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I SMALL TALK. Bridgend Food Control Committee have > adopted a scheme whereby, through a ey&tiem of tickets, parents will at all times be able to secure milk for their children. Mr. Brace, the Under Home Secretary, tells a good story of himself and Lord Rnondda. Discussing the food queues, Mr. Brace aosked the Food Controller why didn't he stop them. Here you are—you can have the job your- self," was Lord Rhondda's reply. "So, thank, you," returned Mr. Brace, "lm not pi; appli- cant for the job. « Swansea hae the proud record of being the pioneer in the collection of waste paper, which has already contributed more than £ 1,^00 in the relief of rates. Before the war, the man who sang cf "the Good Old Days when George III. was King," was launghed at as a fool for his folly. So far, so good; but one of the blessings they had then, which is now denied us, was the blessing of cheap meat. Half a century ago prime breasts of wether mutton were &old in the Herford market at 4d. per lb., a lower price than had been in that city for nearly half a century, or at least since 1821 and 1822. None in the war have fought with greater spirit or made more sacrifices than our county police. On Monday, the Chief Constable re- ported to the Glamorgan Standing Joint Com- mittee that the strength of the force was 464, being 277 below the authorised strength; 376 had joined the colours, of whom 41 had made the supreme sacrifice, and 33 had been dis- charged from the Army for various reasons. Altogether 22 members and ex-members of the force had gained decorations in the wai. The Ministry of Food continues to issue an avalanche oi "Orders." One of these was the "Oil Splitting Order." The "Hair Splitting Order" is a title that would apply to most of these Orders. The daily output is em harassing, involving a prodigal waste of paper. It is, too, very complicated reading—not tm5Y for a novice, and even an expert might be par- doned if h. found himself inextricably en- tangled. Well might Mr. Henry Abbott a*k—as he iid with some signs of quite natural impatie««e—- at the last meeting of Bridgend Food Control Committee, "Why don't they bind these Orders up in the form of a manuel, instead of distri- buting them about in such a fashion that they are sure to be lost or destroyed?" Even a learned body may differ over the meaning of the simplest things. It is one of the prerogatives of the great never to agree. Take Bridgend District Council, and its off- spring the Food Control Committee. What is Labour ? What is co-option ? What is a democrat? These are que-stion-, thct baffle and divide our sanhe-drin asunder. He who approaches the sanctum sanctorum of our local Food Control Committee treads, in more senses than one, upon dangerous ground. The approach by way of the stone steps at the Public Library is very slippery. There is a large printed "Caution" to be careful about those steps, as, in ca-.e of a fall, the OOBse- quences would be more or less serious. Already there have been several Earrow escapes. At the meeting of the Committee on Monday night, the executive officer suggested that his staff should be insured, and the oommit- tee instantly agreed. The question arises whether, in view <f these steps, the members themselves should not also be insured, especially in view of recent happen- ings. and the possibility of certain contingen- cies which they suggest. Already a thoughtful, and presumably play- ful. correspondent has suggested the gift of a couple of pairs of boxing gloves. Some time ago Mr. Frank Hodges refused to go on the allotments committee because he was elected by only one vote. Now, by the casing- vote of the Chairman, he has "been put on the Food Control Committee, will he have the ceur- age to face the slippery stairs, and the more or less belligerent members in meeting assembled? By the way, when will that economy commit- tee be fairly under way?—before or after the war (should the war ever finish matters not), since economy, like the poor, will be always I ii c4L with us. and with us more and more.

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