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MAESTEG URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. The monthly meeting of the Maesteg Urban. District Council was held at the Council Offices- on Tuesday evening last week, vlion there were present:—Messrs. John Hocking, J.P. (in tlh& chair), William Jones, Henry Laviers, H. M. JÜllS, Jenkin Jones, Rees Griffiths, T. E. Hop- kins, J.P. Alfred Nicholas David Morris, John. Evans, C.C., A. J. Hicks John Hughes, Philip, Jones, and Thomas Lewis, J.P with the clerk. (Alderman E. E. Davies), the engineer and sur- veyor (Mr. S. J. Harpur), and the sanitary in- spector (Air. G. E. Howells. The Clerk read a letter from Rev. C. P.. Thomas, secretary of the Maesteg Free Church; Council, stating that at a meeting of that body,. held at Tabor Chapel, Rev. T. H. Morgan (Libanus, Garth) presiding, a resolution was passed protesting against the action of the U.D. Council in granting the use of the Town Hall for a boxing tournament, which wa% detrimen- tol to the morality of the district. The protest had been submitted te the various congregations- giving a list of the chapels where the resolution, had been carried, and asking the Council to for- bid granting the use of the hall for boxing tour- naments and dancing. Councillor William Jones said he very much resented the action. taken by. the Free Church Council in flaming: .such an indiscreet resolution. They would at least expect that a body of gentlemen holding: high and responsible positions would make- quite certain of their ground before indiscrimin- ately casting reflections upon the Council. That body had nothing whatever to do with the let- ting of the Town Hall for the boxing to-urna- ment. Everything that took place was at a. meeting of the War Charities Committee, where, an application was made by himself (Councillor Jones) for exemption under, the War Charities. Act from the entertainment tax, as the proceedq. wi-re to be devoted to the Cottage Hospital. The meeting was not concerned as to the place. of holding the tournament, neither were the- words "Town Hall" used. For these reasons he- proposed that a letter be written to the Free- Church Council informing them of the fact.— Mr. Alfred Nicholas seconded.—Mr. David Morris moved as an amendment "that the- thanks of this meeting be sent to the Free- Church Council for the action they had taken in. the matter." He certainly understood that the- application waS made for the use of the Town; Hall for a boxing tournament, and that it was. granted by a majority of the members voting in. its favour. The Free Church Council had a. right to take up the matter, and if they had not done so they would have utterly failed in their duty.—Mr. Thos. Lewis, J.P., seconded the amendment, and said the argument brought up' that the Council had not consented to let the- Towr. Hall for the boxing tournament was a. "made up thing."—Councillor Jones wanted to know how this impression got out?—Councillor < John Hughes said he would like to explain why the Caerau Churches had not taken part in the- protest. It was because he attended the meet- ing, and explained the matter to themCoun- cilloT T. E. Hopkins refuted the accusation by Councillor T. Lewis that the argument was a "made up thing."—On being put, the motion was carried, only Messrs. Jenkin Jones, Thomas- Lewis, and David Morris voting for the amend- meitt.-Th-e Clerk: Now. the vote is passed, I may say that Councillor Morris is wrong-the- matter never came before the Council, but be- fore the War Charities Committee, who have- nothing to do with the morality of the town. As a matter of fact, the hall had been let before the application for exemption was put forward lat this committee. The tournament was not i run by the Red Cross. Society, nor under the. auspices of the Cottage Hospital Committee- the tickets simply mentioned that the proceeda- I I-,ciild be handed over to the Red Cross Commit- te*. I A letter was read from Mr. F. Skinner, secre- tary of the Nantyffyllon Allotment Committee, asking for the co-operation of the Council in arranging an exhibition of produce for next year. It was decided to give the matter hearty support. Councillor J. Evans thought the. Council should adopt the Allotment Act, so as to give holders security of ten-ure.-This was- agreed to.Alr. Alfred Nicholas impressed upon, the Council the desirability of granting facili- ties to suitable applicants to take up fresh plots- for further cultivation, as the efforts already made had a good effect in view of the shortage of food in the district.-Gouncillor Alfred Nicholas (in consequence of no applications- having been received for a junior clerk for the. surveyor's department) proposed that the work be transferred to the rate collector's depart- ment, and that the rate collector be allowed a junior clerk.—Mr. T. B. Hopkins seconded, and it was carii,-d.-Afr. Rees Rees (agent for the- Celtic Collieries, Garth) wrote stating that the- Company were not responsible for the diversion; of the river near the old Maesteg Farm, and re- ferred the Council to a letter from the Company upon the same question, dated 26th June, 1913,. when it was decided that a committee of the- Council, consisting of Messrs. Jenkin Jones,. David Morris, John Hughes, and H. M. Jones, together with the surveyor visit the spot and re- port.—A notice of motion by Mr. T. E. Hopkins, that Inspector Canton be paid £10 for his ser- vices as inspector of vehicles, was carried. '1 r.


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