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Troopship & Warship Sunk.






FOil SALK-Two Jiooks. Greek and Celtic Mythology splendidly bound, !o:;utii'ui!v pla,ted; no worse than new. 10s.—Apply "Book. "U.? Lhin: I _u- afl e Of (i 3 ?l-) I C. WANT'ED' iniRvdhr-iy. second-h.n.J j piano in'?'?d condition. ]{e.;uK>nab!e i •price offered.v Write with price and L specificationto N.8 l.-is Llyair" Office, Yst&lyfera. a AJi \T) 1 I 1 RANTED ini?redi < i-. ly a Young I>ady for drapery and boot and shoe, de- po.rtrijont. Must have had four yer»rs>5 <»x]U'rienctf.-—Apply stating age, wag< s and full particulars to Co-operativc Society, Ltd., Abererave. 1F2 'WHITE LEG HORNSwon't lay in winter," say some poultry-keepers/ but those who use Karswood Poultry Spieo (containing ground insects) say exactly the opposite.—Harris, Chemist, The Pharmacy, Seven Sisters. 3F2-16. 3F2-16. y/mi eggs at pK-sent prices would j mii not like twice as many as you j are ?c?tins: ? Th?n. use Karswood (hannIess) ?pice containing ground in- sects. You will be delighted with the n?iiits. Packets, 2d., 6d., Is. J. Davies Grocer, Ma?hester House, Ysta]yf'a. :3.J2GF8. 1 A HE y(;)jJg-t;l('t yonr l;;]) their heads off until next Spring? Make winter eG;?-pF<?duction a ('NtHin-1 ty bv giving thm Karswood (harmless) Poultry Spioe, containing ground in- sects. Packets 2d., 6d.—Harris, Cash Chemist, Commercial-street, Ystrad- gynlais. 7J12-F23 C0USEUH. YSTALYFERA YSTALYI, Ell A & DISTRICT ALLOT- | MENT SOCIETY. IMPORTANT NOTICES. I ON MONDAY EVENING, FEB. 4th, A PT, BLIC LECTURE ON HORTICULTURE Illustrated by a l,ti'le niii-nlxi- of Splen- did Lantern Pictures, will be given at the above place by Mil B. L. WOLF (Representative of the Board of Agriculture). s Doors open at 7, to commence at 7.30. A collection will be made to de- fray expenses of hall and advertising. A cordial welcome to all. BASIG SLAG. I Members desirous of obtaining a supply of Basig Slag, are requested to place their orders with the Secretary j immediately, as the slag is on hand and ready for delivery. SEEDS. I Broad Beans, Parsnips, etc., will be i'iavailable at tho Society's Stores, Ynis- ydarren-road, on Friday evenings from 6.30 till 8.30. Terms, cash. A. H. STALLARD, See. 1 F2. BEAR IN MIND BEAR IN MIND I The Grand COMPETITIVE CONCERT At the CENTRAL HALL, YSTALYFERA. ON SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 9th, 191S. A large number of the leading m-tisicans of South have ell tered for the competitions. I Concert, to eomincnce at 5.30. Trains leave Ystalyfera tion for Brynamman at 10.30; 'Bm;.es to Swan- sea till 10.30. 3J2I3F9 DRILL lIALL, GURN0S. A GRAND MISCELLANEOUS CONCERT In aid of the Local War Emergency Funds will be held at the above Hall ON THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 7th, 1918. The following Artistes will take part: Miss Mary Evans, Miss Gwen L«wis, Ystradgynlais. Mr. John Morgan, Pantteg. Mr. Lowis Thomas, Ystradgynlais. D. R. Hopkin, Gurnos. Mr. Levy Hopkin, Ystalyfera. Assisted by a small Instruments Quartf^tte under the leadership of Mr. C. A. Morgan. Accompanist-, Mr. T. W. Hopkin (Organist at St. David Church) Doors open at 7, to commence punctually at 7.30. D29- PANTTEG, YSTALYFERA. EISTEDDFOD Y PLANT (0 DAN 16eg OED.) CvneJir yr uchod DYDD SADWRN, CHWEF. 2aiJ, 1918 ftir Ddarn, Caneuon Gwerin, 1I1- awdau, Deuawdau, Adroddiadavi, etc. Manylkm pellach oddiwrth yr Ysgrifenyddion— T. Ll. Davies. Golcudy. Ystalyfera George Edmunds, Pantteg. Y'fera. »Fe2 COLTSEUM, YSTALYFERA. NOf I.rx. V..AAVRTH r MKRCHEE. 1 1 CH\??F. 13 1<\?\'L"?. R!.•< -d<! -.>'r Ddrama llc>bIogaicl'.— RHYS LEWIS (Yr licnig drefniad awdrar^odedig), yn v lie uehod gain, GWMNI DRAMODOL CYMDEITHAS DDIWYLUADOL EG T,WYS Y GURNOS. YSTALYFERA. C,t»( Twvr: Mr D. ,Y. Davies- Ysw. Dr. W. J. Lewis, a H. J. Powell, Ysw., Y.H. Cyfeilwyr: Miss M. A. Morgan. Mr nas Willians. Mae T ddrama hen w?! ? th refim ?N t ;ie v 4 i  k? i t l ire f illi a i hysgrifenu ?an Mr J. M. Edwards, 31.A., Treffynon, ac wedi ei sytfaemi ar brif waitli ein prif nofelyrld, Daniel 0\v<>n. Nid yw wedi ei j.berfformii erioed o'r blam -.i y gymydogaetii yrna. Sicrheir golygfeydd ne.illduol a phwrpasol. Y nue o ddyddordeb angerddol o'r dec,hic-ii i'r div.edd. Drv-;au \rn agore-d am 6.45, de hreu • i- vn brvdlon am 7.15. Mvnediad.—Reserved. 3s.; 2s.. -a 1. Heblaw toil. os ;-n a'llr-enrhldj'Ül. Yf elA- tuag at gronfa v Capel. 2F2.J pONTARDAWE PUBLIC. HALL AND INSTITUTE. 7th ANNUAL CHAIR EISTEDDFOD Will be held <^i SATURDAY. JUNE 22ud, 1918. List of Subjects ready February 9th, 1918 (Hd. post free), from Rets Gwilyin, 20, Railway-torrac^. Alltwen, Ponuirdawe. and Charles Williamf Glasfryn, Rhydyfro, Pontardawe. 3J19F2 BETHESDA, YNJISMEUD \XY. DYDD SADWRN, CHWEF. 2, 191. TRADDODIR DARLITfl Yn y lie uehod gan y PARCH. R. O. HUGHES Ar "IELAX GWYXEDD." Cadeiiydd: Mr John Griffiths, gorner wyliwr Glofa arreni. to-" Yr elw tuog tuag at gvnorthwyo Mr J. Ll. Jones, Ynismeudwy. 4 2J26F2. THE YSTRADGYNLAIS & DISTRICT ALLOTMENT HOLDERS AND COTTAGE GARDENERS' ASSOCIATION. Members of the above Society are requested to make immediate applica- tion for Seed Potatoes for the coming season. The Committee has secured quantity of Immune Variet-ics from the Board of Agriculture, and th' will be sold to members practically t cost price. Applications may bo made to member of the C-omrrittec- or to t-ie hon. secretary, W ill inn The,mas, fftol- Y"ii-(,tidd, Ystradgv ais.' The Secretary has a selection .second-hand army boots for dL's sal, from the Beard of Agriculture. Thew^ an' of splendid quality and of lew prj((\. i>n(,i'- i