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The Diary of a Small-bolder.



Wet Feet Lead to Sickness. YOU SHOULD THEREFORE SAFEGUARD YOUR HEALTH BY PURCHASING LLOYDS' FOOTWEAR. BOOTS AND SHOES, AND SLIPPERS. THE BEST ON THE MARKET. GAITERS IN ALL SHADES AND SIZES. TABLE LAMPS, ELECTRIC TORCH ES, & BATTERIES, GAS MANTLES ELECTRIC LAMPS, SHADES, AND GLOBES. LINOLEUMS, RUGS, MATS, CARP ETS, IN MANY PATTERNS. NOTE ADDRESSES- D. Lloyd & Sons, Ystalyfera, Ystradgynlais and Pontarda vt. Before Buying Furniture it wUl be to your I advantage to pay a visit to | DOWN 6c SO1 I The Oldest Established Firm (over 60 years) I of Manufacturers in South Wales Enormous || Enormous Stock to Select from! QUALITY THE BEST; PRICES THE LOWf.ST Ig nIGH ST. & KING'S LANE, SWAKTSEA. j ALL GOODS DELIVERED FREE. TEL. CENTRAL 433 j  ————? -??? Eyestrain and Headache. About 80% of headaches are primarily P fj H caused through eyestrain. Other :;ynip- I! toms are giddiness, aching eyes after 3! !< reading, pain at the back of the eyes, etc. ^BSbBwbI^ j Our careful test and methods of iitt-ing g Our careful test an, glasses will speedily remedy any delect, jj t T: L. CLATWORTHY. 4 | t JEWELLER AND OPTICIAN, gj 1 YSTALYFERA & YSTRADGYNLAIS | j Ihb—r—■—- —,—mmmm?  .H.t'&I"6iIt&o:CÆ..#¡ 'L.7V;ir:fXY"-y:x:Xx:X:XYXY"rft!J ,1 'Digestive "Unrest" I <<  ? is the cause of a number of ailments such as sleeplessness, an abnormal souse of *< lati?ue, depression of spirits, loss of energy and symptoms of a similar nature. [H ? Digestive "unrest" may, if neglected, lead to troubles of a serious character, j* ? For it must be no?cd that this condition is an unfailing indication that the digest- ,>< M ivc system i? «ut of order and therefore laeking in efficiency. There is need of -t IK reliable and speedy remedy. A course of Beecham's Pills will be the best c ? means to adopt to restore strength and tone to the digostive organs. Beecham's C M Pills may always be relied upon. They are gentle in action and certain in reSUlt3. R They act like a charm upon the disturbed organs. Stomach, liver and bowels are rj JJ put into proper working order and the whole physical system is the better for L « the treatment. Digestive troubles disappear very rapidly after a coarse of p I Beecto's Pills. Sold everywhere in boxes, labelled ls-3d and 3s-Od. C i S Coupon i/e 14 DAYS 0 17 coupon 1/6  t r! frippiol Ihkpnnf Mn 7£ho presotls this n? Purchase, w; nbme .of U nIa UulllGurt l 0ŒlR  at  ? i Purchase, wtll be V handed 7? towards 1,0r\r0\0 s\ r Lsdji- es » nndj » 1,000 I.adi,2t. 1/nd v';litS ————————— NEW Style, Double Breasted, with Beit. Trench Raincoats., Sale Price 28 6, worth 45/- Malds and Youths from 15/11. ,ÍÐ ;l¡" r 1) l: -ji I or** mFat gEpeg MC0, Wilillisiri "JI J. "i: J Post .(),Jc'i' <((ø¡-' r. I ????'?.??/? )? &Bi?%S &?*@B?.????m on /Y?/ ?/ P. ?. j 2 3 2 Bi? Str?er Swsuses. -4- D. JASPER JONES PHRENOLOGIST, C:t n be consulted 11,. appointment nt BRECON RD., YSTRADGYNLAIS. ~— Advieo on Health and Diet. Natural treatment for all diseases. All Parents hnvirtir the wolf arc f thfir children at heart should cons-jlt a phrflDogolist he fo n., deciding; lipop a t>\nd<? o)' profession. Jy7 J 0 H I S T 0 X For NEW VEGETABLE AND FLOYTEK SEEDS FLORAL DESIGNS AND EVERYTHING FOR THE GARDEN. ALEXANDER JOHNSTCy. 22'7 OXFORD ST. SWANSEA Telephone: 567 Central. PIANOFORTE AND 0HGA5 TIT NINO. PIANOR THN?D ?OM l Hji:PAllt of ?VERY DK?CK!:?riO? "3t Claw W?rk. M?dpT-?t.? C?!-r?<? JAMES TARR, Compton House, Ystalyfera I W. A. WILLIAMS, Phrenologist, con be consulted daily at. the Victoria Arcade (near the Market), Swansea.


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