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PONTARDAWE LICENSING SESSIONS Gratifying Decrease in Drunkenness. THE CHAIRMAN'S COMMENTS The annual Brewster Sessions for the Pontardawe division of the County of Glamorgan took place prior to the ordinary business of the Court at Pontar- dawe on Friday. The proceedings were largely of a purely formal character, and were disposed of in about half an hour. The magistrates on the Bench were Messrs. (i. H. Strick (presiding), Owen Davies, S. Jenkins and J. H. P. Lloyd. The Superintendent (Mr Edwin Letheren) presented his report for the past year, which was of a highly satisfactory charac- ter There were 78 licensed premises in the division, 44 ale house, 24 beer-houses, two beer "off" houses, and eight wina "off" licenses. This showed no variation ON the previous year's report. At present there was an average of 502 persons per licensed house, the population of the dis- trict in January of this year being 39,155. These figures had been arrived at by a house to house visitation. During the year 152 persons had been prosecuted for drunkenness, three dismissed, and 149 convictions registered. This was a de- crease of 39 on the figures of the, previous year. There was only one club in the division, that of the Mond Nickel Works Club at Clydach, which had 470 members, and was well conducted. A list of the applications for new licenses, and for the I confirmation of alterations and additions j to premises which would como before Liu Court that day had bean forwarded him. The Chairman remarked that he thought he would righHy say that in all his long experience of 32 years on the Bench that was the first occasion when they had an absolutely clean sheet so far as con- victions against licejised householders fcr offences on the premises were concerned. for a, period of 12 months. The report revealed a. mast satisfactory state of affairs and showed that the holders of licenses had exercised great care in the carrying out of their duties. The de- crease of about twenty per cent. in the convictions for drunkenness during tii- year, and especially considering the in- crease in the population was very satis- factory. Speaking for himself, and for others also, he looked to the advanco in education and the consequent increase in the self respect of the people as the cause most probable to encourage lit-b"zs of sobrietv. The publicans had l() doubt conducted their businesses ve. y, very well. This was not always an e sy task for them. For instances a rran could put in an appearance at a ho Lic-, perfectly sober so far as the land ord could tell, yet in that state when another glass would render him drunk. Or a regular customer might be served until he had had enough—he thought they all knew what. that meant. Then the man vould go mitside into the air, and would roll about the streets as a result. There was also great difficulty in the regulation of customers who were strangers. He again congratulated the license holders on their record during the year, and urged them to assist in the endeavour to further reduce he convictions. for drunkenness in the future. There were no objections to the existing licenses, all which would be renewed. APPLICATIONS Isaac 1. Mathias, who was represented by Mr Morgan Da.vies,. solicitor, applied for a billiard license" for premises in Gwilym Road, Cwmllynfell. It was stated that the building for the accommodation of the table was nearing completion. The Superintendent stated that there were already two licensee in operation at Cwmllynfell, and he could not approve of another being granted. Mr Davies said it was quite true that there were already two licenses in the village, but the population was over 2,000, and one table was out of order for the time being. He urged that the granting of these licenses made it possible for yotmg people to associate to- gether for recreation without temptation to take intoxicating liquor. The magistrates said they were dis- posed to grant the license, but would leave the matter over until that day four weeks, the occasion of the adjourned Brewster Sessions. Frederick Charles Sladden, Church Road, Llansamlet, also made a, similar application. The Superintendent raised no objection, remarking that the room was a very suitable one, and the license was granted. Plans of alterations and additions to the New IIm, Lone, Clydach, were pre- sentOO by Mr A. Jestyn Jeffries, solicitor, Neath, who appeared for the owner and ioenaee. The Superintendent said that at pre sent the House was in a very bad state, and the proposed alterations and im- provements were much needed. The plans were approved. Mr Martin Richards, solicitor, LI a nelly, presented plans of proposed additions to the Crown Inn, Brynamman, on behalf of the owners and lioeneee. He pointed out that plans for alterations were ap- proved at the Sessions last year, but it was now found desirable to add a room over the stable buildings which could be utilised as a elub-room or dining room Access to this room would be by Il outar stone stairway. No objection was raised, and the pl.ns wore passed. The Bench also granted a permanent license of the Smith's Arms, Ystalyfera, to Mrs. Morgan, wife of the former holder, who died recently. THE PONTARDAWE STRIKE JUDGMENT AGAINST TWO MORE WORKMEN. Messrs. W. Gilberison and Co., Ltd., tinplate and steel mwiufactuers, of Pontardawe, sought to recover damages for breaches of oontract trom two of their dischargers, John Joseph, Trebanos; and Edward Thomas, Pontardawe. Mr. C. B. Jenkins prosecuted, but the defendants were not legally represented- During the hiring of thm CMe Mr G. H. Strick and Mr Owen Davies retire from the Bench. Mr