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TONDU AND ABERKENFIG. I Sapper Gordon Clarke, Coytrahen Hospital, will give an Organ Recital in St. John's Church, on Sunday, Dec. 23rd,. at 4. p.m. Violinist, Master Willie Jenkins, A.C. V. 1805 Musical Success.—The following pupils of Madame Jones-Allen, Sunny Bank, Tondu, were successful in passing the London College of Music ExaminationMiss Corintha Streete (Senior), Highbury Villa, Tondu; Elementary, first class, Miss Phyllis Jones, Ty Derwen House, Bryncoch. 1821 Musical Successes.—At the recent pianoforte examination of the London College of Music, held at Bridgend, the following pupils were suc- cessful :—Primary: 1st class, Master George Locke, Ogmore Vale; Miss Blodwen Davies, Gilfach Goch; Master Ted Griffiths, Gilfach Goch. Elementary; 1st class, Miss Florence Jones, Meadow Street, Ogmore Vale; Honours, Miss Gwladys Mackney Hunt, Ogmore Vale; 1st daf", Master Leonard Rees, Gilfach Goch; Honours, Master Clifford Nicholas, Gilfach Goch; 1st class, Master Emlyn Thomas, Gilfach Goch; Honours, Miss Ida Daniels, Gilfach Goch; 1st class, Miss Violet Lloyd, Angelton, Bridgend. Intermediate: 1st class, Master GwilynvThomas, Blackmill; Master Tom Nicho- las, Ogmore Vale. Advanced Intermediate: 1st class, Miss Jennie Gray, Ogmore Vale. Senior: 1st class, Miss Olwen Davies, Aberkenfig. Ad- vanced Senior: 1st class, Miss Ethel Davies, Nantymoel; Miss Margaret Clarke, Aberkenfig. All the above pupils were prepared for this ex- amination by Madame B. Jeanea-Thomas, Compton House, Aberkenfig. 1798 Coronation Silver Band.—Although the public of the district possess a full set of valuable in- struments, for the want of a musical spirit they have for some time been allowed to remain silent. On the inception of the local V.T.C. movement, organised by Mr. G. E. Llewellyn, J.P., of Bryngarw House, this gentleman made a great effort to re-establish the band, and for uome time things went well, but for the want of a proper understanding on the part of the bandsmen the matter fell through, much to the regret of the public and also Mr. Llewellyn, who jvas prepared to provide every facility for those who cared to take the matter up. Fail- ing to accomplish his purpose, the instru- ments were handed back to Mr. E. Mole, the hon. secretary of the Band Committee, and for some time have caused him great concern. As a consequence a public meeting was called to consider what steps should be taken to place and store the instruments, pending the re- starting of the band. This meeting was held on Friday last, at which an offer was made on be- half of the Joint Parish Councils to take over for the public the custody of the property. It is hoped that very soon some energetic body will put the beautiful set of instruments to the purpose for which they were intended; Public Hall.-For some time past the question of providing a Public Hall for Tondu and dis- trict has engaged the attention of the local authority, and various movements have been considered both by the ratepayers and private individuals. An attempt to provide a hall from the rates was defeated at a special Parish Meeting, the majority present voting against defraying the cost from the rates. Thereupon some of the most enterprising tradesmen offered to form a oompany to put up a suitable struc- ture, but for the want of sufficient support the matter was allowed to drop. A movement was then set on foot to provide funds by various local efforts, and an eisteddfod committee was formed to augment the funds of the Public Hall Committee, and a sum of .£14 11s. is now stand- ing at the credit of the latter committee, vested in the bank in the names of several local gen- tlemen. In consequence of death and removals from the district of several of the original trustees, the Joint Parish Councils of Newcastle Higher and Ynysawdre resolved that the hon. secretary of the Public Hall Committee be asked to arrange for a public meeting to consider the question, and present a report. This meeting was held on Friday last in the Workmen's In- stitute. Mr T. Prescott was voted to the chair. Mr. E. Mole (the secretary) gave a very exhaus- tive report as to the history of the movement from 1902, and stated that the last meeting of the Public Hall Committee was held 14 years ago. The report of the secretary was adopted, after which a discussion ensued as to the ap- pointing of trustees to fill the vacancies. It was resolved to add six names to the list. Nomi- nations were made, and a final selection (to act with the three old members) was as follows:- Dr. Richards, Messrs. D. P. Thomas, T. Jones, T. Prescott, D. Whittingham, T. Cox, Howell Rees, Dd. Daniel and T. Mountjoy. The meet- ing agreed to ask the trustees to consider fur- ther steps as to the power of expending funds for the purpose of providing a public library.