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I PONTYCYMMER. D.C.M. Wounded.—We regret to learn that Sergt. Roney, of Pontycymmer, who has been awarded the D.C.M., has been severely wounded in. France by a gas shell, and is now lying at 83rd General Hospital, Boulogne. His wife re- sides at 34 Albany Road; Pontycymmer. All Garwite-s wish the hero a speedy recovery. I.O:G.T.-A meeting was held on Wednesday last week, the Chief Templar presiding. Solos were rendered by Sister P. Spear, Bros. J. Spear, E. Lewis, J. Föx, W. J. Totterdale, E. Greenslade, and recitations by Sister Rowlands and Bra, Bertie Bibbon. Bro. Job Fox deli- vered an address in opposition to the State Pur- chase of the drink traffic, and the members pledged themselves to support the crusade. All Saints' Church.—The readings" in con- nection with the above' church were held on Tuesday; chairman, Mr. Evan John. The ad- judicators were Mr. J. P. Jones (music) and Miss Comley (literature); accompanist, Miss S. Bale. Awards: Chief choral, "Evening Hymn," Tabernacle (conductor, Mr. Jenkins); Champion solo Mr. D. Lloyd Thomas, Ponty- cymmer. Bass or baritone solo: Prize divided between Messrs. E. Rosser and D. Luther Thomas, Pontycymmer. Tenor solo: Mr. G. Treharne, Pontycymmer. Novice solo: Mr. A. Whitford, Pontycymmer. Solo (for children under 12): Prize divided between Carrie Poor and Phyllis Treharne. Recitation for child- ren under 12: 1, Gwyneth Hopkins; 2, Dulcie Smith; 3, Bobbie Coleman. Best wit: Mr. A. Whitford, Pontycymmer. Best love-letter: Mrs. Phillips, Pontycymmer. Miss Escott gave a capital recitation. Mr. W. T. Morgan, hon. secretary; Mr. Coleman. hon. treasurer. Pontycymmer Sergeant-Major. — Company- Sergant-Major Zebina ddavies, Pontycymmer, has written to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Davies, Blandy Terrace, Pontycymmer, as fol- lows:—"Just a line to let you know that I have arrived in England, and am at present in hos- pital at Hampstead. I daresay you have read of the big push at Cambrai and Bourlon Wood. It was at the latter place I got wounded. I was taken to hospital and operated upon. They told me I had been fortunate, as the enemy had only succeeded in fracturing the right front of my skull. The operation has proved beneficial, and I am progressing satisfactorily." Sergt.- Major Davies enlisted soon after the outbreak of war, and his promotion has been rapid. In civilian life he was employed as a haulier at the Ffaldau Collieries, Pontycymmer, where his father is employed as overman. Tabernacle.-The quarterly meetings of the above church were held last Sunday, when Mr. James Garfield presided at the afternoon meet- ing. The scholars of the following classes took part:—Mrs. (Rev.) David Hughes, Miss Jennet Hill, Mrs. David E. Morgan, and Miss Ceridwen Hughes. Recitations were given by Gwyn Smith, Gwvneth Thomas, Nancy Jones, David M. Richards, Eluned Hill, Olwen Richards, Olwen Smith; and solos -by Ceridwen Harris, Florence Edwards, Doris Edwards, and Gladys Thomas. At the evening service Mr. J. R. Jones presided. Solos and recitations were given by Eynon Rosser, Mary E. Samuel, David J. Davies, Nancy Jones, May Garfield, Arthur Whitford, John Lewis, David Lloyd Thomas, Gomer Treharne, David L. Thomas, Bradford Evaii,4, Hemy Williams, and Thomas Roberts. Great praise for the excellent programme pro- vided is due to the two superintendents, Messrs. E. T. Evans and John M. Owen, and the secre- tary, Mr. Llew. Harris.


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