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-Sunday Concerts at the Pavilion.


Sunday Concerts at the Pavilion. Mr. Wiiliam Coutts Appears Before Council, The Pontardawe District Council met on Thursday, MT. John M. Davies, J.P., presiding. The first item of importance on the agenda, waa ta hear Mr. Coutts and his manager, and consider the granting of the licence to the Pavilion, Pontardawe. The Chairman explained that this ap- peared on the agenda, in accordance with the resolution at the last meeting. It was then explained that Air. Coutts had violated the terms of the licence grant- ed to him last year. Mr. H. J. Powell I understand that Air. Jeremiah was to appear here. The Clerk (Mr. Wyndham Lewis) then read a letter which he had received from Mr. Jeremiah in regard to a public meet- ing held at the Pavilion on Saturday last, protesting against the action of the Council in suspending the licence. Mr. Lewis said he had replied to Mr. Jere- miah stating that very probably the Council would be prepared to hear him r if he was in attendance at 12 o'clock on Thurscdav. Mr. Gibbon asked in what capacity I Mr. Jeremiah was going to appear ? Mr. Morgan Daviles asked if Mr. .Jeremiah was interested in the concern ? Personally he had no objection to Mr. Jeremiah appearing before the Council. The Clerk explained that Mr. Jeremiah had been appointed to attend. It was decided that Mr. Jeremiah and Mr. Coutts should appear separately be- fore the Council. Mr. Coutts was the first to arrive. He thanked the Council for his first oppor- tunity to appear before them, although he had opened the Pavilion since 1910. In regard to the somewhat grave accu- .satiotn which had been made against him dealing with the conditions of the Pavilion licence, he had to plead guilty to a teiehnical offence. He explained that only two concerts had been held instead -of three) mentioned in the letter to him. He had been in Swansea for ten years, and during th-it time he had been the means of raú;jng £2,000 for the purposes ,of harity. During the past two years he hnd been confronted with financial difficulty, and on this account he had 'been obliged to concentrate his whole energy on his Swansea houses, and the Pavilion had to be entrusted to his manager, Mr. Douglas Milton, who was a very keen Jew. Mr. Milton had -strong ideas about finance and economy, and he felt that he could turn the Pavilion into a paying concern, instead of running the place at a loss. So far he had not been able to do &0, but he was making a bold bid. Mr. Coutts pointed cut that the two on certs were held for the benefit of the Red Cross Fund, and the Nurse Cavell Fund, and he under- stood that substantial cheques had been Bent away. The concerts had not been held for the purpose of flouting the Coun- cil or with the intention of being dis- loyal or disrespectful to them. He was sorry for what had taken. place and he assured them thab nothing of the kind would occur again. Mr. Gibbon asked if permission had been asked for to hold a concert and re- fused. The Clerk replied in the affirmative, but not for funds referred to. In reply to Mr. Rd. Thomas it was stated that the concerts were held on two successive Sundays. The Chairman thanked Mr. Coutts for attending, and expressed the hope that they would be able to arrive at an amic- able un derstanding. After Mr. Coutts had retired the Rev. Evan Davies asked if any one knew the amounts of the cheques referred to. He knew of several cases and he had great Suspicion as to whether cheques had been sent in the cases he referred to. It was often the case that the expenses were more than the takings. Mr. H. J. Powell said he was not op- posed to granting the licence, but he would like to point out that in Ystaly- fera two concerts were shortly to be held for patriotic pl11seS and the manage- ment had agreed to place their halls at the disposal of the committee on Wed- nesday and Thursday nights. Why could they not do the same in Pontardawe? The Rev. Evan Davies considered that they should have balance sheets of all these sacred concerts. Mr. Tom Jeremiah was next admitted and he explained that he had been sent there as the result of a public meeting held on Saturday night at the Pavilion. There were about 300 people at the meet- ing, which had been held not at the in- stigation of Mr. Coutts, but at the re- quest of the public, who felt that they -were being unfairly dealt) with. The pub- lie considered that by suspending the licence of the Pavilion the Council were cm-tailing their liberties. He contended that the demand for sacred concerts had been proved by the number attending the concerts. In reply to the Rev. Evan Davies Mr. Jeremiah said he did not know the amounts of the cheques sent away. Mr. David Lewis asked if Mr. Jere- miah believed in every sort of amusement on Sundays. Mr. Jeremiah said he believed in all