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450,000 Men for the Army.


450,000 Men for the Army. How They Are to be Cot. Sir Auckland Geddes, Minister of National Service, introducing his Man Power BLM in the House of Oomm&tts, reviewed the whole situation, present and prospective. This was his maiden speech, and it took just over an hour and a half to deliver. He uttered an emphatic warning to the young munition workers who are threatening to hold up ships and aero- planes and compel the Government "to send out. the wout'ded men again, to drag out the fathers, and to stop the leave of men at the front." "I believe'' said Sir Auckland Geddes, "that if they do they will meet su th a blast of hatred as wiM surprise them." He mentioned that the imperial ef- fort has amounted to 7,500,000. The Russian collapse will enable the enemy to senH 1,600,000 to the west front and Italy. While we are waiting for America no casualties that can rightly be avoided are to be Incurred. THE NEW PLANS. ihe plans outhned by Sir Auckhnd Geddcs wero as foHowe:— A?o ?Tjimits.—The military ao-e is n?ithc?to be raided nor lowered. The Hghting ?'aluo of the average boy un- ? „ ?.. ? ?? ? der eighteen and man of forty-nve is small. The raising of the limit to nfty would yield fewer men than is general- ly believed. .Ireland.—"For the present" compul- sory service is not to be asked for. The Government would not hesitate to adopt any or all of these measures if necessary. Combine-Out.—The automatic addi- tion of two months exemption for men in certined occupations is to be abolished. Power is to be given to the Director- General to withdraw any exemption certinca.tes granted on occupational grounds. Exemptions granted on personal or conscientious grounds arc not to be cancelled. Local Employment.—Every effort is to be made to employ persons thrown out of work in their own localities. For instance, certain Lancashire cotton j mill will make aeroplane parts.. Dock Labour.—A scheme for the j transfer of labour from port to port is under consideration. ) Small Employers.—The spreading of contracts is receivi'nn close attention. Building Work.—The ngure—JMOO— which a licence is required is to be re- duced. Shipyards.—The organised system of releasing men iu low medical categories from the colours will supply large re- Inforcement?. During four weeks the excltanges have submitted more than 5,500 men, of whom 2,100 have started j work. Soldiers.—Seven diseirl- mg centres have been established. The 1 fullest opportunity will be afforded to these men of filling vacancies in work of national importance. Prisoners of War.—The stringent conditions of employment are to be re- laxed. One-Man Businesses.—Will be en- abled to retain control of them while giving part of their services to other work. Schoolboys.—Last year's harvest ex- periment, in which 4,000 boys took part. is to be extended. Boy Scouts.—Arrangements are be- ing made for fuller utilisation. Business Stealing.—Many attempts have beeu made to o.Nstiblish retail busincsac.s close to .hH premises of men called up. In future no retail business may be opened without a licence. Women.—Nearly 815,500 wom<'n arc employed in munition work. Nearly 750,000 have been placed in employ- ment In eleven months. A great fur- thcr call will be made on women of al! classes. M<"n of Leisure.—A large number of 111::>11 with adequate private means might, with little inconvenience or sac- rifice, take up shipyard, munition, factory, timber, or farm work. Overage Hen.—Any men over mili- tary -igo and of good physique, who v.'ork for their living In occupations not of first-class nationa! importance, should volunteer for other work. 'I'110 Bill was Introduced and read a fil-t time. WALES'S SHARE. I Up to the present the British na-! tinM had supplied 7} millions of m€'n. for the armed fnrws. 4,530,000, or 60.4 ,:)-('1' cent. by EngLt.'id: Wa-Ies, 280,000, or 3.7 p(',r<X'nt.; Scotland, 620,000. or 8.3: Maud., 170,000, or 2.3: :md Dominiona, 900,000 or 12.0 per cent. while another mil- lieu *was made up of nati\'e troops a.nd labourers.




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