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POIITARDAwk ALL)WEft CLEANINGS.  Sincere sympathy :8 Mb with Mr. and Mrs. Bert HO\H.ll, Quarr road, in the double bereavement!they have sus- b',n(,d. On Saturday night last, little U"i?'e HoweH, their th rehear old ?t'n. M?s?ed awa y, whust on Monday, Jackie, who was 11 months old a?so di?d. Both chorea suffered I ?,tom pneumonia, and a sa.d feature of the ■ease is that Winnie, the only remain- ing seriously ill with the same complaint. The funeral took place on Thursday, both the little ones being buried in tho same coffin. The interment took place at St. Peter's Churchyard, the Rev. Joel J. Davies, vicar, assisted by the Rev. IV. G. j iI t. The arvnual meeting «f Church rjeopio for the election of members of ille Parochial Churc-h C»u«oii, and for receiving the church accounts for the past year, is to be held at dt. Peter's .schoolroom on Tuesday even- ing at 7.30, when it is hoped a large .■lumber of Church people will he pre- William Davies and Co. 's, Punt.ar- ■•.tawe, Sale now oil. A presentation nseeting- was held at St. Peter's Schoolroom on Thursday even-Tig last, whemi presentations were miade to C'orpl. Emlvn Morgan, 7th S.W. B., vrid Gunner W. B. Broug- ham, R.F.A., the Rev. W. G Jehkyns making the presentations on behalf cf the local Welfare Association- The Vicajr ably presided, and an excellent programme, arranged by Mr Robert Madge was given. Mr Emlyn Wil- liams was the accompanist. Oil ievenino, a i oii On Mjbnday evening a presentation meeting was held at the Schoolroom, tho Rev. Joelj* J. Dayies presiding, when presentations were made to Pte. H J Morgan, 14th Welsh, and Gunner J. Laming, R,.G.A.; by Mr Daniel flees and the <')iairma.n respectively on behalf of ,tbe Association. An inter- esting programme was opened by a pianoforote .f.o19 by Miss Jennet Mor- gain, followed 11y -,olos by Miss 01 won lvlorgin, Messrs?. Jack Thomas, Lucas Morgan, Emty-n Williams, Will Harris- <m. anif Master J. Bowen. Recita- tions were given by Misses Bennett, and Ethel Bibbs. Messrs. Hv. Jenkins and Hy. Irons were the accompanists. This week for Bargains nt William Davies and Co. 's, Pontardawe. We amulad to note that Gunner W. T. Lloyd, who received the Mili- tary Medal a short while ago for gallantry in action, and who lias since been in hospital after havimg been won Tided, i4 now borne on leave at Pleasant View. Pte. Phillip Edwards, of 9, George street, who has been so seripualv ill nines Christmas, ii now well on the way to recovery. On Saturday evening last, a. party of the local platxtwi of the G.V.R., < visited the Varteg range under Capt. F. R. Phillips and Sec.-Lieut. J. Morris Jooes, when Part II. of the -musketry firing was gone through. Despite the extremely inclement weather, the score was good, and the men are to be congratulated on having braved the weather. During the week additional uniforms have been received at Pontardawe, and it is juried to fit out tho whole compan" y in i a short time. On Tuesday last, the funeral of Mr iywLsOwen, 31, Thomas-street, took place at St. Peter's Churchyard, when there were evidences of much sympathy and regret. Mr Bowmen, who was 84 years of age, had carried cm his em- ployment at a local works to within a. few years of his death, amd was one of the eldest iu!mbitant:s of Pontardawe. Defeased paswed away on Friday of last week. The service at the funeral was ta k en by the Vicar, and the Rev. J. Williams. On Monday last the funeral of the iiifant son of Mr and Mrs. 'W. A. Madge, 16 Breoon-road, took place at St. Peter's Churchyard, when the Vicar and the Rev. J. AViUiaxns con- ducted the service. Much sympathy is felt with Mr and Mrs. Madge in their bereavement, and in the serious illness of their three other cMI di-tm. I This week for Bargains at William Davies and Co.'s, Pontardawe. Owing to the bricklayers' strike throughout South Wales," the brick- layers employed at Messrs. Gilberts-on have also oeiased working. The result has been thait the whole of the steel works has had to suspend working, on account of there being no -masons 00 attend the furnaces. On Thursday and Saturday of this, week, two exoell/Mit performances of the opera, are given by the Pontardawe Operatic Society. ;md-T the able (orsductorship of Mr D. The party is assisted by eminent artistes and a full orchestra., and is ex- pected to be of a vory high order. A full report of the concert will be given in our next issue. Great Overcoa-t Sale at William Davies and Co.'s, Pontardawe. Mr J. R. Williams, builder, has re- covered sufficiently frc-.n the effects of his reoent aocident, by which he suffered a broken :K>kk\ to walk out of doors with the aid of a stick. Mr. Williams, who, is Company Sergt.