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n""?  I»CE:, :B:J:I.IJ:)G-:JiCNI> Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, December 31st, Jan. 1st and 2nd, "A MODERN CINDERELLA!" Five Parts. Thursday* Friday and Saturday, January 3rd, 4th and 5th, "THE SCARLET LETTER!" Featuring Stewart Holmes. AUCTIONEERS' ANNOUNCEMENTS. MESSRS. MICHAEL DAVIES & CO. SALE FIXTURES. —— Sale of Semi-detached Villa at Coity Fields, Bridgend. —— Sale of Leasehold Cottages at Coity Road, Newtown, Bridgend, etc. jftLm. )*!m. —— L MR. R. J. FRANCIS. BRYNCAE FARM, LLANHABAN (Abool 10 MizuteW Walk from Haaharan Station, G.W.R.). HIGHLY IMPORTANT AND ATTRACTIVE SALE L* FARMING STOCK, !MPLEMENT&, CROPS, ETC. JIL RICHARD J. FRANCIS has htrax fa*- oared with instructions from Mr. Gwilym David (who is leaving), to SELL by AUCTION, at the Farm, as above, on THTTEJKDAY, JANU* ARY 3rd. 1918, the whole of his FARMING STOCK, IMPLEMENTS, CROPS, Etc., viz.: 8 CAPITAL HORSES.-Bay Cart Mare, 15.3; Bay Cart Maxe, II hands; Bay Cart Gelding, 16 hands; Bay Cart Gelding, 16.1; Bay Cob, 16 hands; One Rising Two-year-old Cart Filly; Two Yearling Colts. g GOOD DAIRY COWS. lof HEALTHY BLACK-FACED & CROSS- BRED EWES (in Lamb). 3 TUPS. POULTRY. AN UNUSUALLY LARGE COLLECTION of AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS, Ac. (in good conditiomL).-8 H.P. Oil Engine, Chafcutter and Mill, 4 Wagons, i Farm Carts, Float, Hay Loader. Swath Turner, Side Delivery Rake, 2 Horse Rakes, Tedder 4 Mowing Machines, Pitching Pike, 4 ploughs, 2 Pairs Chain Har- rows, Mincers, Water Barrels, Water Butts, Grindstone, Shuffler, Turnip Drill, 3 Seta of Drags, 10 Sheep Troughs, 6 Sheep Racks, 3 Cattle Cribs, Galvanised Sheets, Wire Netting, 4 Rick Sheets, Bins, Scales, 2 Winnowing Machines, Hand Trucks, Ropes, Cow Ties, Fowl Honpe. TraD. ? Cwt. Nitrite of Soda, Pikes, Roame. Sho;e?l, Scythes, &c., &c- HARNESS:—12 Sets of Shaft, Trace, G.O., and Trap Harnees. CROPS :-About 5 Acres of Swedes, to be sold in lots; About 45 TOM of Mangolds, in lots; About 88 Bushels of Oats; Rick of Oats (off 3 Acreo 2 Ricks of Oats (o? & Acres); Rick Wheat Straw, Rick of Oat Straw ¡ Quantity of Reeds; About 3 Tons of Potatoes, Ac., &c. PART HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. DAIRY UTENSILS, &c. Three Months' Credit will be given subj. ect to usual conditions. Owing to the very large number of Lots, the Auctioneer hopes to be favoured with an early attendance. Luncheon at 11 a.m. (by Ticket). Sale at TWELVE Noon prompt. For Further Particulars apply to the Auc- tioneer, at hie Offices: 17 Castle Street, Cardiff. 1841 PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. WHITNEY FARM, MERTHYRMAWR, NEAR BRIDGEND. (Situate about Two Miles from Bridgend Station, and about Three Miles from Pyle Station, G.W.R.) An Important and Attractive SALE of FARMING STOCK, IMPLEMENTS, ETC. MESSRS. RICHARD J. FRANCIS & HOPKIN m D. MORGAN have been favoured with in- structions from Mr. J. T. LoTelnck (who it leaving the Farm), to SELL by AUGTION, at the Farm, as above, on TUESDAY, JANUARY 22nd, 1918, the remaining portion of his very Valuable FARMING STOCK IMPLEMENTS, Etc. Further particulars will appear in future advertisements, or may be obtained i_ n the meantime from the Auctioneers, at their Offices, mi6antime from the Auctioiieeris iarlas, Pyle. 1824 17 (;astle Street, Cardiff, and MESSRS. JOHN DAVID & WATTS BRIDGEND MARKET. SALE OF FAT AND STORE STOCK. DIESSR8. JOHN DAVID A WATTS (D. C. WATTS, F.A.I.) will Hold their NEXT SALE on WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 2nd, BlI. 45 FAT CATTLE AND CALVES. 195FAT SHEEP, LAMBS, PORKERS, AND STORE PIGS. 6 CART COLTS & FILLIES, rising Two years, by "Darling Lad," "Cosby Ad- Tanœ and "Island Prince" Also TWO SUCKERS. Sale at 11.30 a.m. Further Entries solicited, which may be may to Mr. G. T. Hardwick at Bridgend; or to the Auctioneers at Cowbridge. 1843 WHITE LION AUCTION MART, LLANTWIT MAJOR. MEAT (CONTROL) ORDER, 1917. INTERIM ORDER, 27th DECEMBER, 1917. SALE OF FAT STOCK. MONDAY, DECEMBER 31st, 1917, at 12 o'clock Noon. FAT CATTLE will be Sold by Live Weight, and according to grade. FAT SHEEP, &c., will be Sold by Auction as usual. Vendors to weigh Cattle singly at Station on the way to Mart, which will be graded by a Committee before Sale, and Sold free of charge to Farmers, Butchers to pay 30/- per head for expenses, in addition to Live Weight Price, and all accounts must be settled on delivery. HOWELL WILLIAMS, Chairman of Live Stock Auctioneers. Auctioneer's Offices: Cardiff and Bridgend. 1844 42 CWMAVON ROAD, ABERAVON. MR. RICHARD MORGAN will SELL at the above place on TUESDAY. JANUARY 1st. 1918, at 12 o'clock, the Entire Stock of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, DRAPERY, LADIES' AND CHILDREN'S GARMENTS, With Small STOCK of GROCERY. Particulars, Auctioneer and House Agent, Globe Chambers, Aberavon. 1847 NOTICES. GLAMORGAN WAR AGRICULTURAL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. HIRE OF HORSES TO FARMERS. THE above Committee have established a Stable at Bridgend for Hiring Horses to Farmers and Others who are cultivating an extra area for the 1918 harvest.—For particulars, apply to Mr. H. C. R. Homfray, Foundry Stables, Bridgend. 1818 GLAMORGAN WAR AGRICULTURAL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. TO FARMERS AND OTHERS. PLOUGHS, HARROWS, and CULTIVATORS. THE above Committee are prepared to con- sider applications to hire to Farmers and others Ploughs, Harrows, and Cultivators, to carry out increased cultivation for the 1918 Harvest.-Application for terms is to be made at once to Mr. E. Grace, Tractor Representative for Glamorgan, Porthcawl. 1817

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