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NEWS IN BRIEF. .& -. - '


NEWS IN BRIEF. .& WAR RENT ADVANCES RE- MOVED. In consequ-enoe of the Rent Act the L.C.C. has reduced to old prices those rents of dwellings which have been in- creased since the war. THREE MONTHS' TRAM ACCI- DENTS COST £ 10,000. During the last three months of 1915 the L.C.C. paid £ 10,000 in settling claims in respect of accidents in con- nection with the working of the tram- ways. WOMEN AMBULANCE DRIVERS, Women proposed to be engaged as I drivers of L.C.C. motor ambulances are to be paid at the sane rate as I men—38s. a week, with a six-monthly J war bonus of X5. MR FISHER VISITS WOUNDED AN Z AOS. n' ) I Mr Andrew risiier. trie new nign Commissioner for Australia, visited the military hospital at Wandsworth on Saturday, and charted freely with the wounded Australians there. THE REV. R. J. CA-M-PBELL I Towards the end of the present I month the Rev. R. J. Campbell will be ordained at the Cathedral. Birming- I ham. Mr Campbell will conduct both services at the cathedral on March 12. WIDOWS MANY BEREAVEMENTS I I Mrs. Swiney. or Eyemouth, has lost by drowning, her husband, while on patrol service; her brother, killed in action; and another brother is miss- ing. Her father was recently aeei- dentally killed. I BORN IN 1812. Mr William Perkins, of WThaplode Drove, South Lincolnshire, has just died, aged 103 years and 10 months. Mrs. Perkins, who is 92, had been ma.rried over 72, and had reared ten children. SHOT WHILST PLAYING AT "GERMANS." Whilst plaving at "Germans" a little boy killed his sister, Dorothy Allder, of Stew key. aged ten, with a shot from a small rifle. The ooroner's jury censured the father for allowing the boy to pl&y with such a danger- ous weapon. VALUABLE VIOLIN STOLEN. Among the prooceds of a robbery at St. George's College, Harpenden, Herts, wac, a vajuable vi-olin bflieve(I to have been made by Nicolo Amati, tutor of Stradivarius. With it in a. mahogany case was a goln-mounte>d. bow inscribed "Tubbs." SHORTAGE OF HOUSES IN BIR- MINGHAM. Owing to the shortage of housing accommodation in Birmingham the,- Trades Council have appointed a depu- tation to urge the Lord Mayor, who is chairman of the Housing Committee, to take immediate action to Relieve the- eivwafiw, TO PREVENT OVERCHARGING FOR COAL In order to prevent shopkeepers in- creasing the price of coal sold in small quantities the L.C.C. propose to intro- duce a bvelaw requiring dealers. as in ) the case of street vehicles, to exhibit- I the amount t.o be  j the amount to be oharged. MINERS OBJECT TO WOMEN S LABOUR. Northumberland Miners' Asstxnation executive have considered the County Coalowners' suggestion that women should be -emptoyed at the pithead during the war, and have decided against -it. The oommitt-oo say there are many oM men who might be re- engaged for the period of the war. BIRDS MISLED BY MILD WEATHER. Mild and springlike weather in Janu- ary has apparently misled the wild birds, for in several places in South Kent they have built their nests and. laid eggs. Last week a thrush's nest- with four eggs was found at Witter-- sham, Kent, while a blackbird's nest- with one egg was found at Lamber- hurst. ANGLO-FRENCH FRIENDSHIP. From this war will spring an Anglo— French understanding eo solid as to, be indestructible and making for tho- prr grees and liberty of humanity" throughout the world, said the French. Ambassador, M. Cambon, at the Man- sion House on Saturday evening, at the annual prize distribution of the National Society of French Professors- in England. COMPULSION ACT AT WORK. I The first notice under the Compul- sion Act will call up single men from 19 to 30 from March 3. Voluntary at- testing will cease on March 2.