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■ 5 "Where's the money to come iirordi MANY a man says to himself I should like to )\/j have a home of my own-a bit of land-the means to educate my children really well— a little business in which I could be my own master- the opportunity of travelling and seeing the world -but where is the money to come from ? t The man or woman who is content merely to go on wishing never gets any further. But if you really set your mind on getting a thing if you are prepared to work for it, and to save for it; you will find that War Savings Certificates will help you to fulfil your ambition. Start investing your spare cash in War Savings Certificates, and very soon your money begins to grow like a snowball. Year by year the interest goes on piling up until at last the home, the bit of land, the business, the educational opportunity, the travel for which you have been longing is within your grasp. War Savings Certificates I help you to get it. They coat 15/6 each. In 5 year*' time they will be worth £1 each. This is equivalent to 51- per cent. compound interest. There is no Income Tax to pay on the increase. War Savings Certificates are Government investments-the safest in the world. Obtainable from any Bank, Money Order Poet I Office, or Shopkeeper acting as Official Agent. mr • NEGLECT of  the tiniest break in the skin leaves the ¡ way open for dangerous and invisible :I,j germs to set up blood-poisoning and disease. When that happens there is no telling how harmful the consequences may be- c1 ????????? an amputated finger, crippled hand, even death.   s  ????? ii i) The safest plan is to always keep a box of Zam-Buk SS???? ? handy, and immediately dress every cut, scratch, or other skin injury with this unique herbal balm. By this means complications are prevented and he,althy healing assured. Owing to its purity and herbal composition, Zam-Buk has a power for destroying and repelling skin dise^e which no ordinary ointment can possibly have, In addition to special soothing and pain-killing qualities, Zam-Buk has very powerful antiseptic germicidil properties, which are a F bulwark against Blood-poisoning, Eczema, and Ulceration. It is so compre- hensive in its medicinal action that after thoroughly purifying a wound or sore, Zam-Buk heals the place by stimulating the growth of healthy new skin. ;• No home, no club. no sshool, and no workshop is complete without its f supply of Zam-Buk. 113 a box, at all Clvemists, Drug Stores, Army and Navy Canteens. &c. dp AW ORGE I L E G OM E L PILLS  PLhyfeddoi J ÜnesYn Rhyfeddoi j ODD1 WRTH 1 Diweddar Gyhooddwr f I 8'T Y S" .A.' O V I> D.8 I b1rrL Sn. Aeth un o'm meibion allan i Canada, ac ymsefydlodd yn nghymmydogaetB yr Oil Springs, Lambton, Ontario. Tua thri mi. yn 01 ysgrifenodd ei fod wedi C? yn wael ei iechyd er's amryw wythnosau, yn dyoddef oddi wrth y Pile& Nor fuan ag y derbyniais ei lythyr, danfonais iddo sypyn o'ch peleni Tair wvthnoa n o, ysgrifenodd adref i ddyweyd fod eich peleni wedi gwneyd Iles dirfawr iddo. Cyn ei fod wedi gorphenun blwch yr oedd yn alluog i OA*l gym- meryd at ei waith. Neithiwr cefais lythyr arall oddi wrtho, fod y clefyd, i bob. ymddangosiad, wedi ei lwyr adael, a'i fod yn ei gynnenuol iechyd. Ar ol clywed yn ddamweiniol fod dyn yn byw yn y gymmydogaeth wedi dioddef oddi wrth y Piles er's ugain mlynedd, darfu i fy mab chwihoam dlinOt gan ddyweyd wrtho am y daioni yr oedd eich Peleni chwi wedi wtreyd iddo, gan roi iddo hanner y blychaid oedd ganddo. 0 fewn pedwar diwrnod yr-oedd y dyn yn dawnsio gan lawenydd oddi wrth effeithiau daionus eitih Peleni chwi. Wedi derbyn y fath lesh&d iddo ei hun, a gweled y daiom dirfaWr ti wnaed rw gyfaill, teimla fy mab yn awyddua am i eraill wybod am y fedttyginiaetb werthfawr hon. Tr eiddoch, &L, • JOSEPH WILBIAMS. Y mae y Feddygihiaeih werthfawr hon i'w chaol me*n trTfftirf >— Pile and Gravel Pills (label wen). Nco. Gravel FiQi No. S.-Goorge-a Piflm for the Piles gaborigoahl. Owerthir y Peleni Byd-glodua hyn yn mhob man, mewi Blvchaa l/§,» • yr an. i"Gy&'r Vast am to. io., a a.. 20. Gochelwclx Dwyllwyr!—Gofyinrch y* egl*x*m 'é'iGeo..è'. 'D:n_' a gwalw* E. to # J. E. Georote, rwain Aberdare



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