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I 8RYNAMMAN NOTES. I »  A BUSINESS-LIKE COMMITTEE Th;se be troublous times, and it may afford some comfort to -iiow that there still remains one such a body amongst us. The oommittee I have in mind is that which organised the recent benefit concert in aid of Mr Martin Griffiths. What was its exact parson-ell. I cannot for the moment recall, but it will suffice that it has proved one of the most busi- ness-like committees that has ever opera- ted in this neighbourhood.. The financial success that crowned its efforts, the J345 handed over to the deserving receip- ient, gave emphatic w arrant to that. To my mind, however, t he final proof of its soundness comes this week, in the form of a public balance sheet under the hand of the enterprising secretary, Mr. J Martyn Thomas. We heartily con- gratulate Mr Thomas on his initiative in undertaking what is practically a new departure as far as Brynamman is con- cerned. We uo also pleased to note how "John Bull," that greatest of all advocates of business Government, has awarded Mr. Thomas a £ 2 10s. Od. prize in a recent competi tion. That a balance sheet should be issued and made public, after all concerts of this nature is only right, and only what the public who supply the money should in all reason expect and insist on. We sincerely hope that Mr Thomas has herewith, established a precedent which will henceforth be honoured and observed by all future secretaries of such enterprises. The present balance sheet copies of which may be seen at the Public Library, as well as at several local shop-windows, shows a return of £ 46; £ 25 of which was handed over on Nov. 12th, and the remaining JS21 on January 22nd, 1914. It says much of the enthusiasm of the committee and of the public generally that L45 5s. Od. worth of tickets should have been sold by members of the Com- mittee during a house to house cam- paign. TAI'RGWAITH EISTEDDFOD I SUCCESS. The Misses Davies, Llandilo road, again scored at Tai'rgwaith on Saturday. Miss Mary Davies carried off the cup for the champion solo, while her si&ter, Miss i Esther Ann Davies, secured the laurels for the soprano solo. Congratulations! BEREAVEMENT I At Cardiff on Monday, tho mortal re- mains of Mrs. Lydia Davies, wife of the Rev. T. Davies (Pantyffynon), now of Llandyssul, "were laid to rest. Much sympathy is felt with the be- reaved husband, and a number of local friends and sympathisers attended the funeral, including Rev. J. Llewelyn, Bethania Mr. Richard Lewis, Sationer's Hall; Mr Gwilym Vaughan, Argoed and Mr Gwilym R. Jones, Bridgend Shop. Deoeased. was a native of New Quay, and was on a visit to her parents at Car- diff when death occurred. SILO AM COMPETITIV MEETING I There was a good attendance at Siloam on Saturday evening at a competitive meeting, over which Mr P. H. Cowling presided. The adjudicators were Music Mr E. Maddock, A.C.; literary section, Rev. J. L. Daviea. Awards—Recitation for children under 10, divided among Lizzie Llewelyn, A. Mary Jenkins, Bryn Maddock; recitation for children, under 16, divided among D. T. Griffiths, B. Roderick, E. A. Lewis; open recitation, Bessio Roderick; love letter, divided between Misses G. Hop- kin and A. Phillips; verses, divided be- tween Messrs. G. Phillips and Daniel Thomas; sola for children under 16, 1st Bronwe.n Moses; 2nd Maggie Davies; solo for children under 10, 1st May Thomas, 2nd Nellie Davies; soprano solo, Miss H. Thomas; tenor solo, Mr Garfield. Roberts; baritone solo, divided between R. Parry and Llew. Roberts; sight reading, Miss Annie Davies; choir, Mr Garfield Roberts' party. Mr F. Morgan acted as secretary. W. A. WILLIAMS, Phrenologist, can De consulted dailj at th* Victoria Arcade (near the Market), Swuwr






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