Jenkins mad. a brief opening state- ment, pointing out that the raen were employed by the plaintiff Arm as dis- chargers, their duty bekig to discharge certain full trucks, brought to th. works loaded with materials. They worked under a contract, to terminate which 28 days' notice was required. They gave no rotice, but did w-t r*«unae work :> f'er January 19th to February 6th; fmi-I he claim wis for demurrage rhurgts, dr." to the Railv-ey Company. Further dairies had b«in in curwd, such as :ng charges. theef not claimed He did not know wby the ¡nen All -144 have oftwH-d work except out of so c-'lod sympathy with th. strikers. The Com- pany wt-T^ <■>?. ly ol-- e^ three cloer daTs in which to unload vragons, "r ,I the total ro»-i«. worked o jt to, £8 llf-. -A- rr'iti, David Davies, foreman for the Com- pany, bore out Mr Jenkins' statement. He said the trucks were at the siding waiting to me discharged at the time the men left work. Morgan James, demurrage clerk, said the number of wagons to be discharged was fourteen, and the demurrage charge aft-er the expiration of three clear days, was ls.6d. per day. Philip Davies, manager for the Com- pany, proved the damages, against which, he said, the firm had L4 lls. 9d. per man in hand as a set off. Judgment was given for the Company for the amount claimedi. I YOUTHFUL OFFENDERS Three young boys, Thomas Thomas, David Richards, and John Davies, of Clydach, were summoned for having made use of indecent language at Clydach on Sunday, the 1st inst. A constable stated that in the evening of the day mentioned, he saw the boys in Vardre Road, Clydach, all making use of very indecent language. He walked towards them and. they then went away, but he overtook them, obtained their names and addresses and told them they would be reported. Written samples of the language alleged to have been used by the boys was handed to them, but they all denied the offence, and said the guilty party was a youth who happened to be standing near, but whose name the constable did not take. Mr Llovd, who had taken Mr Strick's place in the chair, said the boys must be- have when on the main road in future. They would each be fined 10s. including costs. BICYCLE WITHOUT LIGHT. Glyn Morris, Brynamman, was charge-di with having ridden a bicycle without light on January 24th, and was fined Is. and costs. The constable said that when he stopped defendant, the latter declared that he did not know that the lamp had gone out. BILLIARDS WITHOUT LICENSE j Fr,edeTick Charles Sladden was sum- moned for having kept a bagateiie board for public use without a license, at pre- mises in Llansamlet. He admitted the offenoe, but said he was ignorant of the fact that license was required, and the Clerk pointed out that he had applied for a licen&o that dav. Defendant was ordered to pay the costs. VEHICLE WITHOUT LIGHT. -1 Henry Hemington appeared to answer a charge of driving a horse and cart without a' light on the left side of his vehicle on the night of Wednesday, Feb. 4th. He admitted he charge, but said he had travelled out of Carmarthen, where only one light was required, into Glamorgan, and was unaware that in the latter county, two lights were required. Fined Is. and costs. POOR LAW CASES. J. Rhvs Edwards, Ystalyfera, was charged with having failed to contribute to the support of his father, John Edwards, who had become chargeable to the common fund of the local Poor Law Union. Mr David Jenkins, relieving oiffcer, said defendant's earnings averaged Ll 5s. 5d. per week. An order for pay- I ment of 2a.6d. per we?k was made. Thomas Morgan, YstaJyfera, was also I summoned in respect of his two children Philip and Martha Morgan, who were I chargeable to the Union funds. Mr Jenkins said defendant was a furnaceman earning £ 2 4s. 8d. per week, and had three other children working, making the total family inoome JE4 4s. 6d. He pointed out, however, that Mrs. Mor- gan had been ailing for four or five years, and one daughter, aged 23, re- mained at home. There were three other children under 14 years of acre. The two children chargeable oost the Guardians 21s. per week, but he believed the Guardians would accept 5s. per week towards this sum. An order for 5e. was accordingly made. YSTALYFERA STATION "SCENE." BOOKING CLERK THREATENED WITH EARLY DEATH. George Morris, Gwys, was charged with having used offensive language at Ys- stalyfera Station on January 17th, and pleaded guilty. Charles P. Parmee, booking clerk at the station, said defendant was on the platform for some time, during which he committed a certain offence, and had to be stopped. Afterwards he went to the booking office and asked for a ticket to Gwys, but witness refused to book him, saying that he was not in a fit condition to travel. Thereupon Morris began cursing and swearing, and told witness that he had better look out or he would meet with an early death. The Clerk (Cheerful) You haven't met with it yet though! Witness No. Sergt. Brown, who was summoned to the scene of the disturbance, corroborated the evidence of the previous witness re- garding defendant's condition. A fine of 10s. and costs or fourteen days' imprisonment was imposed. David Price, Clydach. (was charged with making use of indecent language near his home on January 26th. Defend- ant, who said it was a "family affair, they were quarrelling, was fined 15s. The London "Celt" announces that a conference has recently been held in London to consider the present posi- tion of literature and the drama in Wales, the chief object of the meeting being to discuss how to popularise Welsh literature. The Chancellor of the Exchequer was present.


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