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ABANDONED BABY AT BRIDGEND. I Maesteg Soldier's Wife. "Couldn't Understand How She Did It." Accompanied by her father and friends, Martha Lewis, 15 Gelli Street, Caerau, a respect- ably dressed young woman, of 19, the wife of a soldier, who has been two years in Mesopo- tamia, attended at Bridgend Police Court on Monday, and (before Mr. D. H. Lloyd and Dr. E. J. Parry) answered a charge of wilfully abandoining her female child, aged 3 weeks, at Bridgend on Friday night, Dec. Tth.—Nellie j Lodwick (aged 12), Elder Street, deposed that at 6 o'clock on the night in question she was near the Bridgend Central Post Office, when a woman with a baby came up to her, and said, "Will you hold the baby, and I will return soon?" With that the put the baby, wrapped in a shawl, in witness's arms, and gave her 6d., dropped a parcel in white paper, and never re- turned. The baby began to cry. Witness took it to her mother, who gave it food, and herself stopped with a Mrs. Robbins, hoping the woman would return, but she never did.—Mr. D. H. Lloyd What became of the parcel? She picked ] it up, and took it away.—Would you know the woman again? iNo.-(Pointing to the defend- ant) Is that the woman who gave you the child?—I don't know.—Defendant, asked if she had any questions, replied in the negative.— Sergt. David Davies stated that from informa- tion received from the Bridgend police, at 3 p.m. on Saturday, he went to 15 Gelli Street, Caerau, and saw prisoner in her parents' house. He cautioned her, and asked "where was the infant child?" She at first replied, "I have given her to a lady in Cardiff, and she will adopt her for me." Witness afterwards tooK her to the Police Station at Caerau, and form- ally charged her with abandoning the child, Winifred May, aged 3 weeks and 3 days. In reply, she said, "I gave the baby to a girl, and went to the Railway Station. I thought some one would take her, and look after her."—Mr. D. H. Llo-d asked: Where was the baty born.— Inspector Rees Davies replied: At 14 Hlackstone Street, Cardiff.-Asked what she had to say, de- fendant began to cry, and said she couldn't understand how she came to do it.—The father said the girl had been working at Cardiff and Barry, and latterly she had stayed with him. One day they had a "couple of words," and, to his daughter he said in the heat of the moment, that if she wasn't careful she nor the child should stay under his roof. On that occasion he lost his temper, and perhaps he was a "bit to blame," and to some extent responsible. De- fendant had another child two years of age, and was in receipt of a separation allowance of 19s. 6d. per week.—At this stage it was mentioned thart a Porthcawl lady was willing to take the. child, and that defendant consented to the transfer.—Mr. Lloyd (to defendant) Are you willing to give the child away? Yes.—The Bench, after consultation, made an order for mother and child to go to the Union for a fort- night, Supt. Wrii. Davies meanwhile to make en- quiries if the lady was prepared to carry out her promise, and if so whether the home offered is desirable.



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