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GWAUHCAEGURWEN AND GWHGOBSE PUBLIC LFXTFlfE. Mr J. H. Davi's. M.E., F.G.S., ■County lecturer /) mining for Swan- sea and district, opt-ncd the Lent term at the Council Sfho-is, G.C.G., by de- liveriarg a popular lecture ùI1 "The story of the soil." The room was <irowd<d by an attentive audience. It is always a difficult task to lecture on a scientific subject in such a way as to I.'3 interesting to the uninitiated, but Mr Da vies effec- tively. The enthusiastic vote of thanks accorded to him at the close, moved by Mr Jonah Evans. u-nd seconded bv Mr J. J. Jimes, Miners' Aeent. was sufficient testimony to this. Mr Davie,s is a native' of the village, and the inhabitants have been keenly and admiringly interested in his c-areci- from the days when he left the -coal mine for the University tip to the present day, when lie holds a.n im- portant po-ition under the Education Authority of the Glamorgan County Council. He is to-day regarded as one of the most cultiii-ed and success- ful lecturers under the Mining Class Scheme. Mr Davico had mapped out his lec- ture so as to a-n.ver amongst others the following question: How old is the eartlip Is it certain that some day the eart h wlil to an end? Is it really true was not I created in (lavs ? Is the Black Mountain millions of years older than I the Alps? Are there any evidences that G.C.G. was e ire covered b- a thousand feet, of ice ? Is it correct to say that Plfi,nts and anim.als lived on » the earth millions d ".ears before Adah) ? Has the mo o been part of the earth? Is true that the soil art Palestine, Mesopotamia, Africa, Dartmoor. Kent, etc,, is different from that at G.C.G. ? Why and how? Is it true that, thf; pebble on the beach cannot be moved without the troubling of a star? All these questions were answered in the affirmative, and de- monstrations and proofs presented in support of the theories advocated. At the close many searching questions were put to the lecturer by members of the audience. At the close of the meeting, the ohairman, the Rev. T. M. Roderick, voiced the wholehearted desire of the audience, when he expressed the liope that Mr. Davies v. •-ulcl again favour the district witli mother Bitch leo At Ta bernacle ( hnpel ? reception inn. .9 IC(,eption toiwrt k T'L. iNoah Davies and Ptc. !);■,v;d -Tws, who were home on leave from Trance. Mr John Griffiths, Bryn.siriol, ably con- ducted the meeting. The high stand- ard of the recitations and the excel- < lent rendering of the solos delighted the audience. The following took part:—Solos, Miss Mary Rees, Miss Bessie Samuel, Mies Myfaaiwy Davies, Messrs. Melvyn Davies, Wm. Leonard; penfillion by Mr John Evans, and verses were re-ad by Mr John Thomas. Pianoforte solo, 'Miss Morfydd Davies recitations, Oswald Davies, Ceinwen Smith, and Brinley Smith. ltev. T. M. Roderick presented Mr Davies with a gift of £ 2 on behalf of the S. and S. Fund, said Mis. J. James 5s. from the Women's Guild. Miss Maggie Wil- liams accompanied on the piano in her usually efficient manner. Tabernacle Chapel, Cwmgorse, fell in with the King's suggestions, and devoted last Sunday to a series of in- tcrce^siwnal meetings There was a good attendancie at the three meet- ings, and the pastor, the Rev. T. M. Roderickdelivered a short atddrss I at each meeting, dealing with the needs of the personal, church and national intercession. During the week a series <xf united prayer meetings were held on, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday arid Thursday at Tabernacle, Seion (Baptist), Siloh LC., and Carmel, Gwauncaegurwen. Gardening enthusiasts at Gwauncac- gunven and Cwmgorse will hail with delight the aimmneement in another column That the T .ntnrdawe Council have acquired the right, under the Land Control Order, to obtain land, oompulsorily, u necessary, for cultiva- c,oiiipti l soi- i ty, 1 tion. Thi Order will materi-.lly affect this i'.?iHty as there is no doubt that i ?thi?, developments commenced before "ho a ar will be continued at the cessa- tion of hostilities, snc the provision of allotment to a growing is an import- ant undertaking.