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CLYQACH NOTES An enjoyable chines, promote by a numbor of Mond eir.pl • yes, was hold at the Church Hall, Ciydacb, on Ihurs- day evening. There a gw. d attend- ance and a happy evening was spent, HHwfn Mon" was the subject of a lecture given by the li-cv. D. Roberts, pa/stor of Seion Church, Glaus, at a | titerarv mooting of the ) ounp; People 8 j Guild held at Calfaria (B.) Schoolroom, ■<Cly<iacii. The Rev. T. Valentine Evans presided, and at the close the lecturer j was wariiil37 thanked tor his eapib11 contribution. i A CJydad; soldier writing from France, describes how ho and his com- rades spent Christmas Day. "Official- ly," lie writes, "we have been for a .rest! lUv.liy, there is no such thing for troops of the line. I make bold to state that three out of every four sol- diers would prefer the line to resting. .Reasons? You get more food wlwll in the line, and you are settled in one billet, si nd not humbugged about from village to village with barm; and. stables for a. temporary home! Bathing or washing one's clothes under such cir- -eamstnnoes is impossible. The winter tip to now has been very severe march- ing has been the deifce of a job. So bad were the roads a couple of weeks aero that two miles an hour wan the best speed we could make. And yet we are in a sens- happy. The British Tom- toy is war-weary, -till lie goes on with his rim business, and I have not the slightest d,mut that he will finish it in a satisfactory manner if the workers ,*fc home will back him up. Christmas Day we spent in a M-dl French vil!ag,c. I Being 'on the road,' in other wordo on J the way to our rest L'tHets, we had to make the beat of things. I was one of ,a. party of 20 men billeted in a barn. [ We rigged up a table and borrowed p lato. and generally ma e-believe wo vism at the Ritz or th.. Savoy. Roasu foeef, gooee and spuds followed by plum ) wodding formed the menu for dinner. The Government had found Jozs. ot pBdding each. (The "Daily Mail" had led us to Bnfc it was tlie people at home who made our Ohristnias something like a d,.tv to i-e- USember. When the army ration had been delegated to its little corner, out cane a deaen paroels, and for the next bOur we made merry with the good things from home. The more utofortun- ate men reoeived the same share as the others- Toasts were drunk in tea, and tke one that impressed me most was ,one that I would commend to you at home. Here it is: my wife and kiddie's be half as happy us I am this O ixiiotmius Day. was ex- pressed by a 1914 soldier. Wo are now baek near the line again and more than that I cannot t: 11 YOLo It seems to be a quiet- front. }!y v. v kindest; regards aud best wiyhes i> r 1918." Corpl. D. Emlyn Thomas (Cheshire R< gt.). of Martin-stxxwt, who was home on leave over Christmas, writes this week from Franoe: "Am O.K. Have moved south to a far more interesting part of the front." "At last I have some rather good news for you," writes PtR. Richard: Facev (Clydacb) from 'Somewhere m tlH Balkans, "hut it has nothing to do with my leave. 1 have again to do. i%,Iti i iii n 1(,, ootnpcted for the walking cliampion- -&hip of the Balkans and once more came out victorious. It was only a mile walk, qii-I from the start I had things much my own way. I can assure you that the £ 10 stake c-ame in quite handy. Unfortunately my opponent is not yet satisfied, far he contends that lie was not giveu a chance or fairplay. Although I fail to see the justice of hie complaint, all I can do will be to walk him again over the same distance but not for the sum of £ 10. I shall insist upon a stake of £ 50, so as to niake it worth while going for. My op- ponent in that walk «n Sunday Jan. -9 was Eastham, who claims the credit of having walked second to Bishop at the Olympic in 1912. Tell the people at home that old Clydach is going strong even in the Balkans. Talk about Welsh buy& I Why, Wales seems to bo actually out here, judging by the host of Wekh Inds one meets and the lan- guage one often hears." A successful competitive meeting was held at Salem, Llangyfelacli, on Satur- day. Mr. Lewis Evans presided, while the adjudicators were, music, Mr. Hy. Alexander, Craigoefnparc; elocution, Mr. Isaac Evans, Yelindre. The The awards were: Solo for children, (under 10): 1. Miss Betty Evans; 2, Miss Hannah Vera Evans: 3, Master Tommy Urius Jones; consolation prize, Master Emir Lewis Hbvs. Recitation for children (under 10): Miss Jennie Walters Cra igcefnparc; 2 Miss Esther Samuel, Craisjeefuparc: 3, Miss Katie Samnd. Craigcefnparc: consolation, Miss Muriel Jones, Craigoefnparc. J Solo for children (under 14): 1, Master Glyn Williams, Nantymilwr: 2, Master Davfd Evans. Salem. Hesitation for -children (under 14): 1: Miss Maggie Jones, Salem; 2, Miss Ceiitwen Salem 3, Miss May Lewis, Craigcefn- pare. :;<:io for children under 14, who had not previously won a prize ex-j < ocdin? 2s. Miss Katie Evans, Salem. Solo for novices (tenor or soprano): ,Mi;-s (?weiidoline Hopkins, Craigcefn- parc. Solo for no? ?- (baritone or contralto): Miss A. Evans, Craigcefn- parc: soprano ?'!o. divided behn{'n "Misses Mar«Trettn Havavd and Gwendo- line Hopkins, both of Craigcefnparc; te.no r solo.- divided between MessrH. John ?.e<? (:?-.) and Mr. Wm. Jones ?VeUndre): baritone solo. Mr. E% an Evans, Salem; open recitation, Mr. [ Wis. J. Williams, Clydnch; duet, Mr. Noah J. Havard and Jacob Jones, Craigcefnparc. Interesting miscellaneous meetings, promoted in connection with the Sun- day-school were held at .Elim, Craig- oefnparc on Sunday afternoon and vening last. Rev. Rhys Lewis presided over brge congregations. Thanks to the admirable preparations made by Mr. David T. Havard (superintendent) and others, an enjoyable programme was provided, to which the following contributed: Afternoon meeting, reci- tations, Misses Rachel Jones, Hannah Hopkins, Lily Jones, Katie Samuel, Esther Samuel, Annie M. Williams, Rebecca Jones, May Lewis, Catherine Williams, Gertrude Havard, Bessie Havard, Ceridwen Jones, Muriel Jones, Masters Joseph Lewis, Luther Aubrey i and Joseph Ivor Da vies; songs. Misses Mary A. Walters, Jennie Owen, Nancy M. Roes, Maggie D. Hopkin, Lilian Hopkin, Rachel Walters, Masters Uriiwi Hopkin and Glyndwr Williams, Evening meeting: Recitations, Miss Elsie Jones, Messrs. John T. Jones, David T. Havard ane! Daniel H. Rees; dialogue, Messrs. Ben Hopkins, David T. Havard and Robert Thomas; songs, Misses Rosie Hopkins, Bessie Bowen, Gwen Hopkins and Mr. Thos. Victor Jones. A sacred concert will be lifeld at Cal- faria Clydach, next Sunday evening after service, when an attractive pro- gramme will bo provided by Mr. D. C. Jonrfi and his Pontardawe ooncert party. Driver Gomer Williams, of the M.T. A.S.C., son of Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Williaills, Brook-street, has been home on furlough. He has seen 12 months' service in France, and two years with the colours. He was formerly employed at Messrs. Player's foundry. "Welsh Llewelyn." J i