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"The Pearl Girl" at the Grand…






')")j'i")'I'a'I-¡ .'i1"i "))'I.-a New Garfln Ms Just Arrived All of Tested Growth H. A. LEAK The Seedsman, 211, Oxford St., AND MARKET STALL, SWANSEA. Catalogues Gratis 'Phone 381 Central. ???'?J??A..??L??.?i,???L??? ?<r??????T??'????yyy?y? 1 E. J. DANN & Co., | h South Wales Clothiers ? (UNIVERSAL OUTFMERS), I Boot & Shoe Merchants$ Boot lX Shoe Merchants ? Are now complete with their large and varied ❖ J Stock for he Winter. Q A Estimates for Contracts..) ( S Men's Overcoats, Ulsters, Raincoats, and Motoring Coats Ranging X •I* from 16/- to 60/ il Long Oil Coats from 6/6 to 35/ Our Noted Silk Oil Coat, Leggings and Sou'wester to match, total 2 weight (3 garments) i6oz., for Riding, Walking or Motoring. q X The Latest New Waterproof Coat known as the Pegamoid, prices ?* § 16/6 to 25/ ? Rubber and Oil Leggings, 2/3 to 10/6 per pair. All Kinds of Waterpreof Goods kept in Stock to suit every calling in wet weather. 0 ? h ? Goods dispatched same day as ordered. + E. J. DANN & Co., | South Wales Clothiers and Boot Manufacturers, | 15, & 16, Wind Street, Swansea, i AND s 78, & 79, Water Street, Aberavon. t a 0 ++++G+++0+@+ +++G++Q+++G+ IF YOU KNEW i • the difference Beecham's Pills would make to you if you are a sufferer from ■ biliousness, constipation, depression of spirits, flatulence, headache and other. • distressing disorders consequent upon some derangement of the digestive organs, you would never be without them. THE VALUE OF j • s 0 this excellent preparation is attested by countless thousands of men and women in every quarter of the globe. A(ter seventy years of splendid service their sales 0 ■ are still on the increase Truly a wonderful record! The Family Medicine J which has reached the highest pinnacle of popularity is undoubtedly # i Beecham's Pills.! etchdiii s Is ■ Prepared only by THOMAS BEECHAM, St. Helens, L?acMbtre. Sold everywhere io boxes, price JIl!d, (56 pills) & J/9 (168 pills). .8Ø.Ø. Webber & Son Ltd., 266, Oxford St., Swansea. Immense Stock of the most Fashonable and Up-to-date JEWELLERY Gem Rings, Bracelets, NeckletsPendants, Lockets,Long Chains, Alberts,Gold and SilverWatches, Sterling Silver, Electroplate, Marble, Hall and Chiming Clocks OCCULIST OPTICIANS AND SPECIALISTS IN SPECTACLES. Manufacturers of Scientific Instruments, Mining Dials, Levels, Theodolites, Anemometers, Barometers, Telescopes and Field Glasses. WEBBER & SON, Ltd., 266, Oxford Street, Swansea OPPOSITE THE MARKET. Clnce in Winter Good All Yi inter Goods must be Cleared to make room for Spring Goods. During Clearance a discount of 5 per cent. will be allowed off all purchases of over 10/ Bradford & Manchester Warehouse Co. 12 Gower-st., SWANSEA Opposite Mount Pleasant Baptist Chape), lata 22, Waterloo Street.

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