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YSTRADGYNLAIS I NOTES. I BRECON SPORTSMAN'S FINE -CATCH. Fishing in the river Usk at Senny- bridge on Monday last, Mr. H. Atkin- -eon, of the newly-established Sports' Depot, Mond's-buildings, Union-street, Swansea, caught two magnificent trout, weighing 3 and 2^1bs., respectively. The largest fish was one goot ten inches long, with a width of 5 inches, and the smaller trout 1 foot 6 inches, with a width of 3i inches. The trout have been on view at the new establishment in TTnkm-street, and have attracted con- siderable attention. I .SEVEN MONTHS WITH A BROKEN BACK. Whilst following his employment as A, colllei- at the Wernplemis Colliery on July 22nd, of last year, Cornelius Morris (27), a single man living at Williarn-street, Yniscedwyn, was buried under a fall of roof, and although he -sustained only slight external injury his spine was injured. Dr. Walsh at- tended Morris, but said that the case was hopeless, although it was probable lie would linger for months. Morris was removed to the Swansea Hospital, but the case was considered incurable, and finally he was transferred to the Swan- — sea Union Infirmary, where he suc- --cumbed on Saturday morning. During the whole of the seven months deceased was practically helpless, and was com- pelled to lie in one position. "THE CINEMA. The chief "turn" at the Cinema this week has been Duval, who has present- ed a series of scientific experiments ,? c, d a of es(l,?? ent rtl.i city. His &ensa- with the aid of electricity. His sensa- tional escape from the electrocution chair surrounded by a cage through which ran a high voltage of electricity caused the audience to gasp. The volt- age running through the cage is so high that with the aid of a carbon he is able to strike an arc in any part of the cage or chair. It is an astounding performance, and must be seen to be believed. The Giitans, in their comedy, harmony and patter, just suit an Ys- tradgynlais audience, and their contri- butions were hai'ed with laughter. loud and long. "He of the Dial," yclept Fred liojjers, sang two songs, causing the audience to hurst their sides. This Friday and Saturday evenings that great military picture "For the Flag" will be the "star." As will be seen from the advertisement in another column there will be an entire change in the -style cf the performance next week, Hermyn's Enchanted Fountains being the star "turn." Fred Hanna., song and whirlwind dance artist, is bound to be a success, and Will Pritchard, celebrat- -ed dame comedian, from many of the leading pantomimes should attract largo audiences. "THE MIGHTY ATOM." iijdwards and Page, of the Brecon road Cinema write M follows Sir.-ln your Ystradgynlais Notes la. t w,,Aek- you stated that we had engaged Alfie Jones to appear at our hall 'for one -we, Please allow us to contradict that «tatem-e^t, as we have not engaged Mr. Joi x». We have simply given permission for a presentation to be made to him on Monday evening, March 2nd, when, we understand, he will bo presented with a complete weight-lifter's outfit of bar- bells, etc., a.fter which he haa consented to giv? a series of exhibitions. At these «xhibi'ions he will challenge any amateur hi tha locality of his own weight to weig-h'A'fting .for which we have decided to pivp a first class gold medal to the wimter of the competition, but there has been no engagement." LO^ AL ARTIST'S FINE WORK All the scenery In connection with the operetta "The Prince and the Demon," performed by the members of the Church Juvenile Operatic Society, has been painted by Mr Llew. Morgan, of Brecon road. The drop curtain is a finely executed picture, &r?d represents Ynisoedwyn picture, It is in & r?ma of red and gold drapery. The other scenes represent a garden, and the interior of a palace. In addition there are six "flies," and tho whole of the work reflects credit upon Mr Morgans, who certainly posseses great I talent. THE STORM. I Owing to the wind, several of elec- tric light cables were blown down on Saturday evening, with the result that -a number of business premises were without light. Gas, candles and paraffin lamps had to be requisitioned and basi- ness, anyhow, was slow. -TARGET—EVANS. I Tho marriage has taken place between I Mr Richard jamesi Target, and Miss M. I Evans, of Pelican street. I.L.P. ACTIVITIES I I The annual meeting of the Ystradgyn- lais branch of the I.L.P. was held on Friday evening, when Mr W. R. Williams was elected chairman Air Ben Alexander, vice-chairman; Mr Hugh Powell, secre- tary Mr Ernest Phillips, t.reasurer; Mr Llew. Morgan, financial secretary; Mr Longville Bowen, literature secretary. It was decided that the whole of the d-striet should he properly organized1, and litera- ture systematically distributed, a scheme which should have the effect of bringing many new members into the Party. OBITUARY. The death occurred at Plasycoed, I Cwmgiedd, on Sunday, of Mary James, 61 years of age. Deceased, who was a native of the district, leaves several grown-up sons and daughters. Deceased was well-known throughout the district, and was more popularly known as 'Mari I Shams.' The funeral tock place on Thursday at the Ystradgynlais Church- yard. The recent trip to Swansea by motor car cost the passenger tll lis. It is I probable that next time he goes to town by motor car he will secure the services of an efficient chauffeur. The committee of the Workmen's Library have decided to purchase another full sized billiard table. Ystradgynlais will soon prss3ss more billiard tables than public houses—which is a sign of the times. The newly-ejected Non-Political Club committee decided at their first meet- ing on Monday evening to become affili- ated with the South Wrales Garden Cities and Town Planning Association and made a grant of L2 2s. to the funds. A grant of t2 2s. was also made in response to the appeal for funds in connection with the Welsh National [ Library.




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