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YSTALYFERA NOTES. P.« E. SOCIETY. I tkvt the auspices of the nivove ••Fooiiy-v a successful competitive even- ing \1: hold on Sunday at the Insti- -tnt(>. TVre a fairly good attend- js-nr^e, arid the proceedings were much •fMiipved. Miss A. Williams kindly un- dertook the duties of .adjudicating the .speeches. There were three distinct competitions, the first being "termed Novices Competition., In this there were eight entries, the f-.ist being termed Novices Competition. 1\1 thii there v, ere eight entries, the froecches. being of three minutes' •duration. The first prize was awarded to M". J. H. Williams, the second to Mr. W. J. Davies. The second competi- tion was open to all present, the jffteecTea heing of four minutes each. The first prize was awarded to Mr. 1. S'ephprd. and tho second to Mr. G. A. C^enwood. In the final competition, whir h was of a rather novel and origi- rf.t1 character, it being a "telephone fall- of four minutes duration, tho first nrize went to Mr. G. A. Green- wood. nad the second to Mr. I. S11en- fcord. In addition to winning this prize Mr. Greenwood was also adjudged to have the best efTort of the even- ing. thereby soeurinci a prize of in- ere-,I,-d vallie. Refreshments were during the evening, and a ■of thinks was accorded to Miss Wil- liams for her services. On Sunr!}' evening Mr Tom A;"I,g, of Cur-.io-. wHt .lafcteire on "Razzle Dazzle' a. FvfTHent.lv perpli-xing subject to Btimrla-io a largo .itcfendaTicP. On former <o('<a;r. when- Mr King lips lectured, ♦hi h'uHing'hAs been crowded, and it is twnr>(1 thorp- will be a large .attenda-nce rrrt Su^dav evening. The meeting com- mences at 7id& p.mi», prompt. v- V, Yst-lvfcra journeyed to Llanellv '°\:m SituHfiv. and met the Seconds of that jjVicp. and. returned victors by a dififfppf-d goal to nil. Geo. Largdon scored for the visitors. 1 Y?~\t,vveea U.e CLUB -1J: j "s-nr-hmg concert in connection With t'p Ybh,fera United Cycling C!uh*will "e h-]-! at the YFtalyfera Hotel, on SiCtur- div. Frbniiry 2Lsi, and If Is hoped that, there will he a large attendance. Tickets jinav o^t^ined fr^^fflifny of the corn: "tmHw*. Mr' T. P. 'Lewis, Cycle Agent, ard Mr W. D. Jenkins, stone-cutter. AN INTERESTING DEBATE. I Tho s.ttencance at the weekly meet- ;n'v of tho "Ddraig Goch Gymdeithas" }M it Tor-iiaalem Vestry on Friday *r>rsing last, was somewhat disappoiut- ;.nz. particuWly in view of the fact •that tl,,N eiib ¡PM. to be considered was ono nf e;Tw' ial importance to Guild Members. ri-,t- attraction of the even- •jT.rr vm <\ debate on "Nationalism v. '■fintf-N^ojjn' Wn." arfttifwai|" lyvtwecn *T' I"jn.»!e Shepherd (who spoke for .4 and Mr- W. S. Collins. T.,I,ftir" (who argued as an r .•ori.V'jt. Speaking generally. -4 ""f>o -,k"q li't,le essential difference in •?*-•» vt^ of the speakers. Mr. Shep- t. i (ine-ecl. spoke for the saner 1'- )4, ,m es against Chauvinism, ex- m "nVfl patriotism,'■ and imperialism, r-'y »i-tT(vI the virtues of a nation main- ti.'rinc its own individuality, its own and its own characteristics. T-r n. dpl"I:'1red that a true Nationalist his country's failings as well lvq its vi-tiiea, and rose and worked for the ,imin:\+ion of all that was un- vorthv in the national life, encourag- ing the highest and noblest. Mr. Col- lins aid he differed very little from the greater part of Mr. Shepherd's address but he proceeded to give a smashing exposure of the manner in which Nationalism has been exploited as the tool of capitalism, and declared that whilst he had all possible sympathy with the aims and aspirations of in- dividual nations he wanted a growth of international fellowship which would eventually kill the present economic system. Among those who took part in the subsequent discussion were Messrs. J. Davies, T. Morgan, H. Wade Evans, J. W. Jones, B.A., and S. Jen- kins/and upon a vote being taken, Mr. Shepherd's views were accepted by a very large majority. The vicar (Rev. -J. S. Jones) presided. 