- Major to F Cotaipany of the G.V.R., has the best wi<dies of his many fniends for full and speedy recovery. We regret, however, to note tha¡t' his wife, Mrs. J. R. "VS illiams, is still very ill, having been confined to bed for six weeks. Mrs. Williams, who is very active in pubtic life, also has the best wishes of many friends. The death took place at Alltwen on Tuesday, of Ray, the year old cia fighter of A.B. Llewelyn Jones of the Royal Naval Division, and Mrs. Jones. The funeral takes place on Saturday. Gentlemen only. Seamam Jones is at a fading hos- pital suffering from frost bite. He is the son of Mr J. H. Jones, Laurel cottage, drum-major to the 3rd Batt. G. V.R. Ho has been with the colours for esght months, and has also been wounded on a previous occasion. Great Overooat Sale. at William Davies and Co.'s, Pontardawe. The deatji toa! plajee an Tuesday, of the infant child of Mr F. Showrinkg, manger to the Tawe Valley Gas Co., and Mrs. Shewrrng, Ynisn-t-otidwy. The furKTn.1 takes plaoe at Waivester. The funeral of Mr James Seddon, TJ plain ds, Pontardawe, superintendent of the Pontardawe Basic Slag Works toolk placo a,t All Saints' Church on Saturday. There was a large number present, including officials and staff of Messrs. Gilbertson iAid Co. membora cf the Horse and Fk>'weT Show Com- mittee; members of the local Allot- ment Society, and members of the Pontardawe FootbaJl Committee. De- ceased's fondness for flowers was shown by the large' number of tribute* which rested on tlie ooffin and had to be carried. The service at the church Was of a úhoral eharacier. The Rev. W. G. Jonkinvs had charge of the ser- vice, whilst Air Hy. Jenkins played the "Dead March" on the organ. In order to meet the c-nvenience of Swansea. Valley people a. mart was optoned at Pontardawe on Mioandav, "al;d efforts will be mviir to continue it fortntightly. Unfortniiately, there werde only t/liree bulloQks to be dis- posed of. They were weighed and al- located to the local butchers. A cow and calf which were put under the hammer were gold for £26 10s. Mr J: E. Williams, Ystradgynlais, was the aiicxtioneer. William Davies and Co.'a Sale, at Pontardawe, now on. An inquest was held at Ymsmeudwy on Wednesday, touching the death of Frederick Garjji Shewring, the onlf child of Mr and Mrs. Frederick Shew- ritng, dianaget of the Tawe Valley Gas Co. Deoea.sedwas 21 months old, and had beeax unwell for a few days. Dr. Rees attributed death to oonvulsions due to teething. -Verdict accordingly. The jtury passed a vote of sympathy with Mr and Mrs. Shewring in their loss. On Wednesday evening Private Rd. Morgan, of Hendregradog farm, Cily- bebyll, Pontardawe, returned home from one of the Birmingham hospitals. He was attached to the S.W.B., and was taken ill whilst serving iln the trenches about 12 months ago. He was accompanied an the journey from Birmingham by a Sergeant and Corpl. and was met at Pontardawe by Dr. W. O. Evans. He was conveyed to his home by motor car. This week for Bargains at William Davids and Co.)'. Pontardawe. The pupils of Alltwen School have made an excellent response to the ap- peal of Sir Arthur Peartzon who s en- deavouring to establish a fund cf 9250,000 to enable the children of soldiers and sailors blinded in the war to receive a weekly inooane of 5s. per child until the age of 16. On the initiative of the headmaster, envelopes for the collection were distributed affiOngst the sCholars before the Xmas vacation, with the result that a sum of 0 £13 13a. 8d. was realised towards this most deserving cause. A cheque for this -amoiiui).t has been forwarded to Sir Arthur Pearson, who in a letter of acknowledgement warmly commends the enthusiasm and sympathy shown by the scholars. Correction.— The whist drive and conceit in honour of Sargt. Bennett, one of the wounded sokliers at the In- firmary, St. John's Auxiliar- Hspital, was given by Sister Power at the In- firmary, and not at the Glanrhyd Hospital as stated in our last issue. William Davies and Co.'s Sale, at PQntardawe now on.