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BALLOT DEMANDED. I WELSH MINERS AND THE J HAN POWER SCHEME. I I Important resolutions were adopted by the delegates at the special confer- ence convened by the South Wales Miners' Federation at Cardiff. It was resolved (1) To press for a. five-day working week; (2) To advocate at the next meeting of the Miners' Federation of Great Britain that a general ballot be taken in all the coalfields on the issue as to whether the Federation should accept the Government recruiting scheme, and (3) That a. strict rationing scheme be immediately introduced. Mr. James, U ins tone presided, and he was supported by the Right Hon. T. Richards, M.P. (general secretary), and most of the members of the execu- tive council, including Mr. A. -Onions (treasurer), and Major D. Watts Mor- gan. There were present 299 delegates representing 159,721 workmen. PLEA FOR SHORTER WEEK. The general secretary read a letter ivhich had been received from the Coal Controller in reply to the application Inade by tlw Federation, in which Mr. Calthrop stated that he was unable to agree to the general application of the Proposal for a five-day working week. The Coal Controller added that he in- tended to convene a conference at Car- diff of representatives of the trade in O!'der to see what remedies could be applied. The council, after meeting separate- ly I decided to recoinmcnd the confer- ence to adhere to the five-(lays-a-w<x>k Proposal, but that they be empowered to discuss the matter on that basis Mth the Controller at the suggested Inference. The conference adopted the council's feoommondation, and added an expros- of opinion that the curtailment of pr<?~Trrrrtmn. week to five days would have no '"detrimental effect upon the 411pply of coa l for all purposes." BALLOT PROPOSAL ADOPTED. The conference then proceeded to discuss the man-power proposals of the government, in connection with which it was explained that it was proposed to withdraw 50,000 men from the mines for military service, with a further 50,000 in reserve. It was, therefore, Proposed to withdraw the exemption ^rtificates of all colliery workmen. xThese proposals, it was further ex- Plained, would be considered by the federation of Great Britain at the Conference on Thursday, when it would be decided whether the matter should be d(,lt with by that conference or flubmit,ted to a ballot vote of the whole f the members of the South Wales Miners' Federat ion. The executive council recommended that the South Wales delegation to tho National conference should support the Proposal for taking a ballot on the Point as to whether the Miners' Feder- ation of Great Britain should agree to tho scheme, and if so, whether the fVde ration machinery be used for the Purp-.ise of finding the required num- ber. A card vote was taken "for" end "rgainst" the council's recommenda- tion, with the following result:— For the recommendation 2,004 Against 982 Majority for 1,112 As each card represented 50 votes, the ballot proposal of the executive Was adopted bv a majority of 55,560.

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