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CORRESPONDENCE. YSTRADGYNLAIS AND DISTRICT TRADES AND LABOUR COUNCIL. To the Editor. Sir,—As a working man 1 read the account of the recent meeting of the above Council at Abercrave with un- usual satisfaction. It is evident to me that there is a new force in the locali- ty, a. force that will have to be rec- koned with. The report of the meet- ing is singularly opportune, and will do much to rouse the mass of the rate- payers of the district from that indif- ference to the administration of local affairs into which they have fallen, and to bring them to realise clearly that it is to their interest closely to watch the conduct of public affairs by local bodies. With regards to the appointment of executive officer for the local food committee, may I ask why was not the post advertised in the daily papers as was done by every other Council? .The report in your issue seems to sug- gest that the matter of the appoint- ment was urgent and that the Coun- cil had no option but to appoint Mr. Taylor from Mr. Jestyn Jeffreys's office at Neath. The excuse of urgency will however, not bear examination. The appointment of an executive offi- cer was a matter quite as urgent to overy other Council as it was to tli3 Ystradgynlais Council. As s matter of fact the appointment, was a particu- larly late one as most of the neigh- bouring Councils had already made the appointment. Of course as the matter of the appointment had been delayed for sonic reason or other its became 1 ;cr on a matter of urgency, but evci; then there was sufficient time to advertise 1.1J" post so as to give an opportunity t-o any person who might wish to apply for it. I think it distinctly unfair that almost all the public posts in the district should be eonoentrated in one office at Neath. It should be remembered that the clerk- ship of the Rural Council, of the local magistrates, local tribunal, and local registration are held by the same per- son and another. Again, did the Council fully realise the situation when they appointed Mr. Taylor? As is well known, one of the duties of the executive office is to prp- tect the interests of the consumer by reporting any breach of an order and to take any necessary proceedings. At tho same time it should be borne in mind th;t Mr. Taylor often acts as clerk to the magistrates at the local police court. The position is this: Mr. Taylor one week may act as magis- trate's clerk; another week he may have to assume the role of prosecutor before the same bench of magistrates. I do not for a moment suggest that the magistrates would favour Mr. Taylor, neither do I say that Mr. Tay- lor would in any way try to take ad- vantage .of his knowledge of the bench, but I oontend that it is dis- tinctly undesirable that the same per- son should be able to act in the dual capacity described. It is very undesirable that not less I than four members of the committee should be grocers. To say the least it would be very embarrassing to the executive officer if he had to prosecute a member or members of the commit- tee. Further I do not think any execu- tive officer likes the idea of ever searching the premises of any member of his committee. I contend that one grocer on the committee would be ouite stifficient.- Yours, etc., I A WORKING MAN. I