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,-.-...- i'''" - I YSTRADGYNLAIS…


i' YSTRADGYNLAIS DISTRICT 1 COUNCIL i The monthly meeting of the Ystrad- gynlais Council took place on Thurs- day, when Councillor Lewis Thomas, J.P.. presided. He was supported by Councillors T. Williams, David Lewis, T. J Watkins, W. D. AValtc-rs, J. W. Morgan, Rhys Chapman, And J. How ells, together with Messre T. Watkiai,, (surveyor); G. J. Rees (sani- tary inspector); Dr. E. Walsh (M.O.H) A. Jestvn Jeffreys (clerk); and J. E. Victor Taylor (deputy clerk). A letter was read from Col. Gough offering a plot near the Park, Ystrad- gynlais, as a burying ground. He, was prepared to allow the Council to pay in instalments for the land, but they would have to compensate the tenants. Mr Lewis Thofmas suggested that Col. Gough should be asked to offer the land to the Free Church Council. Mr J. W. Morgan moved that the F.C.C. should be approached by the chairman, viee-chairmain,, and local members, asking them te take the matter up. Mr Davicl Lewis: I should like the F.C.C. to understand that we are quite in sympathy with them. A letter was read from the Breck- nock R.D.C. saying they were not pre- pared to consider the matter of the workirug o'f the Ge-ili quarries at pre- sent. A letter was read from LAI,- J. P. Lee asking as to the flag st ••ties at Water street. He wanted to know if they would allow Mr Gough to have the stones. Mr J. W. Morgan said tli;■ flag stones were of such little value, that Mr Gough. should be allowed to have them rather than the work should not pro-cieed. would be asking Oal. Gough for favours in future, and it would not be wise tor let such a little matter interfere with the progress of the work, as people were sick of the sight (y," AN-.&Wt- street. Mr Torn Williams saiid the Sardis chapel trustees wore prepared to fore- < > their claim to the stones. Mr David Lewis said the Ystrad- gynlais members were not present when the j>oint had been raised last time. He was ia favour of the im- provement, but it would cost them so-nie.thii-ng before the end. Mr David Ho wells: You must ad- m'it, Mr Lewis, that we aire more in Col. Gough's hands than, he is in ours. Mr W. D. Walters said the Ystrad- gynlais Tnoiii bers should have been pre- sent at the last meeting. He did not want to go against them, but the storv would be spread about that he and Mr Lewis had stood against the resolution. Mr T. J. Watkins: You aJI'lt like a lot of Bolo Pahas here; you spread rumoiirs about. Mr D. Lews: Provided the com- pensation does not exceed JE220, I do not press my pocnt, but I see that some people are trying to get money out of the ratepayers. The Sardis people ought to meet us. Mr Lewis Thomas said he agreed with Mr Lewis, but after all, they should not allow a chance of Mnprove- | inient of this kind to pass. Mr David Lewis: Don't think the flag stones are the only obstacles I see. Where is the end of the (jost going tq be. It was pointed out that further ohi inl;, for compensation could not be ed. Mr J. W. Morgan said he bad seen stones falling from the houses, a,nd he though in the qinterests of the safety of the children that the houses should be demolished, and tenders in- vited, otr a. sale made. The frosty weathe,r made the houses dangerous. At one time, the rafters held the chimneys up. Mr A. Jestyn Jeffreys said there was no legafll 1iability on the Council. Mr T. Williams: Can't we put a notice warning people of the danger- ous state of the building. Several members: You will be ad- mitting liability. It was resolved on the motion of Mr David Lewis, to ask the. Sardis trus- tees when they were prepared to pro- ceed with the demolition. When a letter was read the collecting of waste paper, Mr J W. Morgan suggested that the Govern ment departments be asked not to waste so inarch paper on circulars, etc. They were the greatest offenders in this respect. Dr. Walsh, M.O.H., reported that Ofwing to the continued epidemic of whooping cough, the Cynlais, Y, nii s- eedwyn a.nd Gurnos schools, had had to be closed. He urged that the schools should be closed as ;ilt served to prevent the spread of the disease. The births were 6o, 30 males and 35 females, and the deaths 25, 16 males and 9 females. In reply to Mr D. Lewis, the Doctor .,aiU, it had been impossible to com- plete disinfection by the time the schools opened. A communication was recoilved from the Neath R.D.C. stating that they agreed to meeting the Ystradgynlais Council at Colbren to consider the question of draining of the Colbren bog. Mr Lewis Thomafs raised the ques- tion of the Land Control Order, and urged that the Ystradgynlais: Coun- cil should take steps to acquire rights similar to those obtained by the Pont- ardawe Council, so that the land might be compulsory taiken for cultivation if necessary. It was decided1 to ask the Clerk to attend to the matter. A notice of motion from Mr J. Howells, urging that members of the Council should be given an annual statement of accounts, was deferre.d for a month. A committee, consistilng of the local members was formed to arrange a meeting on the Taxation of Land Values in February.