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DULAIS VALLEY CHAT. I (Gan Ymtioithydd.) In connection with the final ballot for the sub-agency of the Anthracite Dis- trict meetings have been held through- out the Valley during the week, at which both candidates, Mr J. J. James, (-  watiiicae,gurwc-,ti, Gwauncaeigurwc-.n, and Mr Stephen 0. Davies, Ammanford, have given ad- dresses. The ballot is. to take place this week-end, and is arousing the greatest interest thi oughout the district. The result will not be declared until next wee k. I am able to announce a very import- ant development this week in connection with the Shorter Saturday agitation. A meeting took place> at Colbren on Satur- day last, over which Mr George Jones presided, and at which the agent, Mr J. D. Morgan was present. The latter gave a report of the proceedings in re- gard to the matter at the Contra,1 Execu- tive meeting. Mr Morgan stated that the members belioved that the workers in the Dulais Valley had. a very strong case to fight fcr, in fact a better case than in any other part. of the Anthra- cite district, inasmuch as the majority of the workmen in the. district are al- ready enjoying this right, and they con- sidered th;:t it was only fair oil the part of Mi" Evans-Bcvan to grant the men's request. Since than Mr Bevan has con- sented to meet representatives of his four collieries committees, together with Mr J. D. Morgan and Mr Enoch Morrell, of Merthyr, representing the Central Exe- cutive, and the. deputation will wait up- on him shortly, either during this week- end or- early next week. It has been de- cided to postpone the handing in of notices until the conference has taken place, and there is now decided hope that- an amicable, settlement will be ai rived at without recort to the terminating of contracts. The above subject- has also aroused considerable discussion in regard to, the proyfekVn of baths at the pit head, and I leartt that among the Neath men espec- ially, the proposal has great support. It has to be rememhered t hat under the terms of the Coal Mines' Regulation Act the owners are compelled to provide baths if the men demand the provision, but the owners can claim from the workers fifty per cent. of the cost of the up-keep of the baths. We would be only too glad to see !-his question taken up in all s eriousness throughout the. whole district. The establishment of these in- stitutions, by means of which a collier could goto and from his duties cleanly and respectively clad, would increase his own self-respect, and that of the people among whotm he resides, in addition to relieving the busy housewife of the pre- paration for this daily task. I should be delighted to see the Dulais workers in- sisting on pit head baths. After much preliminary discussion, and not a, little speculation, a building club for Seven Sis-tors has now been formed, and a meeting took place, on Wednesday evening, at which the first contributions were received. There are upwards of fortv members, a.nd the entries have now been closed. The site decided upon is at Ynisdawly between the Co-operative Society's plot and the farm, and the- official;3 of the club are as follows :— Pre-ident, Mr George Jones; secretary, Mr T. G. Harris, Gwvnfryn treasurer, Mr John Morgan, Bryncae; and archi- tect, Mr J. Stanley Griffiths, Penybank. At the important conference held early in the week at Cardiff under the aus- pices of the South Wales Miners' Federa- tion to consider safety in mines, the sur- face workers' wages, and other questions, the Seven Sisters lodge was represented by Mr William Jenkins ("Billy" check). W. A. WILLIAMS, Phranologiet, can be consulted daily at the Victoria Arcade (near the Market), Swansea. The arrangements for the bazaar to be held later in the year in connection with the Zonr Independent Chapel, Seven Sis- ters are now well in hand, and an auspious start has been made. The workers com- menced duties on Tuesday, when up- wards cf sixty ladies gathered in the Vestry, and spent the greater part of the day in making preliminary preparations. I understand that the members of Be-ion Chapel, Seven Sisters, have also decided to held a similar event in a few months' time, their object being the re- duction of tho chapel debt. Mr J. W. Thomas, the local schoolmaster, is presi- dent and organiser of this effort. Can it be tha.t the people of Seven Sisters h ave long had great artistic talent in their midst lying altogether idle? At a.ny rate, there is talk of the discovery cf a new musical "star'' in the village in the person of an old resident, a well known haulier, and when he was called upon to contribute to the pro- gramme at the local, picture house the other evening, everybody present gasped with astonishment, awaiting his appear- ance with great eagerness. They were, unfortunately, doomed to disappointment, it being announced that the newly dis- covered artiste could not, through some reason or other, appear. Everybody is hoping for better luck next time. Serious complaint is once more being made regarding the disgraceful state. of Commercial Street. This, of course, is a private road, and the owners and tenants, mostly tradesmen, are responsible for its condition, but it being such an important thoroughfare it is surprising that' the Council do not insist on the street being put into proper repair, and then take it over. At night the street is positively dangerous. The pastor of the Onllwyn Congre- gationa! Church (the Rev. A. D. ThonMs) was away preaching in North during the week-end, and his pla(} at Onllwyn was taken by the Rev. J. Roberts, the English Baptist minister at Seven Sisters. A remarkable operation, performed re- cently at Colbren, has just come to my notice. Several months ago,, a little girl named Jessie Thomas, the eleven year old daughter of Mr Thomas Thomas, miner, of Colbren, developed tubercul- osis in the leg, and the ailment grew to such an extent that it was found that the leg would have to be amputated at as high a point as possible if the girl's life was to be saved. This operation, cer- tainly one of no small danger has been successfully carried cut- by Drs. Edwards and Armstrong, of Seven Sisters, with- out any further assistance, and the girl is now progressing quite favourably. W. A. WILLIAMS, Phrenologist, 0'* consulted daily at the Victoria Arcade (near the Market), Swansea.



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