after much exertion and some exciting moments the fire was brought under control And eventually extinguished. Considerable damage was done to the staircase and other material. HOY. the fire originated is not known with certainty. The childrifcj of the employes of the io( Mond Nick'-l Works, about 1,000 iu number, assembled at the Puhlic Hajj, Ch-d:K-h, on Saturday afhr- noon, when tliev were made the !»ppy r«:-iptcnL.sof welcome gifts by the local branch of the Workers' Union. in past vrars, Yule-tide gifts were wade, to the children of their employes br the nian:v"ni of th<» Mond, who hare since <1J• iit in ue-d the customary treat. The :1 it' of t he Clydach Square e.nx.d to be charged with eVctrieitv 1 (Hl Bat'.iniay night la^t, and it l-)«kcd u if some attack or grand offensive Jied launched. It is whispered v!:ai suise young gladiator, brimful of the spirit, or the ar-t-ive field, had brought oil a brilliant outflank ing movement of an rtppouent, and had s.?ut h'm cr':?hin? through the oin<end a J h C' window oi a. well-known heid estab- ?is)im<t' T'.e?.);; <y,i;.< of ?.?r" were w.?.?'d b..t,"r. "Tb<-re is (pnet, on the C?yC"?' Iront. :.?! ..nihing to i report, is tne official \v:ix le-.s r<<port'.ed". A young .Jack Tar friend sends a. breew from "somewliere in the Korth- -ern Mists." He writes: "T trust ind believe that the curtain is up on tlm last act of the w ir. May ic come down •on a Kulder hut wis<>r (iennany, and all our labc.urs and little sacrifices will not hnvc iii vain. All the moun- I lain-: seen i'r-Tn the a are covered ] with --now, and though cold, they pre- sent n pretty pieture under their silver !t!'?'\)i.i)'swe?.?.-ith me." mf, Enjoyaiilo Miiscellane-cus meetings piomoied in connection with the Snu- Ni i i- hold at Pa ntvcrwys Church, Ciaigcefnparc, on Sunday morning and evening last. :\1 r. John '{iiomas jiresided over large eongrega- tions. A much appreciated programme was provided, to which the following i coiiiTibured R-ecitations. Misse> Mary i Thomas. Maggie Gittins, Doris May Th.unas. Cecilia Gittins, Bessie Doris Watts. Maggie Ethel Davies, Alice May Williams, Muriel Clement, Messrs John A. Williams, and Win. Davies; songs, .Misses May Jones and Ann Evans and Mr. Idi-is George; quartette Mr. Hopkin Evans and friends. The Sister-in-Cliarge of the Quarr Auxiliary Hospital, Clydach,wishes j gratefully to acknowledge the follow- ing gifts made to the hospital during the past month: Messrs. Weaver Co. Ltd., Swansea, 20 hags of !Itiiii-: 1, 1). Kiddig Jones. Clydach, £ 1 (prizes for fancy dress competition); Air. NN-. i J. Percy Player, Clydach, eggs, butter [and vegetables; Mrs. Phillips, Masons Arms, Glai.5, £ 1 10s.: Mr. Will Jones, cvelist, uramophone records; Mr Studt 10s. 6d. I sf' I A sccrrd concert promoted in aid of the sa i lor and ,oldier lad serving with the colours was held at Calfaria | Chapel, after divine service on Sun- day evening last. Dr. J. Havard Jones presided over a very large at- tendaiK'e. The concert had bteen ar- ranged by Mr Samuel C. Jones, and tho programme, which constituted one of the b<>L y(^t given in the |iati'iotic series, wa- provided bv the Pontar- dawe Coneeri Party ((i Li-(,,c-ted by Mr j D. C. Jones). The artistes were: Miss S. M. Jenkins (soprano) Messrs. D. C, Jones (tenor) Erasmus Morgan ld ol. ( ;Il (halitonet •. Gwernydd Morgan (elo-; and Harry -Jenkins (organ soloist and accompanist). The con- • tributions were as follows thongs. "Dream of Pajadise" and "Angels ever bright and fair," Miss S. M. Jenkins; "Daoper and deeper still"' and "Waft her angels," Mr D. J C. Jones; "Mart-bog," Mr Erasmus Morgan; dust, "Watohjiiaii, what of the ? Messrs. Jones and Mor- gan; orgal* tsoios. "Marches," Mr. Harry Jenkins (organist at All Saints" Church); recitations. "Mark Anboiiy't; Oration. and. "Meddwon ar wdrth," Mr Gwernydd Morgan. The favourite Welsh hymns, "0 fryniau Caer.salem" and Duvr mawr T ryfeddixlau maith, also sung with inspiring effect bv t,h-e loti. On tho motion of tha Rev. T. Valetine Evans (pastor^, Mr T). C. Jones n.j the Party wera warmly thanked for their kindly visit, and Mr Samuel C. oroixes, who was responsible for the pro- gramme. y 1 -:>• tbafiked f .-r hiii I, cfForts. Tlio M. I'd Niek.-l Works Or<-he»ti'a I (conducted by Mr Wiilie. Griluths) gave an «nj<iy:'bl" recit-sl at St. John's Church, ailer .service on: Suu- da? even i n g hs t The ua? ;lo (.apiLa !v contributed to by (",wal¡:t), W. (vio?nisL): W Mrs. Griffiths and Messrs. T. Re? GrifHt.hs(fi?ut.I-u..uidJ. Butler (or- gan im i. '1 !)••> v.-a •• a. good'' and ;i <)llecfo'i was tna-de during tho evening in < of the Quarr Hospital Kund. 'Vv etab f.lewelyn.


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