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ABERAYON POLICE COURT. I Saturday.—Be ton: Alderman Win. Llewellyn (chairman), Alderman John TL-omas, Col. J. 1. D. Nicholl, Dr. E. J. Parry, Messrs. R. L. Klligllt, Thomas Bevan, T. E. Lewis, T. ii. Hopkins, D. Lewis, Evan David and G K Blundeil. War Time Excess.—David Roderick, collier, Pontvcymmer, was fined 15s. for being drunk and disorderly in Budgeud Road, Pontycymmer, on Nov. 26th:-For a similar* ofience in Talbot Street, Maesteg, on Dec. 1st, James Evans, col- lier, Nantyffyllon, was also fined 15s. Straying Horse.—William Clarke, butcher, Keniig Hill, was tilled 5s. tor allow my a horse to stray on NOT. 28th. Fatal Failure of Non-Production—Ivor Jones, collier, Tondu,, was charged by P.C. Spencer (Bridgend) with failing to produce his motor- car license. The officer said that on the previ- ous Saturday he saw defendant with his car in Adare Street, Bridgend, and asked him for hit licence, which he tailed to produce, 'ihough he did not carry it with him on this occasion, de- fendant, as a fact, was in of a license. —lined 10s. Bad Words.-John Donovan, labourer, Maes- teg, was lined £1, and Mary Hopkins, of the same place, 15s., itir using improper language. I ndiscreet.-Lewis Bevan, collier, Pontycym- mer, was filled los. for an oience in Tempie St., Maesteg, on Nov. 27th. The constable who proved the case stated that defendant at the time was in drink. Out of Collar.-A rather excited defendant, by name John Davies, a stoker, of Maesteg, was summoned for owning a dog openly destitute of a cellar, with the inscribed name and address of the owner. A policeman, giving evidence, said that on the 7th November he saw the oolllrless dog ill th street, near defendants h<)tise. Dedfoeg L???nt explained -that his wife had taken off the collar to give the dog a bath.- Defendant now said "It's only a small pome- ranian dog, it is." Producing two callare, de- fendant protested that at the time in question the dog was "not outside the door. lhe Chair- man (to defendant) Don't let the dog again go out without a collar. You can go now. "Didn't Know It Was Necessary."—So said • Mis. Hannah Hopkins, Castle Street, Maesteg, on being informed by a Police Constable that the dog following at her heels was not adorned with the regulation collar.She was fined 2a. 6d. Registration Act.—The following were fined His. each for "failing to notify" ;-Ll. Horrigan, collier, Maesteg; William Horrigan, collier, Maesteg; and John Pettit, collier, Heol-Laethog. The latter, described as a "rfiendly alien," said he thought he was a British subject, because he volunteered for the British Army. After Hours.—Bridget MuTphy, shop keeper, Maesteg, was summoned for keeping her shop open after 9, and Geo. Griffiths, a collier, who at 9.30 on the same evening, negotiated for 3d. worth of sweets, was charged with aiding and abetting. The principal offen,der was ifn,(I +;I, and Griffiths 5s. Stiff Penal ities.-FAIgar Thomas, motor car proprietor, was fined < £ 2 for using a false iden- tification number in Commercial St., Maesteg, l lov. 4th; ..£1 :"ùrr using an unregistered motor u. and 10s. for not giving sufficient warning of his approach in Talbot Street, Maesteg.



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