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SEVEN SISTERS; I We regret to recoad the death of j Mr Josiah Newton., Bryndulais Avenue, which took place on Satur- I day last in his 29th year. Great sym- pathy is felt with his parents, who have another son seriously ill. De- ceased is to be buried at Soar grave- yard on Friday. Seion C.M. Sunday School held their quarterly meetings on Sunday last, and were highly successful. The fol- lowing took part:—Recitations, Rhys Dd. Y.1). Price, WilHe Morris, Margaret A. Davies, Esther Price, E. Morgans, Maggie Morgans, Florence Davies, Hugh Hughes, Ronald Thomas, David Musk, Miriam Wil- liams. Maggie Williams and friends, Mrs. Jenkin Davies, Messrs. W. Price and J. George. Songs by liaohel M. M orris. Emilv Hands, Mary J. Evans, Sarah J. George, Katie Duett, M. J. Evans and Sarah J. 'George. Octette, Sarah G. Jones and friends. Solos by Misses L. Lewfe. R Davies, Lilian Thomas, Saroll G. Jones Mrs. D. Williams, Messrs. W. A. Hughes and D. Jones. Duett, Miss L. Lewis and friends. Quartettes by Mr W Hughes and friends, and Mr D. Jones and fi iends. Pianoforte solo by Hughie Hughes. A "smoker" was held on Saturday evening at the Seven Sisters Hotel in honour of Gunner P. Paddock, R.F.A., who was returning to the western front on Monday after leave. The chair was occupied by Mr. Mortimer Miles, and the concert was well attended and all wished the guest of the evening (who is well-known and respected in the district) good luck and a safe re- turn. The programme was of a mis- cellaneous character, and all those who took part are to be congratulated on their renderings. The fl/Ilowin have arrived on short have: S< rgt. Christie, Pte. Shake- speare, from the western front; Stoker D. Phillips, from Cherbourg, and Pte. L. J Jones from the convale?eeut home Eastbourne. C'roesawu gwroniaid maes y mor. set Stoker David Phillips (H.M.S Re- search), Driver D. Shakespeare (Army Service Corps), Pte. J. Walters (10th Welsh). Mae Stoker Phillips wedi dod, Ni fu erioed mor serchus, A gwelwyd ar ei wyneb clir Fod Dai yn wir gysurus, Awgryma'r enw ar y cap Fod hwn yn chip bach mentrus. Ceir nav; I news y Dardanelles Yn dweyd fod shells gan Bryden, Y Breslau greulon iwth i lawr, Ac nid oes gwawr i'r Goeben; Ond gwelir hithau ar y beach Within the reach of airmen. Rhown groesaw cynes i Dai bach, Ddaeth heno'n iach i'r llwyfan, A medal aur i'r morwr lion Fu dros y dou fel gwylan, Mae gofyn bod yn weddol striek I wylio trick y German. Mi hoffwn glywed Glvn a Dai Yn eanu y "Ddau Forwr, Dafydd yn ei ddillad glas Yn eanu bass i G'vndwr: A ehofio am hen dine eu tad Sydd yma, fel gwladgarwr. The little boys in Navy Blue Are always true on duty, Watching every day and nighty- They fight for dear old Blighty And every one a helping hand- -So grand with David Beattv. Wo love to see our cheerful Dave— So brave and patriotic, You all agree that he was bold To face the big Atlantic; In "Research" of submarines. Tlw queen of German antics. David Beaty, D. Lloyd George, And Dave, our little stoker, I'm a David very tam0- What's the christian name of Shake- speare? Another David! "That's "tres ben," We will go (Yil--ilot under. "The time is out of joint" I know, We are very slow, but supe To see through all the German game", Their war aims are not pure j But our Army Service Corps Will give encore to Shakespeare. Ceir yma- Gymro glan o'r Cop, Aeth dros y top yn Flanders, M ae hwn yn perthyn i'r J.P.— Ein Bili Daniel Walters, Arweinydd enwog A bercraf, A baehrtti braf i'r colicrs. I now conclude my little song. There's nothing wrong whatever, God-speed to Dulais Valley's pride- I've had a ride with Shakespeare; Give all the boys a hearty cla.p, Let's hope they'll trap the K r. I —"Dulais."

! Grand Opera at i Pontardawe.