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CORRESPONDENCE. I)I!Y.\[ MOUNTAIN. To the Editor, "Llais Llafur." Sir.—In reply to Councillor David Lewis' letter in your issue of last week, 1 may here state that I have no wish to enter into controversy with him regard- ing the Drym Mountain. I must admit that I am greatly indebted to him for the information as to "who are- the Com- moners." We are' now informed that they are "the farmers who are living in farms on the same side of the river Tawe as Drym Mountain." Will Mr Lewis kindly further inform us how these particular gentlemen in- herited this property ? I must admit again that I was quite at sea when I at- tempted to answer Councillor S. J. Thomas as to who these Commoners were. May I ask Does the secretary of this responsible body live within Mr Lewis' selected area? It sewns to me that Mr Lewis is blowing hot and cold. In one breath he tells us that the people who take the rent for the Dulais Colliery, the Halfway House, a.nd the tel'graph posts, are the owners of the Common, a.nd that he ia one of them, and that in the near future, he will overcome the difficulty and get the ratepayers to have an insight to the Commoners* books. Would it be advisable to ask the Parish Council of Ystradgynlais to bend a knee before the Commoners to get an inaight into these extraordinary books? In the n'eart breath we are told that the ratepayers of the two parishes of Ystrad- gynlais are the Commoners, then why does Mr Lewis join a number of farmers to receivo money and control property 1 'vhich in his opinion actually belongs to to the ratepayers a.t large ? Why did Mr Lewis allow the Commoners some few years ago to im- pound ponies belonging to the rate- payexs Did the Commoners succeed in their demand ? We are told that the Commoners have books to substantiate the statements made. Hovo they books to s how that Richard Richards ever paid them rent for the Halfway? I further challenge Mr. Lewis to show in the Commoners' books that they have received one farthing from the present occupier and owners of the Halfway House for ground rent, although he repeatf the PUteTrQnt that the Com- moners are receiving ground rent fT-Tr this hotise. It is quit-e possible thnt the Convnoners have received fome acknow lodgement in money or in beer by a pre- vious tenant. OBSERVER.




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