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County Council Affairs

Neath Coroner's Dignity


Neath Coroner's Dignity "TWOPENNY-HALFPENNY COUNCIL MEETING. Mr Howel Cuthbertscn, the venerable Neath coroner, arranged to hold an in- quest on the body of Olive Mabel Brink- work at the Neath Town Hall, but at the last moment, in consequence cf a committee m eeting of the Neath Town Council being held at the Gwyn Hall. the inquest had to be held at Gwyn Hall. Before taking evidence, the Coroner said to the police, "It was arranged that this inquest should be held at the Town Hall, and at the last moment you send round to say that I must come here. I am not going to be shifted about from pillar to post- just because the Town Council wish to held a twopenny-ha'- penny meeting. I am not going to have it. Olive Mabel Brinkworth (22) was a domestic servant in the, employ of Mr W. H. S. IIess, Neath. He said that he and his family left home at 9.30 on Wed- nesday morning, and deceased was told she could have the day off. They were at night under the imnrcssion that de- ceased had gone out. They waited until nearly 11 o'clock for her. Witness then proceeded to lock up the house, and was surprised to find Olive lying dead in her nightdress. Dr. D. Ll. Lewis said that when he saw the body she must have been dead, several hours. Death was due to shock, caused by the perforation of an ulcer, which set up peritonitis. She must have felt it coming on and gone to. bed. A verdict was returned in accordance with the medicai, evidence.



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