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POfJTABDAWE COUNCIL I Nuisance at Ystalyfera -G. C G. Water Supply- Gambling with the Health of 8,r>00 People Parish Council Wants More Pigs —Watermen Want More Wages. Pontardawe Council met on Thurs- day, Mr John M. Davies, J.P., pre- siding. Others present were the Rev. Evan Davies, Messrs. J. G. Harries, Hv. Thomas, D. T. Jones, Jos. Thomas, David Jenkins, David, Lewis. I Wm. Griffiths, Wm. Davies (Bryn- 1 jam man); J. D. Rees, T. Alex. Evans, Wade Evans, D. J. Williams, H. J. Powell. H. Gibbon, Richard Thomas, John Thomas, L. W. Francis, Mor- gan Davies, Lewis Davies, Johni Mor- gan (surveyor) Wyndham Lewis -(clerk), M. L. Davies (deputy clerk), aM A. E. Edmunds (inspector). COLBREN ROAD AGAIN. Arising out of the minutes the Clerk I read letters dealing with Colbren rd., Gwauncaegurwen. The first was from I the Rev. John Williams, vicar of Col- bren, who wrote that he was greatly surprised to learn that things were in the state described at a recent meet- ing, as he understood from his sur- veyor that all had. been satisfactorily "Completed in regard to Colbren road. The Surveyor had now' joined the Army and he was afraid that nothing further could be done. It was plain, 'however, that by Mr Hargreaves deny- img the liability of the Cwmgor s e>»Col- liery Company to fix up gates, he was ignorant of the provisions of the agree- ment made between them and him (the Writer). A letter was also read from Mr D. Ivor Evans, the surveyor, to the effect that the crossing should be completed by the Cwmgorse Colliery Company, who were under covenant to the vicar to carry out the crossing and gates. He had taken the matter up with Mr Cleeves, secretary of the Company, and the latter stated that the Company was quit-e prepared to carry out the work. He suggested that Mr John Morgan (engineer), should submit. a plan showing the Council's require- ments to the Cwmgorse Colliery Com- pany. and then the work would be carried out forthwith. Mr Wm. Griffiths thought this matter should not be left to one in- dividual. He thought that the Coun- cil should discuss the matter thorough- ly first of all. The Rev. Evan Davies suggested that the matter be left to the vicar of -Col- bren, and the engineer. Mr David Lewis suggested that the local members on the Roads and Bridges Committee should accompany the two mentioned in addition to the ■Clerk. This was agreed to. YSTALYFERA NUISANCE. I Mr J. E. Woodman, Ystalyfera, wrote oomplaining of the disgraoeful nuisance which came from the houses on the main road. down over the ground of the Pwllbach Colliery Co. to the road leading to his house. Un- less something was done he proposed to take steps to have the nuisance stopped. He also complained of the state of the road which he stated was almost impassable. It was decided that the engineer should meet the local members in order to trv a.nd get the local ix>ntractors to devote their attention to the drain- age at this bpot. A COLLAPSE. I The ?n?iueer (Mr John Morgan) re- Tcrt?d that the storm wat?j- sewer croa?n? A'ity?r?p ro?)?. and the ?nf? A?M? .rd(m o? ?ithMt ,d haJ collapsed in the back area of a house belonging to Mrs Lewis. He sugges- ted that the CounCcil should carry out the repairs. This was agreed to. NEW HOUSES ERECTED. I Mr J. G. Harries presented the re- port of the P'ans Committee, together with a schedule- uf tlie plans submitted for approval during the six months ending December 31st, 1915. The plans submitted were 58. approved, 124; additions approved, 16, other buildings approved 15, plans deferred 4, deferred plans approved, 3; plans rejected 2. The number of notices served for breaches of byelaws and complied with before reporting to the Council were 60 breaches of byelaws, 6, verbal notices of infringements given site and complied with. 178; num- f drains inspected, 216. The new buildings erected during the half year were, Pontardawe, 17 houses, additions 6, total 23; Gwauncaegurwen 11 houses, 3 other bulidings, total 14; Ystalyfera, houses nil, additions 3, other buildings, 2, total 5; Clydaoh, 21 houses; 4 additions, 2 other build- ings, total 27. The whole total of houses erect-ed was 49. GWAUNCAEGURWEN WATER. The next question for discussion was in regard to further boring for water on the Black Mountain. The Clerk read the recommendation made at the previous meeting, and which appeared in the "Llnis." Mr Wm. Davies moved that t1, re- port. be adopted and the Rev. Evan Davies seconded. Mr L. W. Francis moved an amend- ment that the matter be deferred, as, he contended, that there was no im- mediate hurry for the work. He understood that since the new mains had been laid down some time ago, the water supply had improved great- ly. Mr H. J. Powell seconded, for the sake of discussion. Mr David Lewis referred to the suffering which had existed in the Gwauncaegurwen district for years past in regard to water. Now it ap- peared to him that they were up against Mr Francis and Co. (laughter). He (Mr Lewis) would sav that unless this scheme was carried out there would be a ratepayers' meeting, and a local inquiry, the same as the shop as- sistants' inquiry, where it was said that they wanted everything in Pont- ardawe. (Laughter). Mr Wm. Davies said he was of opinion that Mr Francis had been mis- led in regard to the supply at Gwaun- caegurwen. The Rev. Evan Davies said he was of the opinion that they were gambling with the health of 8,000 people. Were they aware that the works at Cwm- nanthopkin were being dismantled, and were they aware that they took water last summer from Cwmnantbopkin. In his opinion they were prejudicing the health of the people by so doing as the water was not fit for a cat to drink. Mr H. J. Powell asked what would be the approximate cost of taking the water, if successful, to Gwauncaegur- wen. The engineer said the cost would be P'1" 'small aa they only had about a hundred yards to connect with the mains. Messrs. Morgan Davies, Richard Thomas, J. G. Harries, and others took part in the discussion. Tlitj report was subsequently adopted. REARING OF PIGS. Air Alexander, clerk to the Llan- guicke Parish Council, wrote t-o the effect that his Council had recently received from the Board of Agricul- ture certain pamphlets advocating the rearing of pigs, etc., within the parish, and dealing generally with agricultural matters. The Council, however, found that in view of the byelaws of the District Council, such a proposal was practic- ally impossible, and wth a view to en- courage the suggestions of the Board of Agriculture, he was directed to ask the District Council whether they would grant such concessions in their byelaws as would enable cottagers to avail themselves of the opportunity, and yet respect the laws of sanitation. LAMPS WANTED. Another letter was read from the Llanguicke Council asking the Coun- cil to consider the advisabality of placing a lamp on the crossing of Col- bren road, Gwauncaegurwen, and at Owen's Lane, Godre'rgraig. WATERMAN WANT INCREASES. Mr Wyndham Lewis (clerk) read ap- plicative for increases in salary from Mr Tom Williams, waterman, Gwaun- caegurwen Mr John W. Jones, water- man, Ystalyfera; and Mr Llewellyn Jones. waterman, Clydach. The ap- plicants based their reasons on account chiefly of the increased cost of living.






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