oncerts which were organised for a good cause. Mr. H. J. Powell asked whether the people at the public meeting thought Mr Coutts had a right to flout the Council. Mr. Jeremiah said he could not reply to the Council. Mr. H. J. Powell said they should have considered those things before pass- ing resolutions. As a Council they were there to carry out their duties according to the acts of Parliaments, and they were expected to do so. He (Mr. Powell) was sure the Council had no desire to penalise the public in any way. Mr. Jeremiah replied that during the war the steelsmelters of South Wales had relaxed their regulations considerably, and many old customs had been done away with. Under the circumstances they expected the Council to sacrifice something for the sake of the boys at the front. Mr. Morgan Davies asked if t as not possible for the proprietors to I':vr theto concerts on week days ? Mr. Jeremiah in reply aid tiiat Sun- day and Tuesday were the fyed for the concerts. Mr. Richard Thomas ask?d 'f any re preventative of the public had l.et"1 n.v;t d to assist with the accounts? Mr. Jeremiah in reply said that the" had asked the pubfic to appoint two mtn for the purpose. After further discussion it was unani- mously agreed to renew the licence on the strength of the promise made by Mr Coutts. The decision of the Council was made known ,to Mr. Coutts. who now re-en- tered the Council chamber. The condi- tions regarding the holding of Sunday concerts was explained by the clerk, who suggested that applications should come from some local charitable organisations in future. I COUNCIL FINANCE. I The Finane Committee reported that bills and accounts for the last quarter amounted to L3,498 Os. 6d. were exam- ined and same were now recommended for payment. When considering the bills of the Tawe Valley Gas Cib., and the Brynamman Electric Supply Co., a report was presented which shdwed that 126 lamps had been, out at different places in the area of the Tawe Valley Gas Co. during the quarter, and 33 lamps in the area of the Brynamman Supply Co. This would mean a deduction from the Tawe Valley Gas Co.'s account of J35 3s., and 16s. 6d. from the account of the Bryn- amman Company, but 'in View of the I stormy weather experienced lately the committee recommended that the deduc- tions be as follows Tawe Valley Gas Co., JB1 lls. 6d. Brynamman Electrio Supply, 8s. 3d. ) WATERMAN'S APPLICATION. I The Committee also considered the ap- plication of the Pontardawe waterman (Mr. F. Williams) for an increase in wages, and they recommended that his salary be increased by 2s. weekly, mak- I ing it 38s. per week without including war bonus, such increase to date from I January 31st, 1916. il I CAEGURWEN WATER SUPPLY. I The Water Supplies Committee report- ed that they had examined the tenders from well-boring oontractors for the work of baring for water near the Bryn Tank, Brynamman, and they recommend that the offer of the British Well-Boring and Engineering Company of Liverpool be accepted at £ 370, covering the cost to a depth of 300ft., and for an additional depth of 100 feet the extra charge would be £ 87 10s. The work, including bor- ing a 14in. borehole, supplying steel ca?- ing tubes where necessary, and test the pumping for seven days to ascertain the quantity of water available. In the esti- mate for special expenses for Llanguicke Parish for the current yea rthe sum of £ 160 was provided for improving the Bryn Water Scheme, and the Committee now recommended that in addition to that sum an amount of P,300 be provided in next year's estimate, thus making J3460 available for the scheme. The Clerk also reported to the Com- mittee that throughout the District, houses served with water from a tap in adjoining premises had now been en- tered in the rental, the owners having agreed to pav the rent of 6s. a year in respect of such houses. There was two exceptions, however, and although the owners had been approached they had declined to pay the rent demanded in respect of each house. They were: 1. Mr W. J. Griffiths. Hillside ter., Alltwen, twelve house-&-five taps only provided. 2. Mrs. M. Morgan, 8 Doctor's rd., Gwauncaegurwen, one tap for two houses. The Committee re.commendoo that Ifotioebe given to the persons referred to terminate the present arrangement with the Council, and that the sup- plies be cut off. I TREBANOS BASEMENT Mr Edward Harries (Swansea), ap- peared before the Council on behalf of the owner of a basement at 7 Bryn terrace, Trebanos. The Council had discussed the question of closing the basement, and Mr Harris now gave reasons against the proposal of the iCouncil. A long discussion took place between the Clerk and Mr Harries. The Council, however, decided to issue a closing order.



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I" Change " at Ystalyfera.


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