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"BELSHAZZAR'S FEAST." EXCELLENT PERFORMANCES AT YSTRADGYNLAIS The Cinema, Ystradgynlais, was well filled on both Wednesday and Thursday evening, when the Taber- nacle Choir, under the conduct-orship of Mr Edgar 0. Morgan, gave two very commendable performances of Root's "Belshaaaar's Feast." The choir was in good form, and the blend big of the voices, together with the uniform movement left notthing to be desired. The sopranos and bassets were exceptionally well marked for their richness of tone whilst the contraltos and tenors acquitted themselves with credit. The performances were given n full character, and the gorgeous dresses of the East were worn and produced with true Oriental effect. The aoting W<3B of a high order, all the artistes and cholir talking their parts with naturalness and ease. Messrs. Edwards and Page are also deserving of special mention for the pains they took in producing excellent scenic and limelight effects that great- ly enhancod the beauty of the whole production. The writing on the wall was produced with impressive effect., The feast was also a masterpiece in the way in which it was laid, being most suggestive of Biblical times; in- deed the whole work was given, with wonderful faithfulness to the Bible storv. The vairious scenes were as follows: The palaoe hall, the Queen's apart- ment, Jewish place of assembly, the Walls of Babylon, the Feast, Jewish quarters, evening devotions, Jewish place of worship, the interpretation, the Camp of Cyrusi aind within the City. Belshazza, King of Babylon, was ad- mirably impersonated by Mr D. 0. Jones, who is to be highly compli- mented on both Iris acting and sing- ing. Miss Mary Evans, as Nitrocue, the Queen, fully upheld the excellent reputation sh e has as a* soprano solo- ist. Dajniel, a part performed by Mr John Walters, left nothing to be de- sired, and Mr Walters enhanced the excellent reputation he gained in his performance of "Joseph" a year ago. Atiss Gwen Lewis, as a Lady of the Court, and a Jewish maiden, Mr Tom Williams, a Lord of the Court; Mr Wm. Thomas, as Hananiah, Mr Ivor Beynon as the High Priest, and Miss Ceinwan Prothesroe as the Angel, to- gether with the companions of Daniel, the Jews, the Chaldeans, and: the soldiers, all performed with an ease and graoo that was suggestive of pro- fessional. The quintette, "0 HoQy and Most High," was also a feature of I the performance. The choir was fully worthy of the reputation that the Tabernacle choir I has earned, and so ably retained for maniy years, and it is safe to prophesy that this is not the last occasion upon which this pretty operatta. will be performed in the district. The grand finale, "Magnify, Glorify," was a fitting end too a work so well staged and produced, and Mr Edgar O. Mor- gan, the able conductor of the choir is deserving of the highest praise for his painFtalcijLg labours with the choir that have been so amply rewarded. Mr Morgan has done credit to himself on other ooeasions, both as a conductor of perettas, and as a trainer for cynvanfaoedd caaru, and this occasion has but served to enhence the reputa- t-ion he has gained by years of hard work. The orchestra, tinder the capable oonductorship of Air Llewelyn Wil- liams, A.C. V., proved of valuable as sistamqe to the choir, and its work was praiseworthy. The overture at the oommencement was very well rendered. In the unavoidable absence of Dr. Walsh, County Councillor T. Prosser JoneS presided on Wednesday night, I whilst Mr J. D. Morgan, J.P., Miners' Agent, acted in a similar capacity on Thursday evening. The leaaexns of the fall of Babylon appeal to one with special significance at the present time, as the story is also a prophesy vindicating the cause of right over vice and national sin. Hie Tabemaole Choir cam rest as- sured that they have richly deserved the praise given on all hands to their performance, and it is to be hoped that the operatta will be staged with equal wuooasn elsewhere. I L ■

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