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YSTRADGYNLAIS NOTES A very successful Inunction took place ■tin new year's eve at A i«>n, wheal the annual watch night K-t-ial was held under the audioes of the Young People'? &){Ú'ty', IJgh? refresh men ts were p:w.?f?d by th? young ladies, ?tej' which a m'?'?ilancous pro- j^rain-ine was g:veu, acd games and g.N-(?u, ?iDd g.-inie-6 and Davids acted aw M.C.. \v'iii*t Messrs. Willi* Griffith* awl Willie Phillips were giren by the follo-w.i.- ~-4>iaaio- forte solo, Mr Willie Phillips. Mr Jas. MaHows,* Mr Tom Jcxnes, Mr 1n James, Mr. Lewis We than, Miss .Katie Jbnex. Mi-ss Meggie Griffith*, Mr John Wathe.n, Mr David It. Robert*, Mi** Gwen Lewis, Mr Wiillie Griffiths, and Miss Bessie Brans. Speeches aid Stories were g-i'ven by.M'iss L. M. Harries, Me,-srs. Ben D&vi«fi, Tom Jones; Tom James, Lengville Bowen. John Oliver Janue», J. Wathan, W. Jcnkitm. D. H. Roberts, Willie Griffiths I and Elwvn DaA-ios. A musical turn'' was also given by Mrs. M. Rowlands, and Misses Maggie Hughes, and Blod- wen Haaiicf. The fi'ingiiug of "Anld Lang Syne" As the New Year was ushered in bv the eaJ1 of tlie hooters, brought the gathering to a. close. The secretarial Arrangements were ably carried cut by Mr Elwyn Da,vies. Under the auspiccs oi the Bethany Christian, Endeavour, a social evening was spent on Thursday at, the I.L.P Institute. There was a good attend ance, and light refres h ments were pro- tided by the lrdv members. A mis- cellane-ouB programme, as follows was then triven, under the chairmaashio of ■Mr W. Blewptt: Paper, Mr T. J. Millar: recitation, Master I Fletcher duett, Miss Hilda axd Master Brinley Davies duett, Mi.e-; Rachel and 1M:>- becca Williams; instrumental solo. Mr S, Jones duett, Misses Lizzie Mallows and May W'.lliams instrumental Mr W. J. Morris; colo Master Willie Powell; duett, Mr S. Jones and Mrs. A. Jones; solo, Mr David Bo wen quai-tett.e i IW i -s. A. Jones. Miss Hettie WilijiamR and M essrs. Levi Williams and David Bowei>. A sketch entitled IW ant.ed-. HHuF0ke.cper," wa.s per- formed by the following :—Messrs. Dd. Bowen, W. J. Morris and J. B. Bowen and Misses Lizzie Blakesley, May Wil- liams, Florence M. Williams, Mrs. Arthur Jones, Miss Gertie Blakesley, and Mrs. Harvey. Miss Florence M. Williams ably presided at the piano, ,akid the secretarial duties were per- formed by Mr George Mallows. At 'Cwmgiedd Chapel on Monday last. Miss Jennet M< rgan. u.ave an ad- dress on "AVorreii in S i:iv," under the auspices «f the (Vivsri-vW Mutual Improvement Society. Tom Mor- gan. Cwmgiedd, pressed. "d the dis- oossiffn was contributed to 1". the fol- low i?jg Mrs. Helen, Powell. Rev. W. L. Griffiths, and Messrs. Howell Jones, 1)1. Alexander, and David Lodwick. On Xnias da.y a. benefit match was played at lhe Ystalyfera Athletic Grownds, when Ystradgynlais and Ys- talyfera teams met. After a strenuous game, resulted in a draw. Lieut. Win. Hoskins, B.A., captained the Ystradgynlais teaIn, and Mr George Langdon, the Ystalyfera. A substantial sum was realised, and over o thousand spectators watched the game. All lovers of English literature will hail with delight the announcement that Dicken's "Tale of Two CitieH," v ill I- screened at the Cinerra. this week end. The "Tale of Two Cities" is considered to he one of "Dicken's best stories, and this faithful portray- al of the popular novel, is well worth eeing. kvI hen. enterprising cinema owners present films of this standard, one can hardly understand, and never kiyml)a,tll Irle with the view that seems to be held by some that the cinema is having a bad effect upon the coming generation. It is to be hoped that all the intelligent reading public of Ys- tradgynlais will give the Cinema the patronage it deserves on this occas- ion. Amongst the local lud. in khaki iiome on leave this week are: Gapt. T. 0. Da vies, attached to the Welsli Regiment, of Hendreladis ter- race, who is an instructor at Yar- mouth. His brother, Pte. Gladstone Davies, an old Maeisydderv. en boy, now in train lug. ■Staff Sergean-t W. Jas. Charles, who joined up at the beginning of the war, L:74 who ha^'now returned to Fra.nce. Pte. Sam Jc.ne^, of the Welsh Regt.. anon of Mr and Mrs. Wm. Jones, Cough Buildings. Pte. Geo. Griffiths, of the S. W.B., 'w hose hoir^ is at College row. Nurse Gertie Watkins daughter of Mr and Mrs. E. E. Watkins. Royal Stores, is al?*> home on a short holi- day. News has hf^n received by his sis- ter, Mrs. Jas. Davie- Maosvfed, that Stanley PYai.c.'s ha,s h.e,Sb wounded in France for the third time. On this •ttccasioii his injuries are considered to lie of a inc.re serious nature, as be has received a bullet wound in the head, aud is now in a Newcastle-c«-Tyne boaopital. Before, joining up he wai in the eenploy of Mr A. W. CiriSBtlis, Lower C'.vmt^vix'h. The choj-. ww rchears- *ng "Ber«hRyear's Y":Lst," undw the ?M? <.??d!t''?-ip of Mr Ed?r 0. Morgan, is making rapid headway, and will stage one of the best produc- tions ever brought to Ystradgvnlais at the end of the month- "BeLshazzar's Featit'' will be performed at the Cinema in full character, and the choir will he assisted bv a local or- chestra of picked players, under the oonductorship of Mr Llewelyn Wil- liams, A.C. V. Ex-Pte. David Jones, erf the S.W.B. now residing at Gough Buildiings. was quietly married on Saturday of last week to Miss Ellen Price, daughter of Mr and Mrs. Thomas Price, Glantawe. The wedding took place at Pontar- dawe, the ceremony being a quiet one. The funeral of Mr D. W. Owen,, Station road, took pla-ce on Monday last at Ystradgynlais Churchyard, when there was a large number of sym- pathisers. The officiating ministers were the Revs. R. M. Rhys, and Jas. Jones. B.A., and the funeral arrange- ments were in the hands of Mr Wan. Jones. Deceased, who was 64 years of age, diftd on Xmas day at Talgarth Asylum, where he had been removed a short while ago. Pte. Elvet Morgan, of the Lanes. Fusiliers, now stationed at Press Heath, has been home for a short fur- lough. He is the son of Mr and Mrs. E. R. Morgan, Ardwyn, Gurnos, and was formerly a school teacher. Nurse Kefisde Nioholls, daughter of Mrs. Sam. Fletcher, Church road, has now left Nottingham Infirmary, and is at the G-lanrhyd Hospital, Pontar- dawe, Mr. Evan Hoskins, son of Mr. and Mrs. Rd. Hoskimf, Yorath Village, who was recently injured whilst following his employment at the Gurnos Colliery is now recovered. In accordance with the request of the National Free Church Council, prayer meetings will be held at the local churches on Sunday next.


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