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PANTTEG & GODRERGRAIG Several lads have been home on leave during the week, among them being,—Pte. Willie Jenkins, Graig road; Pte. Will Battenbough. Tarreni terrace (both of whom have been wounded in action), and Pte. Harry Williams, Cilmaengwyn Woods. A reception meeting was held at Godrergraig Chapel on Tuesday evening, when Pte. W. Jenkins and Pte. W. Battenbough were presented with cheques, on behalf of the local S. and S. Reception1 Fund. The follow- ing took part in the programme:— Songs Miss Winnie Hopkin, Messrs. W. J. Davies, W. Evans and Irving Rees; trio, Messrs. Johnny Rees and party; recitations. Mr D. J. Ras- bridge; Misses —Thomas, Maggie J. Jones and Martha M. Laundry. Mr John Davies presented the boys n behalf of the committee, and two local bards expressed themselves in verse. Councillor Joseph Thomas spoke a few well chosen words. Mr David Morgan presided, and Madame Brinley Thomas Accompanied. Mr John Davies endied the coeoert by singing "Hen Wlad fy Nhadau." An accident occurred at Tarrcni col- liery on Mondav, when Mr Owen Griffiths (haulier), sustained some- what serious injuries. It appears that a fall took place, under which Mr Griffiths was buried, and he re- ceived injurifcs to his body and his leg. He was taken home, where he received medical assistance. An impromptu competitive meeting was held at the Pantteg Vestry on Tuesday evening under the auspices of the Pantteg Cymdoithas Ddiwyll- iadol. Tho following were the winners: Impromptu speech, Miss Gwyneth Hopkin; solo, Miss Maggie M. Thomas: answering impromptu ques- tions. Master Islwyn Hopkin; open solo, divided between Master James Harries and Miss Gwyneth Hopkin; answering impromptu questions for adults, Miss Mary Annie Parry. The adjudicators were:—Music: Mr David Llewelyn, Ytalyfera; litera- ture, Mr D. T. Jones, Ystalyfera; ac- companist. Mr Glyn Williams, Ystaly- fera. Rev. Ben Davie s presided over a large gathering. A very jauocessful children s .eistedd- fod was held at Pantteg Chapel on Saturday last. This is the first of the kind held in the Valley, and the pro- moters are to be congratulated on its unqualified success. It will no doubt encourage other localities as well as the friends at Pantteg, to develope this form of eisteddfod, which it is safe to predict, will do much effective, work in spreading the love of music and literature, and in bringing out and developing talents in the young that axe too oftm iallom-ed to remain dormant, until it is too Late. Rev. Brn Davies was chairman- The adjudicators were:—Music, Mr. Tom Stephen^, (Svdach; literature, Mr John Phillips (Treforfab), Morris- ton; fancy work, Mrs. Rd. Lewis, Ys- talyfera oonductomb, Mr Phillip DaVies, Godre'rgraig, and Mr D. T. Jones. Ystalyfera. Accompanist* MadaJTM Brinley Thomas, Godre'r- graig. The winners wero:Bovs solo under 10, Master Islwyn Perry, Godre'r- graig girls solo under 10, Miss Annie Edwards. Ystradgynlais; pianoforte solo under 12, Miss Hetta Morgan, Godre'rgraig; 2nd, Miss Gwyneth Rees and MiS" Minnie Davies; recita- tion under 10, Miss Maggie Jones, Llangyfelach; boys solo under 16, Is- lwyn Parry, Godre'rgraig; girls solo under 16, Miss R. Roberts, Pontar- dawe: recitation -under 16 Miss S. A. AVilli-an-w, Cwmtwrch; oral question, J Harrms, Pantteg; essay. James C. Llewelyn and Mena Jones, YstalyferaJj pianoforte solo under 16, Miss Irene Ashford, Swansea; duett, Misses Gwyneth and B. Williams. Ystalyfera5 i fancy work, Misses B. Thomas, "Barak Davies, and Mary Davies, Ystalyfera; children's party of 12, Godre'rgraig (conductor, E. Hopkins); chief choral, Danvgrai g(W. D. Main waring); dia- logue, "Adar HeoJ yr Eglwys."