1. c' 'I," ,.I .r I PLAYHOUSE AND COLISEUM It is pleasing to note that the- Play- hcuso is rapidly rogainir-g jta former prestige as a. highly popular, ..entertain- ment rendezvous, and sfaarlv good'houses have this week enjoyed a. v^jy attrac- tive all picture programme. The star film on /Monday and Tuesday was. "The a thrilling story, whilst on Wednesday apd Thursday, the, dramatic film pla. "The Scarf Pin," was screened. To-night (Friday), and to- morrow. the great attraction ia a picture portraying th.1etivitie.s of a panof rogues. "The Black Thirteen." and thiere are a.lso seme fi.ne humorous films. ■> At the Coliseum, both pictures and variety turns have appeared, and have attract ad i;o,vl attendances. Tho ftar picture CoIl Wednesday and Thursday, entitled "Whan tho Earth Trc-mbled," was remarka bly fire, and was praised by all who saw it. For ths week-end. the chief film is "When the heart speaks.' a.nd the. are three other excellent, dramas, as well as thret, COMI(I. The varietv turn is supplied by the four Garrick Clares, dancers, etc. I LOCAL POLICE CHANGES. L During the past week no less than 16 policemen stationed in various parts of the "H" Division have been trans- for red from their stations to others. It would appear that the Glamorgan W a,ten. Committee has been watching I events. Amongst those who have been removed are P.C.'s Carpenter and Svphus from Ystalvfera, the former to Pontarda we, and the latter to Glvdach P.C. Cook has I)-en removed. from Clv- dach, and P.C. U. Jones from Pontar- dawe to Ystalvfera. During the time P.C.'s Carpenter and Synhus have been stationed at Ystalvfera they have gained tho respect of the residents and Yst-alyfcra's loss will be the gåin .of Clydach and Pontardawe. Oivr readers will be interested to learn of the suoeess of Mr D. J. Phillips, of Lr. Gwmtwrch, in securing the appointment of mine manager at the Betting Colliery, Lower Gwmtwrch, which is owned by The Gil wen Colliery Co. Ltd. Mr Phillips is a. most ambitious young man, and very determined in his sphere of life. In addition to being certificated as. a First-class Colliery Manager, he is an Honours-man in Mining, under the Board of Education, South. Kensington, and ap- proved as a Member of the Institute of Mining Engineers. He is also certificated as a Sanitary Inspector under the Public Health Acta 1875.. He is one of the old pupils of the Ys- talyf,e,ra County School, and the- educa- tion he there received has provided him with a good foundation upon which to build up a successful career. THE PREMIER CINEMA The great popularity enjoyed by the Premier Cinema, since its auspicious opening in December is being well maintained, which, having regard to the fine programmes screened is not to be wondered at. Again, the building is one of the oosiest in the Valley, and the kindly courtesy of the management adds greatly to the pleasure to be derived from t 11." picture. During the early part of this week a, fine film dealing with the ad ventures of Lieut. Daring was screened, as well as an excellent dratna entiled "Poul^te^' Necklace" and some screaming c^nvcs. During the week-end the star n' cturee will include "The Girl a.nd the Gangster" (which will take the place of "An Arabian Fanatic," already announced), and "Britannicos," a really magnificent coloured feature film dealing with the life of Nero. This is given in a. superb sett.ing, and oertainly ought not to be mifesed. >■»>,

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