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MR THOS. THOMAS. GWMTWfiCH DEATH OF WELL-KOWN LOCAL TRADESMAN. it is witn regret tha.t we report the death of Mr. Thos. Thomas, grocer, Maerdy House, Lower Cwmtwrchr which took place after a brief illness at his home on Thursday morning. Deoeased was 60 years of age, and was the only sou of the late Mr. Griffith Thomas, manager of the Maerdy Pits, Rhondda Fach. Mr. Thomas had come in his younger days to Ystalyfera, where he acted as "tailt to Mr. Evan Lewis ("Lewis Shop y Cadno"), manager of the Y stalyfera Co-opera- tive Stores. Mr. Lewie was then transferred to the Cwmtwrch Co- operative Society, taking Mr. Thomas with him a.s assistant. In a short time the Cwmtwrch shop closed down, and Messrs. Lewis and Thomas entered in- to partnership, opening a grocery and provision merchants' stores. About thirty years ago Mr. Thomas assumed ownership of the business. By his genial, kindly nature and integrity he soon established for himself a firm position as a tradesman, and this was strengthened a8 the years passed. In- deed, it may be said that he won a rare place, not only in the esteem of the public, but also in the affection of those with whom he came into con- tact. And perhaps nothing illustrates this warmth of feeling, nor his own unostentatious and democratic nature so much as tho familiar way in which all and sundry referred to him, namely "Tom Shop." A stranger might ask more than once for Mr. Thomas Thomas, grocer," but never more than once throughout the wide countryside for "Tom Shop." In comparatively recent years the deceased gentleman became actively associated with the industrial develop- ment of the district, and was one of the promoters of the old Varteg Col- liery Co., and also of the old Gil wen Colliery Co. He was one of the most warm-hearted of men, and every good cause received his hearty support. He was a deacon and treasurer at Beulah Baptist Chapel, where his loss will be keenly fel-t, and was one of the moat active promoters of the Baptist cauee at Glanrhyd. His father was a staunch Methodist, but Mr. Thomas, having gone to his mother's denomina- tion, was equally as conscientious a Baptist. His family had originally hailed from Pontrhydyfen. Mr. Thomas was a gentleman well versed in Biblical history and had also travelled extensively in Europe and the Holy Land. He leaves a widow, five daughters and one son to mount their loss. A pathetic oxcumstano»-. is the fact that the deceased's only son, Pte. Herbert Lewis Thomas, of the Royal Artillery, is now in France. The funeral takes place on Mond-iv after- noun, who the remains will be in- terred at Beulah Cemetery.