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I SMALL TALK. Blwrddyn newydd dda i chwi gyd. We have learnt things from the enemy Haas, fend may asBimalate a few tips from our Ameri- can cousins the mo#t democratic; of all our Allies.  etery wb-c In American Courts of Justice ererybody wbc feels so disposed smokes tobacco, or ch$ews it, and expectorates into a spltsoon. « i* The man Murphy who was fined at Bridgend Police Court for epitting on the floor of the Court, in America would have escaped the pen- alty because, as a "dacant Irishman," he would have spat at a spitoon. At Bridgend on Saturday two men had keen summoned to appear, but only one stood in the dock. The Chairman (Alderman William Llewellyn) asked, "Where is the other <fe4tnd- antr" "We have eent for him, sir," replied In- spector Rees Davies; "we know where he is." 'Twas ever so. The Englishman's home (and the Welshman's) always was his castle, and as may be imrmised, the absent defendant was "at home" in The Castle" In another case a policeman drew a 4iSer- exco, which is about ae fine as that between Tweedledum and Tweedledee. He testified, "I did not say ko had had too much; only that he had had enengh!" On Sunday two ministers in Bridgend preached from the same text. It was not the same øermon-of course not—though, by a cari- ous coincidence, such a thing has happened at least once to our certain knowledge. "But when and where?" Tut, tut! Wild horsee shall not drag it from us! Suffice it to say that the text on which last Sundays two sermons was founded—and which ran on parallel lines, so to speak—was St. Matt. 2, v. 6, And thou Bethlehem, in the land of Juda, art net the leasr among the princes of Juda, for out of thee shall oo-me a Governor that shall rule my people Isrnel." At Hope, in the morning, Rev. Themae Davies (pastor), and at Hermon, in the evening, ReT. Wm. Williams (Broughton), from the sanse text, drew the same deductions. They both re- ferred to the leading part taken by Walsh troops—particularly the Glamorgan Yeomanry— in the capture of Bethlehem. This Christmas, from the meteorological standpoint, has been the finest in living memory, and the most pregnant potentially, since that great day when the angels sang for joy, and the lowly shepherds saw that wonderful visien on the plains of Bethlehem. And the star of Bethlehem is in the ascen- dant, as never before, and in every land where the name of Christ is known, there is joy ever the capture of the holy places from the inMels in possession. Mr. W. A. Hcwell (Pencoed) is a funny man, and not knowing anything of the root of bitter- ness, his pleasantries leave no sting behind them. At the last meeting of Bridgend Beard cf Guardians many of the ladies who applied for a clerkship trotted out their capacity to write "short hand"! "Perhaps they have long tongues," suggested Mr. Howell-a remark that drew forth cries of "Oh, oh." Of course, Mr. Howell chivalrously withdrew. But, joking apart, ladies who write "long hand," have some times (of course, unfairly) aiv been charged with possessing "long tongues," and it is a matter of history that be- fore handwriting ever was, ladies were already noted for volubility of speech. The tallest story told by Mr. Howell at the Eisteddfod in the Town Hall on Wednesday night was that concerning a wounded soldier in hospital, who had six times been operated npen without success. For the seventh time he was about to be put upon the operating table, when he said to the attendant surgeons, "If this time you can't find that piece of shrapneL, pleaæ don't sew me up again, but put in a couple of buttons." Owing to the evening dance in the Town. Ball the latter stages of the Eisteddfod competitions had te be transferred to the Congregatioatoal Schoolroom. This was too much for Mr Howell, who couldn't resist the opportunity of having a dig at the "light fantastic toe"! "Only fancy," he said, "the national institu- tion of Wales having to make way for a dance. There is more in the throat than in the toe. You can get soul out of the throat, but not out of the toe!" Half a mo' Mr. Howell. The sole is not very far from the toe, and when there is anything to boot, the toe produces music of a sort from the subject. The crowd of colliers who attended Mr. Hodges' alleged protest meeting at the Town Hall the other night (promptly taking thcir leader's advice) quickly "made use of their ad- versary («»o-called( whilst they were in the way with him." They repaired to the "cosy inn" called the "Angel," and over copious draughts of ale, and a few glasses of grog, soon forgot their simulated hostility, and were seasonably at peace with all men.